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Askmewhats Reviews: MUFE Eye Seal

Good morning!!!! Are you smiling today??? Funny thing, I know I am, this has been one of the challenging week but I found myself..smiling and enjoying every moment of the day. I guess I am FINALLY learning how to take one step at a has to go on..I don't have to carry all the burden on my shoulders..I can put some inside my makeup traincase and leave it at home! Great idea! :D

Remember my post on finding the best eyeliner that stays??? If you have short term memory like I do, please refer my post here, but I know everyone has great memory...except me :( !

Today, I am not saying I found the best eyeliner pencil! I am saying, that I've found the best eye sealant that makes my pencil eyeliner, or eyeshadow-turned-to-eyeliner stays longer and best of all! Smudge-proof and waterproof!!!

Makeup Forever Eye Seal says ---

An alcohol-free liquid that sets and waterproofs all powdery makeup and pencils.

It is formulated to increase the intensity of makeup colors and pearl effects as it instantly waterproofs your makeup.

How to use
  • Put a few drops in a cap or bowl.
  • Fill the brush with the liquid and apply it over powdery makeup.
  • Draw the line immediately and let dry.


Askmewhats says ---

  • you can have more choices of eyeliners as any eyeshadow shades can turn into eyeliner with this wonderful eye seal
  • creates waterproof eyeliner, lasts the whole day
  • a little goes a looooonnngggg way! No matter how small the packaging is, it will last!
  • simple, no fuzz bottle
  • no more smudging and smearing!
  • great to apply on lower lashline too!
  • can be easily removed with your regular makeup remover
  • to people who have SUPER sensitive eyes, be careful, as anything you put onto your eye could irritate it.
  • NONE, that's IT! Maybe just the fact that I have to wash my eyeliner brush more often as it can turn my brush into a hard stone!

I seriously haven't tried any eyeliner pencils that does not smudge on me. Gel liners can do the trick but not everyone is into gel lining or liquid lining their eyes, pencils are still the best but it can smudge like crazy especially on humid weather!

After using this MUFE Eye Seal, I am starting to love my pencils again! It seriously makes my "supposedly waterproof" eyeliners into "certified waterproof" eyeliner pencils!

  • use a small cap to do one drop and dip your brush to it, do not pour this directly onto your brush as you could waste a lot of product
  • one small drop is enough for both eyes
  • the brush hair will harden after using this Eye Seal, so make sure to clean your brushes upon each usage
  • always check signs of irritations, after application, if you feel a tingling sensation, itchiness or pain, remove the product immediately
  • want to "double waterproof" your eyeliner pencils? Dip your brush with this Eye Sealant and line through the pencil liner with the eye seal for longer wear
  • do not apply on waterline as it could irritate your eyes
  • solution dries pretty quickly so you have to work fast!
  • want your eyebrows to last longer? Dip your brush with this eye sealant and "seal in" the brow color
  • never pour this liquid directly to the eyeshadow on the pan! it will ruin your eyeshadow as it can harden it!
  • as usual, put on the date on your first usage to monitor expiration (I am very particular with any face or eye products on expiration dates!)

Will I repurchase?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Where to purchase and how much?

At MUFE stores for Php1,250 (approx $26.00)

Size as compared to my small hand

Still unsure of it's size? Compared to a q-tip
(q-tip comes in 1 size only, so I hope this is a nice comparison lol)
How creative can I get? :P

A close up on the bottle
Looks like the head of Visine

Just a bit larger

Top view on the hole

I will show you some photos on some eyeshadows I've used as eyeliners swatched on hand to see how pretty it gets. I'll do a revisit in the future for the waterproof, smear-proof, smudge-proof power of this Eye Seal! It has to be further know my keen, watchful eyes...nothing can be missed! :D

Here are some random products I've tried to test the MUFE Eye Seal. I've used 2 kinds of eyeliner brush from Charm and some random eyeshadow both loose and pressed.

No base
Used a small drop of MUFE Eye seal on each color
swiped 2x

  1. from Arezia palette light brown e/s
  2. MAC pigment in Vintage Gold
  3. Coastal Scents Blue Diamonds Shadow
  4. Laura Mercier Blue Sky Quad using darkest color
  5. Arezia e/s in green
  6. Arezia e/s purple
  7. Arezia e/s red
(note: nos 3 and 4 looks like the e/s smudges, but it actually didn't, its my fault!
It was the way I applied the liner I wasn't careful!)

I actually tried to smudge them with my fingers, it didn't budge!
I washed my face and hands, it stayed put!
It was easily removed with my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil :)

Now, it's time for me to be creative and bring out the different colored e/s to create colored eyeliners! Whoopyyyyy!!!

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Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I didn't know there was such thing [haha, I'm a dinosaur with MUFE products!] and I'm seriously intrigued with this :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. ok you know wat sis, i think i am REALLY convinced after reading your review. i should do something about my super unique eyelid right... i will get it next month :) too much birthdays this month...and js ouch! thanks for the review! :D

  3. OMG
    this sounds amazing! I must go buy one now... >.<
    So you put on your pencil liner and line over with a brush with this?

  4. WOW! That's so expensive, but it seems to be worth it. Do you know if it is better than She-Laq? Oh, and I'm having a contest, do you want to join?


  5. Oohhh, I think this would be great for using shadows as liners. Great way to multi-use your products.

  6. thanks for the review! I think I'll have to eventually own this one! I have "dupes" of the eye seal but they don't work spectacularly. I've shun most pencil liners simply because they smudge! I need to love them again!

  7. Thanks for the review Nikki! In hot humid countries this product will be a lifesaver!!

  8. teeyah, don't worry, you're not the only one. I've learned about She Laq on line and I've seen this at MUFE stores but I just snubbed this, not until my teacher at Basement told us about it! so I have to get this !:)

    Sis, Prettybeautiful, I know! You DO NEED THIS! for someone who has that much of an oily lid and wants to use pencils, this is it! :P

    Amelia Yap, yes, draw your eyeliner pencil first..then use a brush to swipe the Eye seal over the eyeliner :) Enjoy!!

    Y, so true, at first glance, it sounds expensive but come to think of use only one small drop for the whole day, it will last ! :) About the comparison with She Laq, sad to say, we don't have she law down here but I've read a couple of reviews and so far, this one MUFE is winning, but don't take my word for it!

  9. Arezu, yes, this is perfect! i've always been purchasing colored eyeliners, and now, I can save up by not buying eyeliners anymore! :)

    Connie, what dupe are you using at the moment? I am game to learn some dupes and see how it fairs :)

  10. lol I think its because I'm tired, but Im kinda confused on how to use this with a pencil.
    BUT I have heard nothing but good things from this as well, but I just can't get myself to get it cause I can't stand another step in my makeup routine...(recently I've gotten lazy and skipped foundation all together! >_< not good seeing skin is ghastly!)
    but definitely when its very hot and humid, this would be a lifesaver~ thank for the review :)

  11. Wow, this product must be heaven-sent for people who love using eyeliner. :)

    Good thing I am lazy when it comes to applying eyeliner so wallet saved. :P

  12. Love it too Nikki...I use Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to remove the Eye Seal from my brush before I clean it :)

  13. Lol, you're so cute, Nikki. =)

    And WOW - I think I might need this - my liner ALWAYS smudges, even the 24/7s!

  14. first thing first. thanks for linking my review to yours. mine was old and not done nearly as well as your. i love your totally thorough review! pure awesomeness!

    and i am glad i have spread the word to you and paribs and i hope more people use it. it's just a great product.

    minus the stupid packaging... *_*

  15. JC my dear, you are so right! this is the answer to humid weather's curse! LOL

    Rasilla, you can try to apply pencil liner as usual then use a brush and dip a bit of the Eye seal on the brush and reapply the eye seal over the pencil :) I know what you mean, it's an added step! I only use this for makeup gigs and for myself if I have very important events or parties to attend to :)

    Pammy, you are a blush lady! :)

  16. Kim, same here! I use my cheaper cleansing oil to clean the brushes! Kuripot ako eh hahaha!

    Catherine, same here, the MUFE and Urban Decay liners do smudge on me still! So this is something we need!

    jojoba, you are welcome! I honestly have to link you and ParisB up because I read reviews first before purchasing anything and you and Paris are the 2 sites that made me decided to purchase it! SO THANK YOU!!!!

  17. I MUST get this one!! As much as i love my pencil liners they smudge a little on me! :( Hopefully this fixes the problem!

    Now i'm praying very hard that MUFE comes to where i live! hehehe! :D

  18. MUFE has fabulous products. It's about time I visit their outlet here in Singapore. :-)

  19. Aww! Same thing has Missha, very nice thing for eyeliners! Good stuff :)

  20. ahhh i just bought a similar item from illamasqua! i shoud have waited to read ur blog first and buy from mufe

  21. whoa.
    the colours look so vibranttt!

  22. Jenn, let me know if you have a hard time purchasing it :) I can help you!

    Liza! I know what you mean! I am still lemming for the HD Foundation!!! I want to try it!

    Anastacia, really? Too bad we don't have Missha locally

    Yumeko, Illamasqua, are they good???

    LyNn, they are, I love it that those are just cheapo eyeshadows and they stayed!!!!

  23. That's for the review. This sounds amazing! It's expensive but if it works that well then it's worth it!

  24. i've always been curious about this. now, you're enabling me! wahaha you know that i can't get anything to stay put in my eyes either.

  25. Wow awesome! I've used benefit shelaq and i wasn't really impressed. i wanted it to seal my eyebrow powder.. and it made my brows all gunky. I want to try this!

  26. Hi there, I'm a new fan of yours. I keep coming back for your reviews and just about to begin my makeup routine. I just hope that there will be a MUFE store that will open in my area. It's sad we don't have malls here. :)

  27. Gio, it is worth it! Iam not into expensive stuffs but if its worth know I'll buy it :)

    Crystal, I know! You are the first few who told me about their problems with oily oily lids!

    NattynGeorge, thanks for sharing about the SheLaq, been lemming for it in the past but now, I'm glad there's MUFE!

    Ces, thank you so much for the comment, that is very sweet of you!!! Where are you located?

  28. I'm from Subic - we only have 1 Watson outlet which isn't helping on my learning process. Hehe!

    Your reviews are certainly helpful for beginners like me. :)

  29. wow just 1 watson store? well at least there's one! :) I'm glad my reviews are helpful :) Thanks

  30. Ohhh darn, we dont have MUFE in my country and I couldn't find this product in ebay :( how will I buy it now :(

  31. Hi !

    I was reading reviews about MUFE’s eye seal and stumble upon your site.

    I too have the eye seal, but after a few times of usage, I didn’t use it anymore, reason being I always have to wash my brushes after use, otherwise it will turn hard as stone.

    Today, I found a better way to use this and not damage our brushes :)

    You can start off by dripping 1 drop of eye seal at the back of your hand, use a cotton swap to soak it up, and then swipe it onto your eyelids, let it dry and put on your eyeshadow as usual. The effect is the same ! So now the eye seal works as an eyelid primer/base like those from Benefit’s Stay Dont Stray :D

    Hope this can help all you girlies save time on washing your brushes everytime and not damaging them.


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