Monday, September 28, 2009

A Moment of Silence

Dear AMW Readers:

I am using this space to ask for prayers, not only for the victims of the Typhoon Ondoy that hit our country but for all of us... as a nation, for our safety, for our families, friends and loved ones.

The tragedy that hit our country is a "wake up" call for me. We are only temporary "boarders" of the land we live in. I've came to realize that our world is suffering, we haven't had typhoon as bad as this in the past and we haven't had weather that gets too cold or too hot. Things have been changing because we have been neglecting the world that God has given us.

May we treasure the world we live in...
May we treasure our family, friends and loved ones.

May we thank the Lord each day that we are alive
and have the chance to appreciate his creation.

Let us continue to Thank the Lord for giving us air to breathe...

I am praying for everyone's safety.
God bless everyone!


  1. amen.
    i hope all is well with you there right now. shen's dad was found already..

  2. I am here watching the horrible things abroad, not being able to contact any of my mom's relatives who live in Rizal. Honestly, I believe that the only thing we can do, when natural disasters hit, is pray.

  3. I've heard a bit about this on the news, your country will be in my thoughts! Hope all is well for you (:

  4. hi ms nikki its true that we are somewhat responsible for this tragedy,humans do often neglect simple task which in return haunts us..its a shame to think that this can be prevented,by having self discipline,such a small task to do,just dont touch what has been there before you,and if we are to do so,i think we should not overdo it.trees,air,earth,rocks,water its not ours to claim,and they are there for a purpose,pull one away then you already disrupt the balance,removed one guardian that helps us preserve the land..and i cant imagine the price we paid..i feel for them ms nikki.most especially the young ones..i just hope our country realize the pros and cons of this calamity..hindi yung puro politika..^_^

  5. My heart goes out to the people of the Philippines...the scenes are reminicscent of the Tsunami, which we never want to happen again!

    May humanitarian aid get to those who need it quickly, and may families be reunited as soon as possible.

  6. Nikki, I immediately thought of you went I heard the new. I will keep you and others in my prayers.


  7. Best wishes to all involved! Hope you are doing ok!!!

  8. Thanks girls! *group hugs* I appreciate it, prayers are super important.

    thriszha, of course you're free to repost this :)

  9. Amen! God will never forsake us. He is our strength, in times like this!

    God bless the Philippines and its people!

  10. This is a beautiful post Nikki!! You and your fellow countrymen are in my prayers and thoughts. Stay strong and God bless!!

  11. I heard this on the news, it's horrible! Hope you are ok and safe. I will keep your country in my prayers.


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