Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Dessert Tripping: Sweets for my Sweet

Good morning everyone! We have crazy typhooon down here! Over the weekend, we didn't get the chance to food trip because it was raining like crazy! Like serious floods and strong wind around the metro! I pray for the safety of everyone! Stay home ok!

Well I will be including my tripping for the week. It was the "time of the month" plus the week of too much stress! So I won't get into details! I am not a dessert or chocolate lover, but hormones are hormones! I've been craving for sweets like crazy! Here are just "some" of the sweets I've chewed! lol meaning, there's a whole lot more that's not on photos! HAHAHA Note to self: "No more sweets next week!"

Let's start with the wonderful cupcakes

Cupcakes by Sonja

I am not a big fan of any cupcakes because most sweets down here are super sweet, I am not a fan of sugar! But if you got it right in front of you, I can't seem to say no this time! :)

Cookie Monster
Php98 (approx $2.00)

Cookie monster is such a cute name!
Full of icing with small chocolate kisses
topped with a mini chocolate cookie,
Cookie Monster would want more!

Vanilla Sunshine
Php55 (approx $1.00 more)

Vanilla cupcake buttery in flavor topped with cute mint green icing

Cupcakes by Sonja, Serendra
1C03 Serendra Piazza,
Bonifacio Global City Taguig


Like I said, cupcakes over the week isn't enough, off to Red Ribbon for instant gratification! There are 2 new variety that I haven't tried yet! So one slice of each please!

Cookies & Cream with Oreo
Php520 (approx $11.00) for Large Size
Php315 (approx $6.50) for Junior Size

A slice is enough for me, I am seriously not a cookies & cream lover
but if you want something sweet, with texture? Go for this!

A full size photo of the cake

Dulce de Leche
Php520 (approx $11.00) for Large Size
Php315 (approx $6.50) for Junior Size

This cake, is seriously my favorite cake for the quarter!
I"ve always been eating Mango Cake, Ube Cake, the usual ones!
When Red Ribbon came out with Dulce De Leche, I thought I'll be giving this a pass
because it looks and sound too sweet, but I'm wrong! I love this cake so much
that I purchased a large size for my Hubby's birthday :)

A photo of full size

What's your feel good dessert?
Seriously, feeling good is from within, sweets are temporary, if you have problems, do speak up and talk to your close friends, family or loved ones. That is the best "upper" for me :)

Keep that smile coming!
Stay happy!
Stay tune for the winners for my Amu'in Giveaway!


  1. Ooooh, the cupcakes/cakes look yummy! ^_^

  2. Yum!!! Looks good.. I want some sweets now. :-) Love, love, love cupcakes! Especially red velvet & chocolate. HAHHA.

  3. yum! i want to go to the philippines to eat this yummy food!

  4. ooo ive been to that place! its very similar to what we have in sydney called 'cupcakes on pitt'. and i miss red ribbon !!!

  5. fooooood porn!!! that looks hella goood! I miss red ribbon, the cupcake looks sooo tempting damn.

  6. my owh my
    now isn't that mouth watering!

  7. oh... i love sweets!!! gosh i wanna have a cake right now! :DD

  8. Try the new one - White Forest Cake...We got it for our mom's birthday. Light and cherrylicious!!

  9. vanilla sunshine cupcake looks so delicious! XD I'm just hungry we're having a bit of food shortage here at home hehe

  10. ok..sis u know wat? me is not a fan of cakes/sweets either. LOL. but i know the urge that drives us to sweet food some times. oh well...if we r fat we can simply just blame the hormones :P

  11. I love desserts!;p
    Ms. Nikki have you tried bizu cakes at atc?it's super yummy..

  12. damn girl! ur makin my mouth water! lol

    sobrang fave ko sonja's cupcakes! uy dko pa natry yang cookie monster huh

    fave ko rin yang cookies n cream and dulce de leche from red ribbon! pati ung smores! grabe sarap

    arghhh inggit akooo hahaha

  13. The food looks so delicious and yummy! I love sweets!

  14. OMG, I want them allll!! Looks delish. And be safe over there with all of those typhoons. I hope it's safe!

  15. Oh my goshhhhhh, I have the hugest sweet tooth ever, and this is definitely not helping!

    I would kill for a piece of that cookies & cream cake right now!

  16. eeeeeekkk! it's so funny to read all your comments, looks like a lot of sweet tooth out there!!!! *high five everyone* :D

  17. love the cupcakes; reminds me of the last time i was in PH.

  18. those cupcakes look SOOO good...*drool*...eeeks!! :D

  19. food porn indeed. i remember when phoeb, jaimie , you and i ate here. :) we forgot to take pics. :) hehehe.. i eat a lot fruit salad and choco shake.. :) ice cream, too!

  20. Ube cake, Choco Mocha Crunch and Coffee Crunch-- my all time faves at Red Ribbon :)



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