Friday, September 4, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Blush

Happy Friday people of the world!!! I feel good vibes, I feel positive energy! Everyone happy and excited for the weekend right?

Today is a blush day! I know I've talked about a couple of blushes in the past, and as you know, most of them are on "bronzey" shade or "peachy" shade. But what about the "Pink Ladies" out there?

You should know that I was a pink blush user and lover in the past, I may have steered away from the pinks, but of course! A girl is a girl! A girl needs variety! There are days and will always be days I would like to feel girly and romantic! And it's time that I share the pink blush I am using for the moment!

Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals
Luminous Blush

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Blush says ---

  • Clear Smooth Minerals luminous blush is oil-free and fragrance free. Benefit: Never clogs pores, healthy color that is never fake.
  • Micro-minerals have closer affinity to skin. Benefit: Natural flush of color that blends in skin tone.
  • Kabuki brush is made of 100% natural bristles for flawless coverage and a natural looking finish.
(you can click to enlarge)

Askmewhats says ---

  • pigmented
  • affordable, as it goes with a nice cute kabuki brush
  • pigmented and pretty
  • no matter how much I apply, the color shows up but always came out natural to look at
  • no allergies or cheek irritations
  • because of the small kabuki brush that comes with it, I don't find application messy!
  • lasts more than half a day, great for a mineral powder blush!
  • packaged so well, I like it that everything was well thought of


  • limited shades available

I seldom use mineral blushes because they seldom last on me! When Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals came out with a Luminous Blush, I was a bit hesitant as I thought it will be another mineral blush that would be left behind my makeup kit! I'm glad I'm wrong!

On days I want a pink blush, I reach out for my Gentle Pink shade! I like that the kabuki brush included isn't scratchy and I like it that the blush is so pigmented I only use a little and my cheeks are oh so "POW WOW WOW"!

  • Maybelline counters go on sale for 20% on most of their products, do check out their sales and purchase their products while its cheaper!
  • I use an angled brush to create a more structured/contoured look
  • on days I want to have a natural flush, I use a big blush brush and apply it on the apples of my cheeks
  • to make any powder blush last longer, apply a cream blush prior to powder blush application
  • do not apply too much at once, try to pile on colors slowly!
  • always step back to check on your blushes to make sure they match!
  • accidentally applied too much blush? Don't fret! Use a bigger brush to brush off excess blush pigments
  • still feels like a clown? Apply loose powder on the cheeks
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

At Maybelline counters for Php499.00 (approx $10.20)

Check out the cute kabuki blush brush included and how soft it is! When I had a mini chitchat with Maybelline's Sr. Product Manager, Michelle Fernandez, she told me that she's proud about this line because the Kabuki brushes included are of good quality and they are made in Japan.

My Gentle Pink Luminous Blush Up Close

I find the overall packaging quite cute! It may look the same as most mineral makeup companies but the sifter sticker imprinted again with instructions, the right size of holes for the right amount of blush to come out each time you tap the blush on the cap and the cute cap...what's not to love?

Product swatched on hand
Dry and without base

This is one example of an FOTD using
Clear Smooth Minerals
in Gentle Pink

I know people hate rules when it comes to makeup, but I do like to follow a mini blush for pink (or any close to pink) shade of lipsticks! Love the effect especially with dark eyes! :)

So, is this blush a yay or nay?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Aww! That's so cute! That blush is really pigmenteD!

  2. It makes you look like a teenager. A cute teenager, sis! :) So cute on you! And thanks for the tips. These are really helpful

  3. that's a nice color. and the brush is darling!

  4. thanks for the tips :P

    so much to learn on makeup


  5. Thanks for the review!! It looks so lovely on you!!! :D

    I kinda liked this one too when i checked it out!! :D

  6. Ver lovely and so pretty blush color!
    I like that nice shine to it :)

  7. It looks good on you Nikki ;)

    Hmm..I'm starting to invest in MMU Ü

    Yesterday, I was busy browsing your blog about Ellana MMU and I was thinking of getting myself some of their products :) Any particular product of Ellana you would like to recommend?

    Thanks Nikki in advance! Mwah!

  8. sis! this one looks REALLY pretty!!!!! i am not sure if i have seen it at the counter yet, but will pay attention to it. :)

  9. what foundation are you using in that fotd? your skin looks exceptionally flawless and glowing!

  10. The blush looks good on you. So pretty.

  11. pretty pretty nikki! I like that blush too. I use it everyday hehe. Joy mentioned you nga about the Binondo gig. Big time ka na! congrats sis. muah!

  12. Oh, this is so pretty! And thanks for the info on the brushes! I kind of assumed they were going to be crap, but now I might actually pick up one of these. =)

  13. it's such a gorgeous colour isn't it! *sigh* just too bad it broke me out like crazy :(

  14. Nikki, i love your FOTD. It's indeed a healthy glow blush, thanks for your review as I always passed Maybelline blush it will be meh... but not anymore with one request, hehehehe... would you mind to do a tutorial on how to apply powder blush ? I always get patchy or uneven when using powder blush... how to get so even and nice blush cheek like yours ?

  15. i love maybelline! that mineral blush looks promising.. and not so expensive too! =) btw, thanks for the tip! i have a q, if you're using red lipstick, what blush shade do you use?

  16. i love maybelline! that mineral blush looks promising.. and not so expensive too! =) btw, thanks for the tip! i have a q, if you're using red lipstick, what blush shade do you use?

  17. sis, what lipstick did you use for this look? the pink is so pretty!

  18. Y, yes, it is a nice blush to purchase! I've own so many samples and they never last long on me! this one is a winner!

    Shopn'Chomp, I love pink blushes too but I've been on the coppery/peachy/bronzy side lately :)

    Teeyah,oooohh made me look like a teenager? Then I'm starting to love this blush! LOL LOL LOL Thanks sweetie!

  19. Jackie, one major uh oh for me is the kabuki brush, I first thought its going to be scratchy, I'm glad I'm wrong!

    Sherry , no worries, I love sharing tips!

    Jenn, let me know your thoughts! I seriously love reading your reviews too Jenn!

  20. ☆Anastacia☆, yes, its a nice luminous blush that makes the skin glow! thanks !

    Joanne MV, Thanks you!!! Wow, you're starting to invest on MMU now? that's great! So far, I've loved the lip balm (with shades) and I love their foundation! I've also tried their finishing powder and they are good as well! :)

    Prettybeautiful,do check them out! I think you gals have it there :)

  21. Dustbunny, it's Ellana French Vanilla Latte foundation in intensive coverage :)

    Liza, thank you!

    Crystal Gale, yup, it is a pink shade that i love!

  22. Kim, awww I'm no big time! SINO KAYA?? hahahaha *looks back at ya* Yes, I know you have this sis!

    Catherine, same here, I guess a lot of us assumed crappy brushes that goes along with any makeup :)

    Manju, really? WOW! Broke you out? I feel so bad for you!

  23. Syn@3sTh3sI@, I can do a tutorial on how to apply powder blush, I didn't do any of those as I tink it would be boring, but it will take some time ok? lol

    Khymm, girl! we love the same stuffs! :) For red lipstick, you can go for light pink cheeks! or even other shades but make it really light as the focus is on your lips now!

    Anonymous, the lipstick is NYX's Round Lipstick in Tea Rose :)

  24. Thanks for the tip pink=pink. I never know which ones to pair with what.

    You know I like my Maybelline blush too. Hope they get the other shades available locally.

  25. owh nikki
    you look so fresh and healthy with that glow :)
    you make me wanna jump out and get it right this instant! :P

  26. Thanks for the review. That is a very pretty shade, it looks lovely on you!

  27. It looks like a very lovely and natural shade of pink. I might give this a go some time. And boy do you look lovely in your photo :)

  28. Love this on you. Nice shot of color. Have an amazing weekend, baby!

  29. Awesome review. It looks really natural on your skin. It gives a pretty glow to your face.

  30. i have that too! but i wonder. my brush, i find it really scratchy. i'll try to find it and wash it and see if it makes any difference.

  31. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried many Maybelline products because unfortunately, the ones I do try don't work for me. But I might just check this out! You look so gorgeous in the pic, btw.
    Have a happy weekend, too! =)

  32. nikkiz, I'm glad you like the tip :) Yes, I hope they get more shades available too :)

    LyNn, hahaha I'm glad you like the blush shade as much as I do, look totally nice right?

    SoFiA! thanks!

  33. Gio,I'm glad you like it as much as I do :)

    Tish, oh, I can imagine you wearing it, I'm sure it'll look great!

    B,you too darling! happy weekend girl!

    Becky, I love the glow too, not all blushes give a nice glow!

    Steph, do wash it with gentle shampoo and I spritz it with leave on conditioner..maybe it'll help !

    Marce, I know what you mean, there are a couple of maybelline products that didn't work for me in the past but recently, they have been coming out with nice products!

  34. I have always wanted to try this out but I was afraid it wouldn't look good on me. But now that Ive seen your great review, I think Ima go for it. :)

  35. Leigh, yay I want to see how it looks on you! :) thanks for the comment sweetie!

  36. I love this blush! I have one in true peach and it can be a Nars Deep throat dupe.
    It's very pigmented so the pot will last long.

  37. hi ate nikki, can u recommend a blush that doesn't clog pores? pls. tnx :)


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