Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: The Old Spaghetti House

Good morning everyone! I will be off for a makeup session today and I know it'll be fun fun fun! :) Weekend food tripping post! :) Hmmm so many spaghetti restaurants out there. I have a question though, is there a spaghetti restaurant who serves "OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT MY NAME" kind of yumminess? I find that most pastas tastes almost the same, not really the same but most pastas served are always delicious! Or it's just my weird taste buds?

The Old Spaghetti House

This restaurant reminded me of Figaro Coffee House as the interior looks almost similar! :) Though the name states the OLD Spaghetti House, the restaurant definitely doesn't come near to being old! I like the warm ambience and it's actually a great place to have a nice conversation, a date *winks*

Php140.00 (approx $2.90)

The creaminest is just right. I hate it when my carbonara lacks sauce! That's a big nono. I like my carbonara bathed in creaminess of their in house cream.

Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce

Php160.00 (approx $3.30)

My hubby's ultimate favorite! Roast beef! I am seriously not a roast beef eater but I can't help but steal some food from him! :) Tip: Do ask for more gravy! Pour it on the rice and forget about your thighs! *winks*

Before I end my weekend food tripping post. I would like to share a photo that makes me smile everytime I look at it! These photos were taken last month when we celebrated our Basement Academy Graduation at the Starway KTV at Timog Area. I missed everyone!!! Too bad Shen wasn't able to make it, but we'll definitely see each other again!!!!

L-R Steph, Sir Jeaves, Blue, me and Kim

L-R me, Blue, Kim, Sir Jeaves, Steph and Teach Cheryl

There's a YMCA private joke! :)
Hint: You'll think I'm drunk if i sing and dance LOL
Have a wonderful day!
Do take a look some wonderful photos that can make you smile!
keep smilin'
stay happy!


  1. ang sabi nga ni gloria "ANG SAYA SAYA NOH?

    lol :D

    namaos ka ba kakakanta sis? hehe

  2. Everything looks so delicious! And it's also so cheap!

  3. the old spaghetti house?i think we had this in Indonesia but the name's is only Spaghetti House, i don't know if it's the same tho but i LOVE it :D too bad it's closed now :( but dang! those prices are customer's friendly, the roast beef makes me drool LOL

  4. the girl in purple was one of your model right? man shes so cute and i love her hair.

    btw i like my carbonara and roastbeef drowned in sauce too yumm...

  5. you look lovely nikki! :) i miss you! let's go out soon!

  6. hehe i love the pesto in the old spaghetti house but youre right almost all of the spag resto have the same taste.but still theyy're delicious!hehe

  7. I LOVE your food posts! Everything looks so yummy!!!

  8. OMGGG! I visited 3 or 4 blogs already and all of that about food! It makes me hungrrrry!
    Nice pics! Yummy Yummy!

  9. waahhh kulit ng pics. Miss yah nikki! Miss ko na din TOSH :)

  10. I love your food trippings =!!...always love the food choices..

  11. food looks yummy, Nikki...and look at them skinny legs of yours *jealous* hahaha looks like you guys had a blast, really...more yummy post please =D

  12. Yum! We just had pasta with homemade sauce using fresh basil from our garden!!

    Cute pics--thanks for sharing!

  13. you're looking uber cute with your pink shirt and shorts nikki darl!

  14. aika, a bit! hahaha namawis din ako ng todo todo sa kakasayaw :)

    Y, yes, it is affordable and tastes good :)

    Ai, I think we have another version called "Spaghetti House" too and its different from this one! :)

  15. Nanzy, ahhaha now lady! why are you looking at my legs???

    Jamilla Camel, yum! Nothing beats home made pasta! :)

    Jo,ahahah thanks!!

  16. becky , yes! you have good memory, she's the one! and she's really pretty!

    Sabby, we really should meet up again!!!! I missed you

    CamRenRai16(SHOBE), yum! they are yummy right?

    K, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    my_makeup_mania, so sorry, you know I don't ever mean to make readers go hungry :)

    Kim, hope to see you again!

    mary, glad you enjoyed my food tripping, although I do eat repetitive types of food, i'm glad you still enjoy it

  17. I love your food post! The food looks yummy!

  18. Always love your weekend food posts!

  19. food porn! makes me feel hungry! hehe. my bf is a big fan of carbonara too! xD

  20. Gio, Fuz, thanks

    NicNic, hahahaha how about you? are you into carbonara or just your BF?

  21. OMG Colossal Choco-Chip Cookie a la Mode and Eggplant Pamigiana from Old Spaghetti House is just TDF!! I can see myself relishing!

  22. Roanne! How are you girl! hahahah I can sense the saliva now :P

  23. Love it here.. it's so sulit! :D My faves are the arrabiata, pesto w/ grilled chicken, gambasetti & oriental spaghetti. their roast beef is so good too-- but they removed it in their new menu :( so sad.


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