Saturday, August 1, 2009

Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave Launch

Remember the movie Back to the Future? The Hover Board? The tiny microwavable pizza that pops into a huge sized pizza? I have a feeling we are getting there!

Reveal the softest skin ever....

Neutrogena Philippines made a history when they introduced Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave at Dusit Thani Hotel. It is a revolutionary power cleanser in a compact vibrating applicator form, clinically proven to be more superior than traditional cleansing. I was told that the vibrations of the device stimulates the skin's surface while creating a massaging action that opens pores to remove more dirt, oil and make-up, leaving the skins ofter and smoother after just one use.

**photo from Neutrogena

The event was hosted by the lovely Ms. Patty Laurel, who told us that she tried the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave prior to her makeup application on half of her face and she felt her skin smoother just after ONE usage!

According to Neutorgena Brand Manager Mr. Gabriel Roxas:

"The Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave is a first-of-its-kind facial cleansing devise that provides deep cleaning like no other. It is the only power cleanser that boasts of an extreme 10x deep clean for a refreshed feel and remarkably softer skin. A breakthrough innovation from Neutrogena, the Wave is set to transform the facial cleansing routines of women al over the country with just 3 easy steps --- Attach disposable foam, hold the gadget under running water and turn on the Deep Clean Wave and gently massage on the face!".

We were lucky enough that the event was graced by Dematologist Dra. Lorna Frez, she gave us a wonderful insight on how regular cleansing works.

Speaker after speakers. We were introduced to Watson's Trading Division's Sr. Category Manager Ms. Jazmin Cornia, who told us that though Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave was just launched, it has been available at Watson's stores nationwide and sales has been shooting up because it has caused quite a stir to consumers!

I had a chance to be up close and personal with the cutesy "egg shape" Wave who has been the queen of the event! I love it that a funky color has been as part of the cute feature. You hate pinks? I believe they are available in different colors in the US but not locally...yet!

Neutorgena Deep Clean Wave is available at Watson's stores nationwide, the starter kit includes the power cleanser gadget, a two-week supply of single-use pads and one AA battery for Php575.00 (approx $12.00).

30 days refill packs are also available for Php400.00 (approx $8.30).

**photo from Neutrogena

Now who's the face for the Neutrogena Deep Clean Wave?
None other than Vanessa Hudgens!
The 20-year old beauty is one of the many spokesperson
for the health and beauty brand!

Vanessa Hudgens swore her skin felt softer right away!

we'll see how I feel about this product! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. good to hear it's very affordable! Now I don't need to buy it from the US.

  2. I can't wait to read your review on this product!! :D

    I hope this one comes to Malaysia soon... i'm really curious about it! :D

  3. this sounds so cool.
    hope it gets to malaysia.

  4. You've really got me thinking about this!! I will take a look this weekend. It sure is cheaper than the Clarisonic, although I don't think it will make me look like Vanessa Hudgens ;-)

  5. hi nikki! i really like reading you blog- it's so helpful. this is totally unrelated to your post, but can you recommend a locally available primer which will help my foundation and the rest of my makeup stay on without budging in this heat? i work at least twelve hours a day and my hospital is not fully air-conditioned. i hardly have time to do touch-ups because of my workload. i'd really appreciate your help! thanks!

  6. can't wait for your review! these kinda things intrigue me but I've never really considered buying them :-/

  7. I'll be waiting for your review on the product :)

    My sister tried it and she didn't like it. But she ended up throwing it away before I could try it for myself ~__~

  8. Looks promising! I'm glad to know it's now locally available for us Filipinas now. Thanks for this post, sis :)

  9. nikkiz, I know! I saw them on the US site and I can't believe we finally have it here :)

    Jenn, I'll let you know how it goes! :)

    LyNn , I hope it gets to Malaysia too!

  10. JC, Ooohhh same here, I was thinking about Clarisonic, I've always been wanting to try it but since we don't have it here, I'll settle for this And NO! You're not suppose to look like Vanessa Hudgens! You look pretty the way you are!

    betty , thanks so much for commenting, primer? You can try Paul & Joe , Makeup Forever, and those mineral face primers from Bare Minerals. It really depends on what type of skin you have, I myself uses BB Cream and I swear my foundation lasts longer :)

    Connie, I know what you mean! This would intrigued me so much and probably purchase it for the kicks then end up leaving it, I get too intrigued easily then lose interest lol

    Dana Yoshimizu , awww why didn't she passed it on to you??? You should try it yourself!

    Teeyah,no worries, it's my pleasure to share good finds :) Happy Weekend !

  11. This looks interesting! Can't wait for your review!

  12. ooohh saw this at watsons today. im still thinking whether to buy it or not. the refills are not exactly cheap. haha

  13. Can't wait for your review!!! I always see it in the store, but I'm soo skeptical...

  14. I've also wanted the Clarisonic but the price is prohibitive. I've used this once and I'm liking it... Just wish that the pads are reusable. I'm thinking of putting a few drops of my cleanser on it, or using the used up pads for the body...

    I'll use this for a week and I'll see if this merits 'must-get-backup" status. :)

    A little OT, but I'm so happy it matches my Gilette shaver (nice, bright pink).

  15. This is so intriguing!:) I don't get it, do you have to put like a separate liquid cleanser on the pad?:)

  16. I am liking it! But I will make my review after a week of using it. The idea about adding your own brand of cleanser came to mind too.

  17. gio, I can't wait to review it too...want to know if it's worth all the fuzz :)

    Steph, I know, I feel the same on the refills! :)

    ♥ Kendall ♥, are you using anything for your face like clarisonic? I would love to know the difference between the 2 :)

  18. Shasta, I know what you mean!!!! I've thought about that too, but true to what Shen says, its unhygienic to reuse the pad..but maybe we can find a way on how to use our own cleansers :)

    Soapaholic, no, the pad comes with Neuttrogena cleanser already! You just wet the bad and it'll sud up!

    earthlingorgeous, can't wait to read your review :) and it was great to meet you :)

  19. I'll give this a try, hope it works.

  20. wow its so cool!!! please review it soon sister!

  21. my friend has this, she said it's too drying for her. take note that her skin is very oily. i want to give it a try though.

  22. Melvel, goodluck :)

    prettybeautiful, I will sister, give me some time! I'll let you know how I feel :)

    lelila, for dry skin like would probably make it even drier, thanks for your feedback :)

  23. Have you tried this yet? If so, post a review soon! =)

  24. Sad...I can no longer find this in any Watson's outlets. Sold out na :(

  25. I bought mine at Watson's Megamall a week ago...the product is I think a safer alternative to facials as your face need not be pricked and cut open...but the gadget just suddenly stopped working. They say it's water resistant...i guess not...and I didn't see any mechanism in the packaging that says the product could be returned and replaced. So much for value for money...

  26. Fab Beauty, tried it already, will do reviews as soon as I have the chance.

    Melvel, I think they have it available now..kakalabas lang kc dati :)

    Anonymous, you know what? I actually asked that question when I went to the event, I was thinking about the product not working after only a couple of months of usage, they told me it could be fixed! Either if you have the chance to bring it to the watson's outlet you purchased it, if not..if you don't have the receipt anymore, probably contact their number in the box? I can also try to help you ask that question again to the people from Neutrogena

  27. Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.


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