Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Amici

Weekend food tripping is fun! It was actually a food tripping on weeknight with my college friends! We met up as a friend is a stewardees and we try to meet up every time she has a stopover here in Manila!

We dined at Amici! Amici is known for its wonderful Italian food at an affordable price! The first time I dined in this restaurant was at their original Don Bosco School Branch with my colleagues. This is just my 2nd time to come back and I'm loving the experience!

Al Quattro Formaggi
Php290.00 (approx $6.00)
If you are a cheese lover, this 4 types of cheeses pizza
would tickle your tastebuds!

Tutta Carne
Php290.00 (approx $6.00)
8 slices of meat lover's delight!
Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni

Cannelloni Agli Spinaci
Php195.00 (approx $4.00)

An Amici classic favorite!
Pasta tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese
topped with creamy tomato sauce

I seriously love this! This taste different from my regular pasta galore
but it's something I am looking forward to eat agani!

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
Php185.00 (approx $3.85)

Spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy white sauce
with Parmesan cheese and bacon bits

Here are my lovely college friends! We meet at least 3 times a year for 8 years now! People do come and go in our lives but good friends remain! I am grateful to have them in my life to help me go sane or INSANE! :)

Here's our Senior University years!
Almost graduating!
Can you find me? LOL

Have a wonderful weekend food tripping!
With your family, friends or loved ones!
Any food tastes great with good companions! :)

Amici Branches

Missouri Square, Missouri cor.
Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
tel: 632-818-4444

Don Bosco School, A.Arnaiz cor. C. Roces
Makati City, Metro Manila
tel: 632-818-4444

Bellagio Square, T. Morato cor. Sct. Fuentebella
Quezon City, Metro Manila
tel: 632-818-4444

SM Megamall

keep smilin'
stay happy!


  1. Ooh, I love pizzas! I think I'm gonna like the Cannelloni Agli Spinaci.

  2. Oh my goodness! It is dinner time right now! The food looks heavenly =D.

    It's great that you've stayed in touch with your college buds! Especially when you all probably have different schedules and places you work/study, etc. Connections made should be made to last x).

  3. I ignored Amici when I went to the Atrium on Thursday. Maybe I should check it out next time. The food looks yummy!

  4. oh... *drool* i LOVE italian foods!!!! u made me hungry Nikki!! AHHH.....

  5. I love Amici! I've eaten there naman with high school friends :D Oh and I recognized you sa photo! :)

  6. haha I'm so missing out! I tried ketchup chips today and it was good :) hmm Maltesers! I should go buy a few more bags and bring it back w/ me huh! I forgot to do that, and my flight leaves tomorrow morning :( Must go find where they sell those in the US!

    I love ur food posts, they all look so yummm!

  7. you look soo cute in your old pic. i spotted you right away lol.

    yummy food post :) the cheese pizza looks really delish!

  8. You're right in the middle. :P

    Al Quattro Formaggi is my favorite. I love cheese. :)

  9. i love amici! try their cannelloni too! im not sure if its still in the menu but i love their oso buco. :D

  10. The food looks yummy! I love pizza!

  11. Oh dear, I haven't had italian food in forever! You make me drool!!!

  12. 4-cheese pizzas are my fave! Taking down notes for my next trip home. :)

  13. I found you!! lolz..yes true, good friends do remain! and nikki, thanks alot for doing my little survey, really appreciate it!! :))))

  14. I love Italian food! I want to go to Amici to taste the food but the branches are so far from my place hehe :)

    I can find you! good for you to have many college friends..I only have 5 that I can say I'm really close with haha :)

  15. You look cute! Mm the food look good :)

  16. I love Amici too, but never tried their Cannelloni Agli Spinaci (too bad!), but that's definitely on my next order =)

    Great that you regularly see your college buddies, it' sreally important to know you really got a good set of insane people =)

  17. waahhh! you just made me hungry! :P

  18. loooove Amici, blame it on cla. she's the one who introduced it to me. cla and i were craving Amici when we were planning where to dine on our meet up with college barkada. hehehe!

    "people do come and go in our lives but good friends remain! I am grateful to have them in my life to help me go sane or INSANE!" ---> i think it's the latter. we make you go INSANE!

    till next time! :)

  19. loooove it when my former boss treated us in Amici! their gelato is so good too!!


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