Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Romantic Bridal Nails

The month of wedding has long been gone but I've got friends getting married left and right! That's when I realized I haven't done any inspiration nails for the Brides.! I remembered having my own nails in white with colored flowers and I love how it came out on photos! Gone are the usual French Tipped nails!

Well this tutorial, I mixed the usual French Tip nails with added romance. So whatever angle the camera gets to shoot, you're sure your nails won't feel embarrassed :D

Here's my Romantic Bridal Nails, I may add more in the future.

Step 1:
Apply base coat prior to any nail polish application. I am using Sally Hansen's Base and Top Coat. Apply 2 coats of light purple polish. Let dry. I am using 2True polish in shade no. 12

Step 2:

Using a thin brush, apply L.A. Colors Art Deco white polish on the tips. If you have a hard time making the tip looks perfect, you can use French Tip stickers from Sally Hansen.

Step 3:

Apply a top coat or any clear coat of your choice.

Step 4:

While the clear polish is still wet, drop 5 dots to create petals.

Step 5:

Use the needle method to fix the petals and create a petal illusion.

NOTE: If you want to create perfect flowers, you can skip Steps 4 and 5 and put on flower stickers :)

Step 6:

Put a dot of silver polish in the middle as a flower bud.

Step 7:

Top everything with a top coat to protect your nail art. I am using Sally Hansen's Base & Top Coat.

Now's my bridal ready nail art :)
Romantic and sweet

Reader question:

Where do you purchase the rhinestones and acetone pump?

I actually sell them on my online shop Prettynails. Smile and click here to visit the site!

Hope you like my nail art for the week :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Amazing!!! love your naikls..

  2. Love your nail tutorials! they are so amazing :)

  3. So pretty!! Methinks that this is perfect for a beachy holiday too! hehehe!! :D

  4. so romantic!!! i think this is perfect on a purple gown for the evening. i have an idea for a white gown: pearl white polish with small crystals/pearl stones which resemble water drops, i think it will look good! and oh, some people also add lace to nails!!!

  5. How pretty! Nikki, your flowers are always so perfect!

  6. ooo the purple is so pretty
    me likey
    i wish i can draw nail arts too

  7. Awwww! you always amaze me with your nail fantasy!
    I like this tutorial too! Very excitng french, flower nails! Looks so adorable!

  8. its a nice kinda purple! i love ur nail arts too =)

  9. ooooh! they're so pretty! i love your nails!

  10. i am gonna try that hibiscus flower one day on my nails!

  11. another cute nail art from you nikki... cant wait to try this one on my nails!

  12. Thanks Nikki for another nice instructional blog post :)

    more power to you and your blog :)


  13. Love the nails! That purple is so pretty!

  14. Love this! I can't do nails to save my life, lol.

  15. pretty nails! i dont know where to purchase any of those sorry =[ but i didn't think i could pull of angel l/s or other nude pink l/s but the right gloss will make them look perfect!

  16. What lovely purple. I have a feeling Beetrice would love this look too (she's crazy about purple) :P

  17. thanks everyone i'm glad you all enjoyed my nail art for the week! :) More to come for all of us!

  18. You have soo much nail talent... I jelly!! >_<


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