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Askmewhats Reviews: MUFE Aqua Eyes

Happy Friday friends!!!

I did promise a couple of eyeliner reviews coming up! One of them is the famous Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes, well known as a long lasting eyeliner pencil that's smudge proof and waterproof! Do I like it? Or did it disappoint me?

I've decided to take a plunge and purchase the 2 basic colors for Bridal Makeup. One in black and the other one in brown. Would you believe they're always sold out at MUFE stores down here?

I am ecstatic to do this review because these pencils have gotten raves from both online and print media! Now it's my turn to give my 2 cents on these!

MUFE Aqua Eyes says ---

A two-in-one eyeshadow and liner pencil.
These waterproof eyeshadow and eyeliner pencils contain a unique formula that adheres to the eyelids and resists water even under the most extreme conditions, without running or fading.

Size: 0.04 oz

Askmewhats says ---

  • no tugging
  • applied smoothly on lids
  • stays on the upper lids like a tattoo, no smudging, smearing or fading
  • definitely waterproof!
  • the eyeliner didn't break while sharpening
  • nice simple "look" love the black pencil with the end colored the same shade as the pencils
  • available in different shades to pop your eyes!
  • both colors aren't as pigmented when first applied, have to go through the lids twice
  • does not last on my lower lashline and disappeared on my waterline right away (come to think of it, they didn't promise that it'll last on waterline! I haven't found any pencil that lasts, have you?)

Out of all the pencil eyeliners I own, which isn't a lot, I would say this performed quite good! It may not last on my waterline and lashline, it works great for upper lashline and tightling! Though I did say that I need to reapply them to create a "darker" look, it works great because it can come out more natural for Bridal Makeup! The pencils are creamy enough to smudge out but when it sets, it stays put!

They are not super matte, they have a subtle hint of shimmer which makes it more natural looking. If you are not a fan of "shimmery" eyeliner, then these are not what you're looking for. But if you're looking for a nice eyeliner pencil to jam up your makeup collection, these are great! So start saving up!

  • like any eyeliners, I don't expect them to last on my waterline or lower lashline, but like any other liners, top it with the same shade of eyeshadow to "set" the liner to make it last longer
  • you can also use an eyelid primer before eyeliner application, again, to make the eyeliner last longer
  • line your upper lashline like you normally would with pencil liners, use a smudger brush to smudge the eyeliner to create a nice, simple, smoked out look! :)
  • cotton buds tip! Do carry them around if you line your waterline and lower lashline!
  • if you have to purchase just ONE shade, start with the BROWN! It looks so natural and pretty for daily use!
Will I repurchase?

I got a lot of tips from fellow readers on best eyeliner pencils! I may give them a try, finish this up and see what I'll do. Will let you know when I revisit these pencils!

Where to purchase and how much?

At MUFE stores for Php900.00 (approx $18.75) <--- amount.="" correct="" exact="" forgot="" i="" if="" m="" me="" span="" the="" wrong="">

Swatches on hand without base
Without FLASH

With Flash

MUFE Aqua Eyes 1L

MUFE Aqua Eyes 1L

Waterproof test:

I've test both liners by putting my hand below running faucet
the liner didn't budge or smear

Smudge Test:

I rubbed both liners with dry fingers a couple of times

Do you own MUFE aqua eyes?
Tell me your experience!!!
Have a wonderful day
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I only have 2 of the MUFE liners..but they are one of the best I must say..i have super oily lids, and these are ones that doesn't smudge on me!! great review!

  2. Ohh those look nice. I don't own any MUFE.... yet :) Thanks for such a great review!! Your so comprehensive!!! I just talk and never get to the point.

  3. I've heard great things about these MUFE liners!! Just with they weren't so expensive!!

    If they have matte black and brown, i would snap them up in an instant... shimmer liners always irritate my eyes when tightlining with them :(

  4. thanks for the review nikki, i think it looks awesome. :) this could be the holy pencil for me? LOL

  5. I feel a bit dissapointed. I expected a lot from MUFE.

  6. Mm you know these are my faves, hehe.

  7. it looks like the maybellie smooth liners.hehe ive heard a lot of rave on this one as well,and ive seen a lot of youtube gurus used this one too. ^_^

  8. hmmm... talking about eyeliner that last on waterline... i've read a post about a tear proof eyeliner in cosmetic-candy's blog... maybe u can have a look? :p

  9. get the prestige! I swear! I even ditched my fluidline for it...get the retractable one

  10. Mary , I know what you mean about these on the lids works great! :)

    kendall, awww nah, I enjoyed reading your don't even think you don't go straight to the point.

    Jenn, so true, the matte ones would be great too right? I think they have it but in different formulation called KOHL :)

  11. Prettybeautiful, I have a feeling this will work well on your upperlids but don't even try these on your oily lower lashline!

    Y, awwww..what passed your requirements for pencils? Let me know :)

    fuzkittie , I KNOW!!! :) ahhahaha It has to do with our weather down here too!

  12. CamRenRai16(SHOBE), yes it does look like the Maybelline one :)

    Janice, thanks, i do read cosmetic-candy's posts! :) Daily!!! :)

    Ria, thanks! I know! that's on my next to buy list! thanks for sharing!

  13. Sis have you tried the eye seal na? it's good if you want your liner to stay on your waterlines. I've tried these na and for me it's just the same with UD 24/7 =D

  14. I don't own any MUFE eyeliner, only the concealer lol Oh my that brown surely looks very nice! :D Maybe I should pop down to MUFE counter when I'm running out of eyeliner :) Great review anyway!

  15. Nice review!
    Needs in brown pencils too =(

  16. Thanks for the review! I agree that they're very good eyeliners. I've used them on several occasions but didn't buy it cuz I'm not much of a pencil liner person. It's even better than Shu's Drawing Pencil and even that one's already pretty awesome!

  17. ohh... awesome review, nikki!!
    from now on, i shall call you the "Queen of Reviews" lol... they are really brief yet useful.. so informative, easy to read.. oh i could just talk about how good you are as a beauty blogger for DAYS, so let's stop now.. lol

    i just got the 2L one.. which brown liner did you get?? so far i'm liking it... smudgeproof even tho it doesn't last on myy waterline (but hey, what does? hehe)
    not a fan of shimmery liner, but this sure makes a great additional liner to myy collection...

  18. Aw, I'm a bit disappointed at how the black isn't really 'black' from the pictures you took :( I'm still looking for a good pencil liner that will work in tropical weather! Would love it if you could do comparisons :)

  19. this was one major disappointment for me when i tried them. they were not pigmented as i'd expected... just like you, i found them needing the layering, which i couldn't do well. so they in and out of my possession fast. i never look at them again. they are fuzkittie's HG though, if not mistaken. but then again, she can wear anything and everything!

    great review!

  20. I think its really our weather. My UD can stay for hours as long as I don't expose it to the humid weather we have. :)

  21. Kim , sis that's on my next to buy list, Haven't been back in Shang since mom's operation, been super busy kc :) I know it works like crazy kaya nga I'm looking forward to purchase it :)

    Shuu, yup the brown one works so pretty, looks very natural for daily use!

    ☆Anastacia☆, nah, your black liner looks wonderful on your eyes :) No need to purchase brown hehehe

  22. Connie, really? thanks for letting me know, I have a feeling these pencils are good enough!

    myystiqueen, lol don't say that, I'm sure there are better reviewers out there but thanks for saying such wonderful stuffs to me! I got the 2L one too, it is shimmery but it's not the "too shimmery" kind of shimmer so i'm ok with it :) thanks for your feedback on this!

    Hasegawa Ayane, I think if you want a super black one, MUFE has another version of eyeliner pencil called KOHL which is super dark! :)

  23. Jojoba, I know Fuz love it and with her cute face, everything works for her :) so true about the pigmentation, they are not that pigmented enough but I guess that's because of the shimmer! I think this is for people who are looking into a more natural look!

    Shen, so true about our weather, Urban Decay didn't even last an hour on me, it smudges like crazy ! LOL but in the other side of the world, it stays!

  24. would you say that these are better than UD or the new maybelline liners? baliktad tayo. it's easier to make liners last on my lower lashline than upper lashline. i don't put anything in my waterline. it hurts my eyes sometimes kasi e.

  25. Crystal, I know! We are different for sure..but I like this better than Urban Decay and I think works almost the same as the Maybelline one :)

  26. I like your new profile picture. You look gorgeous! :)

    Thanks for the review. Most people say they like this brand eyeliner, but I still hear it doesn't stay on their waterline. :/

  27. Ahleessa, thanks for liking my new profile pix :) So true about not staying on waterline, I kinda gave up finding an eyeliner that lasts for waterline..but who knows what comes along?

  28. thanks so much for the review! not in a hurry to purchase!

  29. Yummy411 no worries it's my pleasure

  30. thanks so much for the review.. i always resist!! haha but it looks great on you :)


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