Monday, July 13, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Dainty yet Funky" Nails

My nails had rested for a week! Its nice to let my nails breathe, but in truth, I didn't have the chance to do my nails as that was the last thing on my mind 2 weeks ago when my mom was at the hospital. So now things are looking up, I have the mood again to do my nails! And to start it off, my July nails started off simple, elegant yet FUNKY (colors used).

One reason I chose this nail color because I will be attending a wedding and I want to match my nail color and dress color! :) No, you don't need to match your dress and nail color! That's to clarify everything! hahaha

Here's my dainty and funky nails!

Step 1:

Do not forget to apply a basecoat before applying colored polishes to prevent your nails from yellowing. Apply 2 coats of San San Nail Polish in Blue.

Step 2:

Using a white 2 way nail art dotting pen. Create dots with tail! You can create flowers going to different directions on each fingernail. Do not forget the needle method to make the flowers more realistic!

Sample on different fingers :)

Step 3:

Apply rhinestones of your choice. I am using a pink rhinestone as it goes well with my base color.

Step 4:

Apply Caronia glitter silver polish on top of the nail art.

Step 5:
Apply your choice of top coat.

See? Everything looks easier! Do give it a try! Dots do create nice looking flowers and it pays to have nice looking nails! Someone came up to me while I was walking at the mall to tell me she likes my nails :D

Have a nice week ahead!
Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!


  1. The nails are so cute! :)

  2. very pretty nails!...the color is gorgeous as well.

  3. How cute! I love the pretty blue color. Need to get my hands on some nail art pens - I got myself rhinestones a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to try them out yet!

  4. Awww! So beautiful!
    Looks like under da sea!

  5. lovely nails, Nikki! <3 the basecoat color is super pretty! *hail to the goddess of nail arts* lol

  6. i like it..
    its so cute!

    i remember before when i did my zebra nails two girls approached me just to say hi & tell me they love my

    it pays to have great looking nails,right?

  7. cute!..i will try this ! i have san-san nail polish same color din hihi.

  8. they Do look dainty and pretty, i always messy up on tin details -_- hehe

  9. Jess, thank you, glad you like it

    Mary, I am surprised the color turned out wearable and nice! I bought it for quite some time but I just get to use it because of the dress color I'm wearing lol

    Catherine, aawww try out rhinestones, they make your nails really pretty!

  10. Anastacia, thank you!

    Ai,hahaha LOL Goddess sounds really cool! :P

    ~tHiAmErE~ so true, it can start up a conversation with strangers! LOL

  11. Louie, yay! same San San polish! that's great! Hope I can see yours!

    Nicnic,hey! i've seen your NOTDs they are lovely and not messy at all!

  12. Wah! I'm so inspired! I know what to try out for my nails this week. I've currently got hearts on my nails but i need to remove them soon as I'm getting some serious tip-wear. Sighs... As beautiful as the Majolica Majorca polishes are they don't last longer than a week.

  13. Aww the flowers are sweet on the nails :)

  14. I love the nails! The basecoat color is so pretty!

  15. That base color is absolutely gorg!!

  16. saintangelius, wow hearts on nails! that sounds cool! :) What's your next design? Flowers? yay!!!

    JC,thank you girl!!! And I love your new home!

    Tine, thanks!

  17. Gio, I'm glad you liked the base coat, I am loving it too!

    Connie, thanks!

    B, I think it is gorgeous too!

  18. ooh cute nails. i'm glad you're still doing nails even though i never do mine. i love your nail colors.

  19. jensmakeupbag, hahaha I really love doing my nails! and I'm glad I still do it as much as I can :D

  20. I hope your mom is doing better now, Nikki. *hug* I love the nails, and thanks for the tut!

  21. Innerchild, thank you for the well wishes! I am wishing my mom to get 101% well too :)

  22. i love how you do your nails! I wonder where could I purchase that white thingy you used :P

  23. Iyah, oh I sell them in set of 24pcs :)


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