Monday, September 28, 2009

AMW Reviews: iNUOVI High Coverage Studio Cake Foundation

When I reviewed a couple of iNUOVI Professional products and got impressed by it, I can't help but browse through their shopping site and got my eyes set on the iNUOVI High Coverage Studio Cake Foundation. When I mentioned about the July Special from the iNUOVI website, I took the plunge and took advantage of the 30% off plus free shipping.

So I got it and I've used it! Time for a review!

INUOVI High Coverage Studio Cake Foundation says ---

STUDIOCAKE is what professional artists rely on for that perfectly matte finish. This best selling, high coverage foundation has a cake-resistant, cream-to-powder formula that stays put and removes shine. Enriched with Vitamin E, Squalane and DPHP amino acids to moisturize and protect the skin.

Available in 6 shades

Ingredients (you can click to enlarge)

AMW says ---

  • has medium to heavy coverage
  • very smooth
  • doesn't feel heavy on skin
  • stays for the whole day, does not need much retouching
  • fragrance free and NO to animal testing yay!
  • the "freshness seal" is great! The product is fresh til you open it
  • love that they have their own mirror, the sponge storage and it has vents!
  • the sponge that comes along with this compact is of good quality
  • has manufactured and expiration date
  • though free shipping, takes time to wait for the product to arrive
  • I'm lucky to have found my shade in one purchase, because of its online purchase, people like me who only depends on online shipping could probably end up purchasing the wrong shade
  • the huge compact is not as appealing compared to other brands
  • need to use my fingernails to open the product


iNuovi Studio Cake Foundation is a cream foundation that has a powder finish. I always have problems using cake or cream foundation due to my dry skin as it will flake up. At first use, I found this product flaked up my skin, I did not give up though so I made sure to moisturize my skin well, letting it absorbed into my skin well before I apply this product.

Using a sponge, in my opinion is the best way to use this product. It hides my redness and flaws without looking cakey.

This product is really great, I just hope the packaging could come off prettier.


from Inuovi
  • Apply foundation to face with sponge provided. Blend well onto skin. Set with powder if desired.
from AMW
  • use a sponge and apply the foundation thinly on all parts of the face, spread gently
  • you can use a foundation brush for lighter coverage
  • use a concealer blush and spot apply this foundation and this can also act as concealer
  • wash your sponge regularly
  • if you have dry skin: No need to set with powder
  • if you have oily skin: you can choose to set with oil control powder
  • moisturize your skin well before using this product especially for peoploe with super dry skin
  • do wait for special deals and discounts when you plan to purchase any of their products.

Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

At iNUOVI Professional eshop for $36.50 (approx Php1,750)
I bought mine less 30% for $25.55 (approx Php1,250)

A closer look on the product Packaging and the sponge

The shade I bought is 3Y I find this would go for MAC's NC25-35 shades I think I can be ok for 1 shade lighter than this but this works ok for me

Here's my previous look
using this foundation

OOOhhh now I'm eyeing on their airbrush system! Maybe I can get the chance to purchase it when I visit the country :)
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. Ooo! I've been looking at the aire brush system.. But I don't really have time to do that every day! Do a review on it if you buy it!

  2. it looks very nice on you nikki...that foundation is so tempting.. very nice review nikki,, i also have dry skin and i will be looking forward to try this.. waaahh... sana may ganyan dito.. :D godbless

  3. thank you for the review! you've definitely gotten me intrigued. I'm usually worried that cream to powder foundations would dry my skin out but looks like this one worked well for you!

  4. nice! i am currently looking for another foundie as well :D i must say that inuovi has really great products :D i am liking the liquid pencil so much now!!! the result is almost as good as stila smudgepot :D but just in slighter lighter shade of black

  5. It somehow reminds me of Benefit some kind-a gorgeous hehe. But benefit's packaging isn't as bulky as studio cake. I have Facefix UV, and loving the silky finish. Again, it's really bulky. I think they should improve the packaging to be travel-friendly hehe

  6. wow, the finish is simply gorgeous! you look so glowing, sis! i want!

  7. Y, yes I'll definitely do a review if I have the chance to use it, it'll take some time coz I'd rather see them in person !:)

    Donnarence, thanks, I'm glad you like it, I'm a bit scared of cream foundation as most of them dried up on me, I guess we just have to moisturize well prior to usage of this foundie

    Connie, my pleasre...I'm glad you like this review, I'm glad I made you intrigued as most of your reviews intrigued me so much!

  8. Prettybeautiful, you are lucky to have Inuovi readily available there.. :)

    Catherine, :) thank you!

    Shuu,I know, the packaging is just too bulky to carry around, if they could just make it more compact :) but everything wonderful!

    Sis Jheng, congrats again on your wedding :) Thanks for the compliment

  9. wow this is nice! the only cream to powder foundie i've tried is prestige. love your FOTD! very flawless and glowing skin as usual. =)

  10. Nice product as always!
    Awww, Nikki! I love your nails here!!

  11. You are so blooming girl!! So flawless!! this looks like a great foundation to try! :D

  12. the foundation looks so nice on you... i love it... but i'm still on shopping ban... sob sob*

  13. Thanks for the review, it sounds nice. Your skin looks flawless and glowing!

  14. looks like i should have asked for this to try instead. now i am looking forward to try it out at the counter. :P

  15. this looks really good. I love how its matte. I need a really good foundation with awesome mattifying quality.

    so i have a question, i never really understood what a cake foundation is? I know for cake liners, it needs to be activated with water. Is it the same way for cake foundation or can you just apply it directly on the face?

  16. Khymm, how do you like your prestige? Thanks

    Anastacia, hahaha you saw the nails! hashaha

    Iyah, girlfriend! I'm glad you like this as much as I do :)

  17. Syn@3sTh3sI@, no worries, once its lifted, you're free to shop :D

    Gio, thanks!

    Jojoba, i know what you mean! But hey, there are always sales and I'm sure you'll be able to try it in no time!

    Becky, oohh you love matte? This is really matte and it'll look great on you I can see. You are right, based on my understanding, a cake foundation works better with has HEAVIER coverage and it covers more flaws. I believe you can use it dry but the coverage would be light, just like a regular face powder. HTH

  18. iNuovi has an airbrush line? Have you tried Temptu though?


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