Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reader's Corner: "Eye Concealer for Camera Ready!"


"Nikki, how do I apply concealer that would look great not only in person but also on photos?"

Askmewhats Answers:

First of all, thanks to my readers who have been emailing me and leaving a comment on cbox for this query. It feels good that people look up to you for advise eventhough I myself have been struggling darkness and puffiness for the longest time.

Here are the long term solutions:

  1. Use a good eye cream
  2. Sleep early

But of course, there short term solutions that can be done using makeup! With the right makeup application, we cannot totally erase puffiness and darkness but we can minimize them, you don't need to purchase 10 concealers or powder just to conceal your darkness, here's my simple advise for all you "cute Pandas" out there! :D

Things needed:
  1. cream/liquid/powder concealer, depending on what you're comfortable with! (Note: make sure the concealer you use is either the same shade of your face or a bit darker, NEVER use lighter concealer as it enhances your puffiness even more)
  2. a nice taklon/concealer brush, size depends on your preference
  3. your clean fingers
  4. a setting powder: could be with shade or translucent

Step 1:

Use your preferred primer and foundation prior to concealer application making sure to include foundation application on the eye area.

Step 2:
Choose any available concealer you have, choose the shade that's closest to your face color or you can go a bit darker. (you can set the darker concealer with a light setting powder afterwards to even out the tone)

**Dollface Concealer palette

Step 3:
Apply generously all over the undereye area, starting from the inner corner brushing outwards. Please do this gently!

Step 4:
Since concealers could be a bit dry at times, especially if you have dry skin, use your fingers to slowly do a rolling motion under the eye area including above the eye. Better to use the wring finger for less pressure.

Step 5:
Pat on setting powder of your choice. Could be powder foundation for heavier coverage. I am using MAC's Select Sheer Foundation in NC15. patting on all over the eye area including the face.

Note: Pat! Do not RUB!

Stand back in front of the mirror
and check your reflection before you leave the room!
Always make sure your room has ample lighting :)

Here's before and after shot of my concealed eyes!
You are ready for photos and it doesn't look like
you have a white starch on the under eye area!

I hope my simple tutorial helps you out!
Thanks for the query and I apologize for taking such a long time to do this request!
Keep the request coming and I'll do the best I can to help you gals out :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Pandas are cute! :D


  1. No need for expensive concealers as long as you know the trick in applying them correctly. :P

  2. So nice tutorial, Nikki! Thanq!
    Very flawless skin!

  3. I never can follow Rule #1 but thanks for putting that in black and white. You're right, we all need our beauty sleep! And nice pics of your eye girl, pretty!

  4. Oh, goooosh. Sis! I missed you. I was avoiding the internet like a plague for a while, and it's good to be back.

    Thank you for sharing this. I <3 your brows. :-)

  5. Thanks for this :D I always have a hard time concealing my dark circles... do you have any product recs (cream, serum, gel, etc.) for lightening the appearance?

  6. Great tutorial as usual Nikki!! Thanks so much!! :D

    I'm off to buy a concealer now! My dark circles are horrible! >.<

  7. Ive learned something today. Thanks for that. Yeah pandas are cute! :)

  8. Thanks for this, Nikki! :) The biggest blunder re: concealers is that it should be 2 shades lighter than the skintone. Then they wonder why their under eye areas stand out in pictures! :D Anyhoo, I'm really glad to read your tutorial. So helpful! :)

  9. is it true that u shudnt use concealer with SPF in pics ?? does it leave white patch ??[:O]

  10. great post nikki
    and i totally agree that with concealers, always pat and never rub
    i see people telling me that their concealer dont work
    and its cause they rub it in :P

  11. thanks for the tut Nikki! i have dark circles under my eyes..

  12. thanx for the post Nikki! I always have the tendency to get a shade lighter when it comes to undereye concealers..I guess it's okay but it looks too bright sometimes when I took a picture with flash hehe :)

  13. Pammy, Well said! :)

    Anastacia, thanks for the comment, and thanks for liking my tut :)

    The Shades Of U, hahaha actually me too! I can't SLEEP early! My earliest is around 12mn! :)

  14. Liza, aawww sis!!! it was nice to see you here! how have you been??? *hugs* Ooohhh I need to trim and reshape my brows, its growing again!

    e.motion in motion, lightening the appearance of dark circles? I am using Clinique's Eye cream and Loreal too! Now I'm using the La Mer one :) I've used so many eye creams and most of them work "LONG TERM" :)

    Jenn, you are welcome! what concealer are you buying?

  15. Nix, hahahah pandas are cute and they don't need concealers! Now that's natural beauty :)

    Teeyah, I know, I've always bought lighter concealers and they always show up on photos! :)

    Palak, I was told the same, no SPF foundation or SPF anything for photography shots, but just a little bit of SPF wouldn't hurt :)

  16. LyNn, so true about PATTING! I've always been rubbing before and I can never use concealer coz I thought they don't work :)

    Khymm, :) You don't! I don't see any dark circles from you! :) I am using the first brush I own, from Luminaire (local distributor here) not sure if they still sell it, any concealer brush will work!

    Crystal, I guess that's all our beauty blunders, getting lighter concealer and having them show up more on photos! :)

  17. aww thanks for this tips!! yes yes i agree sleep early lolz.. but nikki, i tried to use concealer brush but i found it better to use my I use the brush wrongly?

  18. Thanks :D, I'll definitely have to try that out!
    (Though I have a new camera phone that I'm not completely used to yet and it takes weird pictures of me...Lol.)

  19. Hana, you're welcome on the tips :) It is ok to use the fingers, its actually better! But if you only use the concealer for yourself, its ok, I use the concealer for others too that's why I want to keep it hygienic :)

    Cris, :D Yay for new camera phone, can't wait to see more shots of you

    thanks Crystal :)

  20. wow that was easy! thanks so much :)

  21. Joiceytwentyptrp, thanks for the comment and it was nice to meet you


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