Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dollface Sale

Dear Philippine Readers:

Dollface does it again! An exclusive sale for minimum purchase of Php850.00!

Happy 1st year anniversary!!!

Please click the photo above for more details and click HERE for the map!

If you plan to go, please do not forget to submit your full name to

Enjoy shopping!
Stay Happy!


  1. oh cool. Can I repost? :)

    Since it's still next month, that gives me some time to save up for my ever expanding makeup collection. :D

  2. Of course you can! thanks Nikki dear! I love typing your name! LOL

  3. o my gawd can I come too? sale sale sale!

  4. Gracie, of course you can! Just email Dollface on the email address provided on my post :) What do you plant o purchase?

  5. im planning to have the 88 or 96 matte pallet! I emailed her already! how bout you?

  6. Gracie, I have a bit too much e/s already! I need to stop, and I already have their concealer palette and contouring palette which both..are wonderful!

  7. wow! I hope I have a lot of e/s like you do. I'm just starting to collect e/s.

  8. Gracie, hahaha you will get there! the addiction won't stop! hahaha :) Enjoy!


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