Thursday, July 16, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Mineraux Skin Perfecting Mineral Foundation

A couple of months ago, I've attended the Mineraux Launch and posted about their site being fully operational comes June! The month is July! As I took a peek at their site, I am so happy it's fully operational! Check out!

My dear reader and turned out to be friend Nancy *waves hi!* messaged me and asked me about the Mineraux Foundation. A perfect way to answer her query by sharing this review to her and to everyone else! :)

Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals

Mineraux Foundation says ---

Finely-milled minerals that provide medium to heavy coverage
Natural finish

Contains: Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Sericite, Iron Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Boron Nitride

Ingredients imported from USA and Canada. Packaged and perfected in the Philippines

Available in:
Cool Fair
Cool Medium
Warm Fair
Warm Medium
Warm Medium-Tan
Olive Fair
Olive Medium
Olive Medium-Tan
Neutral Fair
Neutral Medium
Neutral Medium-Tan

Askmewhats says ---

  • Medium to full coverage, depending on your application
  • no allergies and doesn't irritate my skin
  • doesn't leave my dry skin drier
  • matte but at the same time exudes a nice "glow"
  • locally available
  • affordable as a little product goes a long way
  • evens out uneven skin tone
  • many shades to choose from
  • website: Uses real life photos, easier to check out the shades
  • website: easy to navigate and very easy to the eyes
  • if you have very oily skin, retouching is needed as I have dry skin but I see the sites of my nose oil up a bit after half a day

This is part of my daily mineral foundation rotation between Ellana (my favorite) and Joppa (another favorite), since I lightened up a bit due to the rainy season, I alternate Ellana and Mineraux Foundation because the shades are more matched!

Mineraux Skin Perfecting Mineral Foundation is definitely promising and it's a wonderful fact that it's a local brand. Though the products are sourced from suppliers in the US and Canada, it is nice to know that each product are chosen with the basis of Pinay needs!

I don't want to be quoted but I would compare the texture of the Mineraux Foundation to somewhat similar to Joppa Foundation. The same heavy coverage it can give with a very light feel! (this is my opinion)

With the price and cheap shipping rate as you purchase it locally, I think this is definitely something we can look into for our mineral needs :D

Did you know that?

I still love my Mineraux Beach Tan Bronzer!!! It's still reigning as my top fave blush!

  • always try on applying mineral foundation using various brush to find the right one, I prefer using my Ecotools Kabuki brush
  • to prevent "powder" look, spritz on Evian/Mac fix+ or Charged water on your face after buffing the mineral foundation
  • use a concealer brush, buff on the foundation to the taklon concealer brush and pat on spots --- VOILA! You have a mineral concealer!
Will I repurchase?

Not sure, I still have a lot left!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Mineraux website
10g jar: Php 330 (approx $6.90)
20g jar: Php 500 (approx $10.42)
30g jar: Php 600 (approx $12.50)

Shade: Neutral Medium
Thanks sis Jamie
for helping me choose the shade

Nothing on my face except
Mineraux Foundation
n Neutral Medium

Before I end this post, I checked out the Mineraux site and found that they will be extending their 20% discount on ALL items purchased during the whole month of July! Definitely a perfect timing and reason to try their products!

Let me know if you're purchasing!
What are you getting?
Keep smilin!
Stay Happy!


  1. i think you look great with or without foundation!!

  2. Yay! It's bismuth free! Thank goodness.

  3. very natural coverage! you have very flawless skin Nikki..

  4. wow i checked out their site, true their shipping rate is not expensive! only php 60 nationwide! i might consider getting one of their foundations.i think we have the same shade, and its cheaper than ellana for 10grams.. im also using their French vanilla foundie.

    by the way, i have a question Nikki.. im a MMU newbie, how do you prep your skin before applying mineral foundation? coz i only use moisturiser.. and what brushes do you use? hope you can answer my q. thanks! hope your mom is okay now..

  5. NicNic, that is very sweet of you to say! but trust me, I don't have great skin, I do have breakouts once in awhile and dark bags!

    Fabuless Beauty, YES! I love it that it's bismuth free too!

    Khymm, thank you sis for saying so. How do I prep my skin before applying mineral foundie? I moisturize, then either use bb cream or on really hot days, I do use primer! On lazy days, I just use moisturizer and that's ok! I spritz on MAC charged water after so it'll set the powder foundation. I use my EDM Flat top brush or sometimes, my Kabuki brush from the Ecotools set :)

  6. if it's like joppa, then it must be nice! i won't be purchasing soon though since i still have a lot of foundations.

  7. i also really like mineraux's foundation. does their beach tan bronzer have shimmers in it?

  8. Looks so great! Very nice coveraging! Looks very natural and cover all un-even places!

  9. Crystal, I know you have a lot lol :)

    Ida, their beach tan bronzer has a tiny hint of shimmer, but it gives out just a nice glow, not the obvious kind of shimmer

    Anastacia, thanks :)

  10. Hellu I feel like Making this thread so hi


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