Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: The French Baker

I seldom eat alone! But once, I had to eat alone because... I just feel like eating alone and it was the time I was just a bit on a "thinking mode", thinking about how lucky I am that mom survived all the trials. YES, dramatic actress moment, so I've decided to go for a "feel good food"..... CHICKEN! Everyone who knows me well would know I'm allergic to chicken, but... "What the heck?" I'll feel good now and itch later! lol

The French Baker has been around for quite some time and their food never fails me. I was at SM Mall of Asia for a "me" time lunch and I ordered...

Chicken A La King
Php136.00 (approx $2.83)

The French Baker says: Vol-au-vent shell stuffed with chunks of chicken in creamy a la king sauce, served with buttered corn and carrots.

I say: I can't believe this plate would stuff my face FULL! It looks deceiving but the creaminess of the a la king sauce went straight down to my tummy and I felt heavy, bloated...HAPPY!

A Glass of Lemonade
Php38.00 (less than $1.00)

A great way to refresh myself!

I know this is so childish of me! But I requested for water and look how nice they presented the water??? Look at the cute glass too!!! Darn!! That's what eating alone can do...make you observant in everything you touch and see! LOL

By the time you're reading this post, I'm probably off for a make-up gig, for an Engagement Party. I know I'll be having fun and I'll be enjoying what I love to do! Prettifying people! :)

What's your feel good food for the week?
I'd love to know!
And no dieting allowed ok?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. It's been years since I last ate at The French Baker. The food was okay but not something I would be craving for.

    Nice post anyway :)

  2. I love eating alone. It gives me a sense of independence. It's been a while that I really ate alone, done my errands alone and such. I miss it! Happy Sunday, Nikki :)

  3. Eating alone has it's do have time to think!

    Can't wait to see the party piccies!

  4. Awww! I can't eat alone...
    But all the food looks so deliSHUZZZZ!

  5. I love their Chicken a la King. Their lasagna and pizza are also good. ^_^

  6. Tish , I has been awhile but since my last visit, i visited again YESTERDAY hahaha

    Teeyah,I don't really like eating alone but when it's needed and my tummy is calling for it, I'd eat alone and I don't mine :)

    JC, so true :) I'll let you see the photos soon :)

    ☆Anastacia☆, my sister is the same, she never eats alone!

    Pammny, same here! I MISSED CHICKEN! I missed kFC!

  7. its funny how you said eat chicken now and itch later lol.

    its nice to be alone sometimes. you get to relax and think :)

  8. Becky, hahahah that's how I am happy for now and suffer later LOL

  9. french baker has lots of new items that are interesting to try

  10. should try their meals next time! I frequently go here but to buy bread lang.. love their coco honey bun, ube or mongo bun, brownies and cheese rolls :D


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