Monday, July 13, 2009

July Special from iNuovi Professional

For readers who plan to purchase this but hates to pay the shipping price? This is the opportunity!!!! FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE for iNuovi Studiocake, and what's even better??? 30% off!!! Now that's a great deal!

Offer starts July 4 til 31, 2009!
Click on photo to start shopping NOW! :)


  1. ooohhhh shipping worldwide? how cool.

  2. Sorry for the stupid question, but is this made on Philippines?

  3. FREE WORLDWIDE? HOLY MOTHER now that's an OFFER lol. thnx for the info, Nikki dear!

  4. Becky, yup! it's cool if companies give free shipping worldwide!

    Anastacia, no they're not Philippines made (I wish!) The brand was started by Singaporean biochemist and makeup artists. The products are developed in Italy, France and Japan.

    Ai, I know right! hahah HOLY MOTHER! That made me laugh!

  5. Ow ow,what's this??what is the products good at??have you reviewed it before??


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