Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AMW Reviews: Shu Uemura Face Powder (Sheer/Colorless)

I've had this Shu Uemura Face Powder in Colorless/Sheer lying around, not wanting to use it as the packaging is too cute! I haven't been using this as I thought it won't be of any purpose to me. But when I got a gig on doing makeup to multiple clients with different skin color, I told myself I have to pack smart on makeup! I have to save some space and go for a setting powder that's great for almost all skin color.

The cutie that's on spotlight --
Shu Uemura Face Powder in Sheer

Shu Uemura Face Powder ---

Leaves skin luminous and glowing with vitality. Sheer and transparent finish. Great for highlighting facial structure and shape. Packaged with a velvet-textured puff designed specifically for sheer powder application.


talc , synthetic fluorphlogopite , zinc laurate , methicone , paraffinum liquidum / mineral oil , dipentaerythrityl tetrahydroxystearate/tetraisostearate , octyldodecanol , diisostearyl malate , dimethicone/methicone copolymer , silica , aluminum dimyristate

Shades available

AMW says ---

  • very sheer and gets to be invisible
  • feels so light
  • doesn't give out white cast on photos
  • never cakes up, no matter how many times you re-apply
  • a little goes a long way
  • colorless version is perfect especially if you are a makeup artist, this goes for all clients with all types of skin color!
  • I used this on a client with oily skin and I got a feedback that it held up. But of course, you have to be reminded that this is NOT perspiration proof.
  • very smooth in texture and the powder is obviously finely milled
  • since this is in loose powder form, this tends to fly up everywhere, product wastage as compare to pressed powders
  • for dry or mature skin - be careful, as this can crease up the foundation or make your skin flake
  • of course, this is a bit pricey for a setting powder.
  • again..MESSY MESSY MESSY on my makeup train case lol

This isn't the face powder for me but this is definitely a setting powder every makeup artist should have! This looks great on photos and it gives out a radiant glow without the "added makeup" look. No matter how many times I retouch, the makeup won't look overly done and the makeup sets like a dream! A worthy investment!

Did you know that?

I haven't tried the Make Up For Ever HD Powder, I do have the Coastal Scents Silica Powder --- which one won my heart? Shu Uemura Face Powder is my "dependable" setting powder! *smacks*

  • if you or a client has dry skin, use a large powder brush to gently brush this all over the face to set the makeup.
  • if you or your client has oily skin, you can use a large velour puff to press the powder gently on areas that tend to oil up
  • do not use the same puff on different individuals
  • for personal use: make sure to wash the puff regularly to prevent bacteria
  • you can use this powder to "highlight" areas you want to highlight, I prefer using a smaller fluffy brush to brush through the powder on the underage area.
  • plan to create a dark eye makeup? Apply this sheer powder on the undereye area and brush it after eye makeup application to prevent fall outs.
  • if you plan to use the puff that comes along with the powder, do tap the puff or scrape the extra product on the cap, as using it directly will make you look like "Sadako" :P
Will I repurchase?

For myself, I don't use this as much as I don't oil up. But I enjoy using this for clients especially during "retouching" moments!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Shu Uemura counter for approx Php2,300 (approx $47.00) for full size

Here's a trial size in 3.2 g
full size is 20g

Swatch on hand
scary and looks like a candidate for white cast

If blended well
Goes invisible

Shu Uemura is known for its quality products, I don't have a lot of Shu Uemura makeup on my traincase at the moment but this is definitely a start of a wonderful relationship with the brand.
Have you tried this?
Or are there any cheaper alternatives for setting powder?
Spill the potatoes baby! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oooh, that is a very cute face powder. For me, I use Everyday Minerals finishing powder in the Natural Reflections formula, but I'm not sure if it's as versatile as this one. I would say it's ok for oil control, but not AMAZING. Also, I think applying it with a puff makes it look powdery & cakey so I never really reapply. I actually apply it before my mineral powder in the morning and it does pretty well 'till late afternoon. I've been thinking of upgrading though and I do love this cute pot. =)

  2. Thanks for the review, Nikki!
    I love reading reviews about loose powders, since I always can't resist trying out new ones, although I already found many good ones, hehe... :)

  3. Thanks for the review nikki :) have you ever heard of palgantong brand?it's a japanese brand but made in korea, I used it and quite like it.the powder is fine and last pretty long too and price is on the very affordable side lolz

  4. Catherine, Hmmm..thinking about it, I do have Everday Minerals foundation but not their finishing powders...I believe finishing powders from mineral companies are great too!

    Jess, oohh you're a loose powder person! I know what you mean, on the other hand, I am a foundation person, eventhough I have enough foundation to last a lifetime, I still want to try more :)

    Hana, I've heard about Palgantong brand but sad to say, I've only seen them online! Thanks for the tip :D

  5. oil control, it might be the one for me!

    i have tried quite a few loose powders but my face is just really oily i guess hahahaha

  6. Thanks for the review Nikki!! I super adore loose powders though i can totally understand it when you complain about the "mess" it makes! :D

    Cheap loose powder? I LOVE the loreal translucide one (i think this is discontinued already T_T)... it sets my makeup well, is so finely milled plus it gives me a lovely glow!! Why oh why did they stop producing this product?!

  7. Nice review!
    Kinda very hard to do a review for loose powders, done so great!

  8. I have this loose powder too, bought it during some sale for half the price. Have yet to really try it, your good review is making me dig it out! Thanks for the clear & lovely review...

  9. this is nice since it works for all skintones.. =) thanks for the review! You're so lucky you don't have oily skin..

  10. hey nikki.. thanks..favor naman.. baka pwede mo kong 2lungan to get some vote.. i joined kz in a nail art contest...mostly foriegners mga kalaban ko & i think im only the pinay...all entries are great...heres yhe link : http://nailarttues.blogspot.com/2009/09/goodbye-summer-peoples-choice-awards.html

    MY NAIL ART NUMBER ENTRY IS #13..im the only pinay participant... voting period ends today...thanks a lot nikki... muwhaaaaaaaa....

  11. hi, i love SHU UEMURA powder very much ^_^
    tried once from my friend's stuff.

    well, what can you say, it is SHU uemura.
    always has fine quality. :)

    Can i ask you one thing?
    where did you get the trial size?
    coz i'm looking for the trial size of Laura Mercier liquid foundation- oil free -primer.

  12. Shu Uemura stuffs are great, I thought I love Mac but when I opened my make up stash, I saw a lot of Shu babies more than Mac. Thanks for the review! I'm having the itch to buy Shu's rouge unlimited lipstick and concealer, seeing this review makes me want to buy the it!

    I went to the Stila loves Barbie workshop in Glorietta but they didn't launch the Barbie though, they introduced Stila products and I saw a pressed powder that's very sheer, it also has a cute packaging. I hate product wastage also so I opt for pressed powder.

  13. gaahhh so pricey! i have the mufe HD powder and i dunno how to use it! it flies all over the place =/

    also, i'm praying that the flood doesn't worsen. i have family around the philippines and i've been contacting as many as i can to make sure they're all ok. let us know on the update hun!

  14. so it's another Shu product off limit for me since I have dry skin. shu is getting so dry skin unfriendly...

    great review!

  15. I super love this product! :D Thanks to Frances, I was able to try. Super super great, yun nga lang I think it's expensive. Thanks for the review :)

  16. I'm in love with this! Although for those who have super oily skin like mine, I'd better be off with the matte version. I'm thinking of grabbing it soon!

  17. Yumeko, oh yeah, I remembered you told me about the oiliness problem :)

    Jenn, it is messy! LOL it goes "POOF" everywhere! L'oreal one? Discontinued, you know what? it's really funny why great stuffs get discontinued!

    ☆Anastacia☆, I'm glad you liked the review.

  18. Tracy, wow half the price? It's a great great deal!

    Khymm, nah , if you do have dry skin, you don't find it lucky, as you tend to wake up with flaky skin especially on the sides of the nose and no amount of moisturizer will help ease the itchiness or pain at times!

    thriszha, goodluck! I'll give you a vote :)

  19. PinkyKathy, yeah, i believe they have a lot of good stuffs that goes with the brand name :) The trial size, I got it from a kit..I don't think they sell it, sad to say, but if you can ask the Shu Uemura counters? Maybe they'll let you try it out on testers or give you probably even a smaller trial size? Goodluck, sorry I wasn't helpful on your query.

    Chelle, really? So you're a Shu Lover! I should start getting to know the brand more!

    Jo, lol true about it flying all over the area. I do wonder how HD works, I guess I won't appreciate it as much as our oily skinned sistahs! Thank you for the prayers, I pass around those areas that are affected and I got so depressed, I'll pray and we'll do something about it, you know how Filipinos are :) We are always cheerful and we will definitely stand up again! :)

  20. Jojoba, same to you! I have a lot of HG for others a non-HG material for me due to my super dry skin!

    Teeyah, so true, but a little does go a long way no?

    Roanne, oohh Matte version, I believe you'll appreciate it more if you do have oily skin, great tip girl :) How's everything?

  21. I was lemming for the MUFE one but after this great review I'll probably get this instead! It's more easily accessible in my area.:) Thanks for this review!

  22. Soapaholic :) No worries, I'm glad my review helps :)

  23. hey nikki! i just wanted to ask...do you think this would be okay for darker people? or would you suggest buying more shades of powder? i was given a graftobian hd powder and tried using it as setting powder.. it was okay until i saw it in photo... it looked really white.. i don't know why nobody else sees it but i find that the color is really whiter in the face area..

    let me know! many thanks! :)

  24. Hi Anonymous, this is supposed to be transparent as it does not have any color on it! Maybe, you used too much? Or probably the foundation applied is a tad lighter on the client that's why it showed up white, I doubt its because of this Shu Uemura Face powder.

  25. Hello, there! Thanks so much for your review! Very helpfull!!
    I was wondering if this powder has the soft focus effect that beloved and gone L'oreal had. Did you notice anything about that?? Thanks again! :D

  26. Hi Renata, which L'oreal were you referring to? Sorry i Can't compare, haven't tried the Soft Focus one from L'Oreal, but this gives out a really nice matte finish that does not look fake :)

  27. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was worried that it could get into my fine lines in the forehead, and L'oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Soft Focus Translucend Powder works wonders for me without setting in lines. I've read people complaining that Shu Uemura could settle into the fine lines around the eyes and make them look older. But, anyway, I'll try either SU ou Laura Mercier loose powder!
    Smiles from Brazil! :D


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