Monday, August 17, 2009

Work Look 3: "Healthy Glow" Look

Happy Monday people of the world! :) I will start the week with my 3rd version of a work look. "Healthy Glow" look, no matter how gloomy the weather could be, it doesn't give us the reason to look gloomy! There's always ways for us to exude a healthy "glow" in us.

Hope you like this! And let's all start the week right :)

AMW Diagram

Step 1:
Prior to e/s application, apply your preferred e/s base. I am using Benefit's Lemon Aid. Using a flat shader brush, I pat on NYX's Yellow Marigold on the crease area going a bit beyond the crease.

Step 2:
On the same area you pat on the NYX's Yellow Marigold, pat on NYX's Chrome e/s in Gold using a patting motion to create shimmery lids everytime you blink.

Step 3:
Using any blending brush, apply Prestige's e/s in the 2nd color on photo or any "goldish" e/s tone on the outer v area to create depth. Re-apply if needed to reach desired shade.

Step 4:
Line the uppper and lower lashline with Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Bourbon and use any eyelining brush to smudge the liner well.

Fill in your brows with your eyebrow powder/pencil
I am using P&J eyebrow pencil no. 2
Applied 2 coats of mascara using
Clinique's High Impact Mascara in Black

Here's how your work look no. 3 :)

How do I create overall healthy glow for the face?

For the face:
P&J Creamy Foundation no. 30
using foundation brush

Set my foundation with MAC's Select Sheer
in NC15

For the Cheeks:
Apply Stila Illuminating Bronzer
on the apples of cheeks

Eyeko 5-1 as highlighter
using Devi Blush Brush

For the Lips:
NYX Round Lipstick
in Herades

Curl your hair and smile!
You're living in a tropical island!

What's your work look for the day?
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I'm loving the sun kissed look! :D

  2. oh that's pretty :D luv it!

  3. You look gorgeous! (as always)
    But I really like this look because it enhances your natural beauty! ;)

  4. You look so gorgeous and healthy =D. This is something that I could possibly wear out, since I don't like looking like I'm wearing makeup haha! Thanks! ^_^

  5. hey gorgeous.
    just came back from a beach holiday?
    haha thats the expression i got when i saw the end look

  6. love the curl sis! and u definitely look so awake with make up. my usual work look is....bareface with sunblock only. ^_^ i sacrificed the time to makeup to get more sleep..hehe

  7. The lipstick looks so red in the tube, but it looks so natural on you! :D

    This is definitely a lovely work look that would brighten up any monday blues!! Thanks for the inspiration! hehe!! :D

  8. hun you look gorgeous. i cannot wear make up in the phils, my eyeliner and everything just melts off my face lol!

    and yep i saw some napoleans. havent had any just yet though. i really like be piayaya it tastes real good!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. so pretty! you really look like my highschool college, you're just prettier (i hope she won't read this hahaha)

  11. love this look! very glowing! btw, curly hair suits you! =)

  12. So pretty and yet so foxy! I love this look, sis :)

  13. You look glowing! And the curled hair looks good on you. :)

  14. Pop Champagne, come to think of it, it is Sun kissed look! hahah i should have named this look "sun kissed" momma look LOL

    Louie, thanks!

    Maggie, awwww, trust me, I don't look gorgeous (as always), I look crap ..and seldom looks human! hahaha

  15. Puff, hahaha healthy looking! That's nice, as I'm not looking and feeling healthy the past few weeks and months! So I guess makeup does make huge difference.

    LyNn, I wish! I need a holiday! I've been itching all over with my allergies so this "healthy" look really works! hahaha

    Prettybeautiful, hahahaha I'd rather have more sleep too than makeup,so my work look is mostly neutrals :) as it's quick and easy!

  16. Jenn, yeah, I actually applied it lightly on my already pigmented lips! so if I want to be really loud, I can apply more! :)

    Liza, thanks!

    Jo, I know what you mean especially if the products you are using isn't equipped for our weather! now you know how hot it can get! hahah and come to think of it, its rainy season! Oooh you like pIyaya? Me..I don't lol I like Napoleones more! Gosh !!! Yummy! craving for one!

  17. verina oei, thank you for saying so *blushes*

    lelila, hahahah I do hope she doesn't read this too or she'll be mad at me!!! hahaha

    Khymm, thanks! And my family members love me in curly hair too! But its nice to do it once in awhile so I can always do this hair for special dates or events :)

  18. Teeyah, hahaha don't call me Foxy! I can never be on that category sweets! LOL

    Pammy, awww I'm glowing?? weeeeehoooo!!!! Not the ghost kind though? LOL

  19. now lang i've seen you with curly hair. i love it!

  20. thanks Hana!

    Connie, my dearie, hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    Crystal, I'm glad you like the curly hair, I had the curlier version way back when I used the babybliss curler! :)

  21. Love the look, very fresh and glowy! Curly hair suits you, you look great!

  22. Yay ^_^! Thanks for this look, it's good to know how to make gold look soft and neutral :D!
    And just like everybody else said, it makes you glow :). So pretty ^_^.

  23. Gio, thank yoU! Thanks for liking me in curly hair too :)

    Cris, Yup, I love sold and neutral looks, you just can't imagine how hot and humid it can get down here :D

  24. Such perfect eyebrows! Gorgeous!

    I linked you up =)

  25. The Beauty Writer, thank you so much :) I also have you on my link love :)

    Grace, thanks

  26. This one looks really fresh. It's kinda like how I do my makeup on certain work days :)

  27. Tish, I can totally imagine you sport this look and look FAB!!!!!!!!

  28. You look healthy, glowing, and glam!! Love the look!

  29. you are GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!! love the natural skin & glowing eyes....great job, Nik !

  30. JC, yay for healthy and glowing, I needed that as i've been very tired and busy the past few weeks :) Thanks dear

    Nanzy, thanks! :) Welcome back home traveler! :D


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