Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Creative Girly" Nails

Happy Morning everyone! Now, didn't Monday passed by quickly??? Oopsss, I believe it's still Monday for the other side of the world! But hey, cheer up!!! It's almost over! :)

Gosh, I sound like I'm in a chirpy mood eh?

I actually am NOT! Allergies are crawling back haunting me the whole week! I am just staying positive or I'll grow an extra hand to scratch myself all over! Not a good sight!

If you see me scratchin', at least I am proud to say I am scratching with great looking Nails! LOL Where did that come from???

Here's my nails for the week!
I've cut my nails short, and short nails can still do nail art!
I am proving a point here! :D

Step 1:
Apply base coat prior to nail polish application. Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Purple Power nail polish. Let dry.

Step 2:

Using ELF's polish in Bubblegum Pink, draw diagonal lines in different directions on each nail. You can be creative! It's your nails! Own it!

Step 3:

Using L.A. Colors Art Deco polish in Red, draw a thin line, same direction as the pink polish.

I added a white line on the ring fingers

Step 4:

Draw dots using my White Nail Art Pen. Again use your creativity

Step 5:

Draw flower on some portions of your nails and apply rhinestones.

Step 6:

Apply glittery polish. I am using Caronia's Silver Glitter.

Step 7:

Apply your choice of top coat (I am using Sally Hansen's Base and Top Coat) to prevent the nail art from disappearing or rhinestones from getting lost!

Now you own sweet looking nails! :)

How does your nails look like this week?
Bare? Or colored?
Keep smilin' Stay happy!


  1. How cute!! Love the color combination! I wish I could find some nail art brushes so I can try the lines and such... ehehe.

  2. Ooh. I love the colors! You make it look so easy to do, haha! But I'm too clumsy. *Sobs* But anyways, your nail are beautifuuuul!

    And oh! I hope your allergies get better!

  3. Awesome designs!! Love the nails!

  4. Catherine, I believe there are some good art brushes that are quite thin and you can use them for nail art :D

    Mxzcheysser, thank you for wishing me well on my allergies! thanks for enjoying my nail art tut :)

    Jasmin, thanks

  5. oh Wow. That's short nails for you? that's long nails for me! hahaha.

  6. i lurrrrve the color sis! btw, do u have any nail glue? does it always dry up? mine will dry up even tho i cap it tightly. so weird

  7. p/s: i hope u will recover from allergy soon enough :( wear socks to bed, so u will not scratch when u r sleeping. that was what i did last time when i had some allergy

  8. That's a pretty girly nails. I love it... hehe~ :)

  9. Aw what are you allergic to ?:( I hope it gets better soon,do you take the anti-allergic med?
    Great looking nails! :) I miss getting nail art on my nails -.-

  10. awwww
    how cute naman!
    really so girly & teeny boppy

    love it!

  11. I'm always impress by girls who do their nails like that, but everytime i try, i just make a mess ^^

  12. So cute! Love the colors you used!

  13. Thank you Tish!

    y, yes, that's already short for me, as I have short fingers, I cannot go shorter as my short fingers will show!

    Prettybeautiful, thank you! no, I don't use any nail glue! I find my rhinestones so hard to remove without nail glue! So why use one? hehehehe Have you kept yours in tight tupperware case? thanks, my allergies come and go and I am so used to it..thanks for the concern

  14. Ahleessa, thank you!

    Hana, I can't tell what I'm allergic too! From pets, chicken, air...it just comes and go and I can't pinpoint it! Though I already checked, I still came out feeling unsure! LOL

    Thiamere, thanks! Teeny boppy? Oh no..i'm old enough to do these teeny bobby looks eh? hehehhe

  15. Krib, hey! thanks for the comment and nice to meet you :)

    Gio, thanks, I love pinks and reds and purples! And who said I can't put them all together? h ahaha

  16. Pretty ^_^! I love that light purple that you used as a base, it works great with red :).

  17. Meng Xue, thank you for appreciating it :)

    cris, thanks! I am surprised it works with the red shade too! :)


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