Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beatrilicious is Back! So are Harem Pants!

Would you wear the Harem Pants trend?

After 10,000 years, Beatrilicious is back in contributing something to Askmewhats! I had so many things to share, so many thoughts in my mind I wanted to share for so long but I didn't have the time to sit and organize it all! But hey, it's better late than never, right?

Harem pants is like the MC Hammer pants we all knew back in the 90's. Just a trivia, MC Hammer was a famous rapper in the early 90's. I think he was a contemporary of Vanilla Ice, who popularized the infamous Ice Ice Baby! hahaha But if you aren't familiar with it, you can just imagine Princess Jasmine's outfit in the Disney animated movie Aladdin. It is often defined as "baggy pants which goes fitted at the ankle area, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waiste area". But this trend is taking a different direction now compared as seen in the Spring/Summer and Fall 2009 runway collections of several designers. Some celebrities have been caught with this trend. Are you brave enough to join the harem bandwagon?

Here are some tips in wearing harem pants should you decide to embrace the trend:

  1. Don't wear it with flats. It's best to wear them if you have gladiator heels or chunky heels.
  2. Don't pair it with a busy top such as those with ribbons, ruffles, etc. Stick to a basic and plain one because the attention has to be with the harem pants.
  3. Keep the top fitted to achieve a balanced look and to make it flattering.
Take the cue from Beyonce, Sienna Miller, and Dianne Kruger who were spotted wearing their harems.

**photo from

**photo from peoplestylewatch

With the recession, we all have to be practical in spending and be a certified recessionista! If we can get the same look for less, why splurge right? (I’m Nikki’s clone in being a princess of good buys! ) For all those readers living in the Philippines, I’m sharing a little secret of mine! You can raid your nearest SM Department Store, which has a wide variety of harem pants to choose from for only…. 599 pesos or around USD $12! It’s definitely a steal, right?! Here’s a picture for you to see what it lools like. Shanna also wore her harem pants she uncovered from her closet way before.

Thanks to Nikki for doing our Barbie pink inspired makeup

BIG THANKS to Ms. Sophia for taking our photos wholeheartedly using her ever reliable camera phone during our lunch break hahaha!

Some really can’t stand this trend and find it weird
while some can see themselves wearing one.
So the million dollar question is:

To wear or not to wear?



  1. i'm a fan of the mc hammer pants haha. sure they're not flattering but they're comfortable. i wear them out everywhere. i'm glad there are others that like them too coz my girlfriends make fun of me for wearing them lol

  2. i paired mine with flat gladiator sandals ok naman :D

  3. I've got 4 pairs of black ones, and I wear them with funky Indian flip flops!

  4. You three look fab!! I'm probably the minority who never gets harem pants (nor body suit & metallic leggings). I don't think I can pull it off with a big long crotch hanging =P It's just me tho... but great post!!!

  5. I got one of those harem pants but I've never got the chance to wear it out. Yeah I think they look really weird with flats. lol

  6. There is a chicness to it if it is worn right. However, I don't know if I could pull it off. :/ I am curious though.

  7. Hehehe, I kind of want to find a pair because they look soooo comfortable!

  8. You ladies are rockin' it the best. The celebs? Not so much. not sure if this trend is for me. It's one of those things that other people can rock and I leave alone. LOL!

  9. I think harem pants are def more wearable now because of the fabric. In the 90's the harem pants were made in such cheap cotton that it was just not cute!

  10. hi bea,

    i like the pants you were wearing, and the harem pants look cute and comfy, but i don't think it can pull it off. it seems only for the super thin and no way am i in that category :)

  11. hello girls! thanks a bunch!!!! :)

    hi jo - you'll get the last laugh when you get to see your girlfriends wear one next time and you'd say i-told-you-so ;-)

    hi aika - good for you! too bad im petite so i avoid looking like a dwarf hehe :)

    hi jamila - wow you've got 4!! i only have 1 but i want a black one as well because it's easy to match with.

    hi nanzy - i saw some harem pants worn by fergie and it has a way too low crotch. i won't get caught wearing those extreme/weird pants with really low crotch too!haha

    hi my-my - true enough! there's chicness in it if worn right! ;-)so it's important that you get to fit it and see if it suits you.

    hi catherine - heehee! this means you have a harem pant hunting weekend ;-)try and see for yourself!

    hi fifi - now's the chance for your harem pants to get out of the closet! hahaha. do try them soon! :)

    hi B - thanks! we are like kids playing dress up and make up in the office haha! ;)

    hi cleung - yeah so true that it's wearable now compared before because of the fabric and how it is designed now.

    hi gel! they're very comfy! try it too.. super soft and loose! heehee :)i saw you in tv before and you look great noh!

  12. when this trend first came out i told myself i probably won't be sporting it. the low crotch is just off-putting haha. and i reckoned it was only for tall people :P

    but looking at ur pics i just realized i have harem-ish pants haha. or rather, capris. which, i can wear! :P

    p.s beaaaaaaaaaa! *mwah*


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