Thursday, July 30, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Watershine Collagen Shimmers

I've always been a fan of Maybelline ads, I remembered my first international magazine YM Magazine and I enjoyed flipping through the pages learning about new products that are available on the other side of the world! Maybelline has been one of my "wish list" as I've always been drawn to the colors and not to forget, lovely models from Cristy Turlington to my favorite Josie Maran!

I've always been complaining about my dry lips so lipsticks are always out of the question. Maybelline came out a lipstick called WaterShine Collagen Shimmers, now doesn't that sound enticing???

Maybelline Watershine Collagen Shimmers says ---

The New Watershine Collagen Shimmers from Maybelline nourishes your lips to the smoothest, most iridescent shine. Its unique collagen and Vitamin E formula with shimmering crystals give this lipstick its light-reflecting finish, amazingly silky feel and glossy sheen. Collagen nourishes the lips from inside and out for smoother lips, and richer, shimmery color.

Askmewhats says ---


  • very nice and sleek packaging
  • glide through the lips easily
  • moisturizing enough for regular lips
  • the "shine" lasts
  • the lipstick lasts more than half a day!
  • the sticker below is the exact same color as the lipstick itself
  • this lipstick has vitamin E!!!
  • texture feels like lip balm
  • no weird scent

  • the tiny speck of shimmers stay on the lips even after you wipe it

I seriously love everything about the lipsticks! Let's start with the packaging, I've always been a fan of sleek packaging and a cap that clicks well! I hate it when the cap gets lost somewhere in the makeup bag and the lipstick goes crazy!

I love that the lipstick glides easily on my dry lips even without moisturizing my lips! Though my dryness still shows at times, I make sure to moisturize my lips well before applying this. This definitely shows up like lipgloss on photos! People with thin lips who wants the pout? The shimmer gives out an illusion of a Megan Foxy lips :P

  • for crocodile lips like mine: you still need to moisturize your lips prior to using this lipstick
  • store your lipsticks in cool dry place to prevent lipstick meltdown
  • you can still top this with a clear gloss for a bigger pout
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

Available in Maybelline counters (drugstores, supermarkets and department stores) in 6 shimmery shades for Php369.00 (approx $7.68)

Here are swatches
Without Flash
Shade 501

(note from author: I intentionally did not moisturize my lips to see the exact effect of the Watershine Collagen on my lips, you can see a bit of flakiness of my lips, but my lips are super dry to start with! You can also look closely to see a nice hint of shimmer)

With Flash

This is a winner from Maybelline!
5 other shades? I'll stalk you!!!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy! :)


  1. I tried one of these when I won Frances' giveaway and I instantly fell in love with the quality of the lipstick. And the sleek packaging is a bonus too...

  2. The packaging is really nice!
    On the lips it looks very shiny!
    Nice review!

  3. Oooh I really like the packaging on these.

  4. I love the Maybelline Collagen lippies - I didn't know they came with shimmer. I wonder if we have these here :D

  5. haha crocodile lips! funny ka tlga ate nikki :) it does look sleek, pretty packaging :) but i'm not a fan of shimmers on my lips..makes my lips more fuller :( hate hate that..a bit glossy yes but no shimmer hehe

  6. Wow!! This lipstick looks so shiny on your lips!! :D

  7. i also remember during HS days, fave ko rin yung Maybelline ads. One of my wishlist is the Watershine lipsticks! haha
    Me too, i love Josie Maran!
    that lipstick looks nice! and affordable too! love the color!

  8. Thanks for the review. This looks so pretty and shiny. I like the packaging too.

  9. I'm definitely getting this when I'm back in M'sia. Maybelline in Australia's a lot more expensive. I love Maybelline lipsticks; I've never been disappointed with any of them!

  10. Ohh it looks pretty! I too have super dry flakey lips so finding good lip products is hard xD Interested in the other shades!

  11. The packaging is just darliiing. And that color looks dynamtite on your lippies!

  12. Kessa Thea, awww I'm glad you liked yours! They are wonderful right?

    ☆Anastacia☆ , the packaging do remind me of a testimo lipstick! Gorgeous to look at and take along!

    Catherine, I'm glad you love the packaging as much as I do :)

  13. PB, I didn't know they came out "without shimmer" I've always thought you guys tried the onces with shimmers!

    miemiemie, oohh I don't know why you don't like your lips with shimmers! you'll look wonderful coz you have a small face! :) very pretty to look at!

    Jenn, hahaha they're supposed to shine like discoball I guess, but you know what? It's the camera flash that makes it even shinier!

  14. Khymm, oohh yeah! me too! Maybelline never fails me with my "itch" for makeup!!!

    Gio, You are welcome for the review! :)

    Tine, ooh really? how expensive Maybelline are in Australia??

  15. e.motion in motion, you? have dry flaky lips? i can't seem to see that in you!!! But I'm glad my post is helpful for dry lips like us!

    B,aawww *hugs* honey!

  16. Wow buti nalang I caught this blogpost of yours. I was just at the Maybelline counter last weekend and I totally missed them! Will check them out soon. They look lovely. I have really bad problems with my lips, i'm one of those girls who need to exfoliate lips regularly. Buti nalang they're coming out with innovations like this na!

  17. Ems, i'm glad to read your comment and welcome to my space!!!! Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the post I did! This works really nice for dry lips like ours :) But still, exfoliation once in a while will make our lips look nicer :)

  18. Good review.. I shall learn from you. :)


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