Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Wonder: "What's Your Favorite Mineral Foundation Brand?"

This space is dedicated to my dear mineral fanatic friends who's been asking me what's the best mineral foundation out there. If you ask for my opinion, there's never going to be "THE BEST" on mineral foundation or anything else. We are all made different, that's the challenge and excitement of life!

How challenging life you may ask? So challenging that for the simplest thing of choosing the best Mineral Foundation could be tedious! So instead of carrying the burden, I will share! lol

AMW Wonders:

"What's Your Favorite Brand of Mineral Foundation?"

I am sure there will be a lot of mineral makeup brands popping out, so please use this for reference and always read ingredients list! Nothing beats testing the product yourself and see how it works for you! Do go for sample sizes to save money ok?

Let me give my two cents on my own question :)

My favorite mineral foundation for the moment is still Ellana Premium Blend Mineral Foundation in French Vanilla Latte. I've finished the sample size I got from my first review, bought full size pot and finished it off. And I'm currently using my 2nd full size pot from Shen, thanks sis!

**One empty and one half done!

I haven't had the chance to use a lot of mineral powder foundation as compared to other lovelies out there! Should I buy my 3rd pot? Or am I missing something else?

You know what's next!
Spill the beans!

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  1. hey nikki
    what other brands of mineral foundaion have you tried? :)

  2. I have only tried 2 mineral foundations, but out of the 2 I have stuck with Everyday Minerals. They have so many different colors and types to choose from so that they can suit your preferences and your skin color. I got samples before purchasing full sized products and I love this line. It's natural yet covers up imperfections and most importantly....DOESN'T BREAK ME OUT!!

    The other one I tried was L'oreal Bare Naturale with SPF 15. Would be nice to have spf, but this brand made me break out :(

  3. I like Ellana too, but sad to say, i never found my match.. :)coverage is good but it makes my face itch sometimes(chin and cheek part) especially when it's hot..

    Right now my HG is Monave concealer foundation formula.. Coverage is the best, stays on all day, no whitish cast on pics and i found my perfect match in Mirabella.

    Glad u found your HG in ellana :)

  4. LyNn, other mineral foundation brands I've tried are: Joppa, EDM, Bare Escentuals, Maybelline, ELF (samples), Revlon (samples), and The Body Shop. :) You?

    Connie, Everyday minerals work really good, its just that I have dry skin so it gave me a drier skin look on some days :) But I agree, it doesn't break you out

    Kay, sorry that you didn't find your match, I guess one reason I love it so much is the color match on me! it was perfect! :D I've haerd so many cool reviews on Monave :)

  5. Too bad Ellana broke me out. I've tried more than 20 brands of mineral makeup, all home-based small companies so I have a lot of HGs.

  6. I've tried quite a few mineral foundations from different companies and I have to say that I like Joppa's a lot. I'm not saying it's the best but it's my current HG, though I'm finishing up my two full sized mineral foundations from Everyday Minerals. EM Foundations are good, too, and so are those from our homegrown mineral makeup companies. Then again, Joppa tops my list right now.

  7. Mineral foundation broke me out, so I've stopped using :(

  8. I don't wear mineral foundation that often but I've tried some.. So far I like Lumiere due to the silky finish and it offers better coverage than EDM :)

  9. we have the same shade Nikki! thats what im using too.. but i seldom use it coz am always rushing for work..

  10. Lauress is my favorite because it looks so natural and photogenic. There are a lot of shades as well.I always find it hard to look for a match because my skin tone is so yellow and has hardly any peach or pink tone(or none at all).

  11. i cant use mineral foundation without breaking out :(

  12. hmm... so far i havent found one that i really really like.

    but i can say that ellana is the most suitable match for my skin tone. however, recently ive noticed that i get dry patches from it (to think that i have really oily skin LOL).

    ive also tried lauress, its nice but not a best match for my skin tone.

    another one ive tried is monave. love how my skin looks glowing in this. however, again, not a perfect match.

    all in all, i have pros and cons on all the mineral foundations ive tried. my most favorite? i havent found one yet :)

  13. Your review convinced me to try maybelline mineral liquid foundation and i really liked it. No breakouts for me plus it's affordable too.

  14. Everyday minerals. I mix several colors and formulas. so much fum to experiment

  15. Hi there:) Me a new follower! I am abit wary of mineral foundation since I easily breakout but I am using Laura Mercier Mineral Powder and I love it!

  16. I sometimes have a love and hate relationship with MMU foundations..I have tried so many brands (local and international)and different formulations..and I have not found my perfect match in terms of the shade..and the ratio for me to get some allergic reaction (I itch) from it is 4 out sad...

    my fave would be Dreamworld in Luna formula for a glowing look, Meow in Flawless Feline formula for the flawless and long lasting finish and Lauress Minimalist and Dayna Minerals for the photogenic effect and lightness on skin :)

  17. I haven't tried many mineral foundations yet but I love Lumiere. It provides great coverage and has a matte but natural finish. I also like the Body Shop mineral foundation, but the coverage is sheerer than Lumiere's and is not available in many shades.

  18. I tried this na once and I loved it! :) It's just that I'm tooo tamad to use MMU kasi it's messy and I can't retouch sa car [o ang tamad talaga] but I love Ellana, same shade as yours :)

  19. When I was still an MMU foundation user, I remember loving these brands --- Pure Anada, Buff'd, Earthen Glow, and Ellana.

  20. I have no idea whether is my mineral foundation causing zits recently or something else. Puzzle because I'm not using anything new... I have L'oreal True Match Mineral Powder Foundation, Lumiere Mineral Foundation and Everyday Mineral Foundation. I'm not using anyone of them everyday as I'm too fickle minded. Hahaha... Would that be the culprit of my zits ? or I'm allergic with mineral products ?

  21. I'm not really sure if I have a favorite brand and to be completely honest I can barely tell the difference once I've applied them save for the more obvious differences in shades. I've tried Monave, EDM, Lumiere, Joppa, Lauress, Pure Anada, Dreamworld, J. Lynne, Ellana, Mineraux, Bare Escentuals, Revlon, L'oreal, Earthen Glow and probably a few more.

    Monave is an old favorite but my shade changed and I haven't tried to find a new match. But right now I'm really enjoying Pure Anada and Dreamworld Minerals. Probably because of the shade match. BTW I also wear French Vanilla latte and agree that it's one of the better matches. :)

  22. i've tried lumiere ones.
    i have samples of earthen glow minerals but have yet to touch them.

    edm, only their blushes.
    i have it in apple.
    falling head over heels for this shade

  23. maybe i should try maybelline's as this is not available in malaysia. i read many people having problems with mineral stuff but it seems like i don't have any breakout (yet). :)

    i am very new to mineral stuff and so far, i have no tried skin basics but coloured goods.

  24. I did not tried minerals foindation yet, but so exciting about...
    you always inspiring me for something new :)

  25. Mine is Jane Iredale! I forgot the exact shade, but it never fails to give me this glowing, radiant look. My friend loves it when I'm wearing it. :)

  26. Nikkiz, I'm so lucky then that Ellana didn't break me out

    Tish, Joppa has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. I guess it turned out to be 2nd because the shade is a bit dark on me now, coz I grew lighter as I'm always out of the sun!

    Tine, I remember, sorry you broke out on minerals!

    Shuu, really? I find EDM gives such good coverage, so Lumiere is even better? WOW!

  27. Khymm, I know Khymm! We are the same shade of everything! :)

    Anonymous, thanks for the info, Lauress, yeah, I've read positive feedbacks on that! I know what you mean about finding a match, my skintone is quite easy to find a match too and I find it quite already quite hard to find a shade!

    M, even without mineral foundation, your skin is fab! I still remember of your photo without makeup!

  28. Steph, I know, I find Ellana is the perfect match for my skin tone, I guess that's one major reason I fell in love with it..another point for lauress wow! :) thanks!

    sdeni48, awww goodluck mineral foundation hunting! Let me know your experiences!

    T, so true, I mix with my mineral foundations too!

  29. funkiimonkee, if you easily breakout, so true, you have to stick to one that works and doesn't break you out, there's no room for trial and errors if you have super sensitive skin

    Crystal Gale, you know what? Me too! that's why I use different foundie daily! it really depends on my mood. I guess I know my skin too well to know what to use on each day!

    Gio, Lumiere again! I am getting interested with the brand! thanks for your thoughts! Same with you, I find TBS to be great but quite sheer!

  30. Teeyah, so true, powders are flying everywhere so at times, I had to get out of the room! LOL Yay another same shade!

    Pammy, sad to say, out of all you mentioned, I haven't tried 90% of them!

    Syn@3sTh3sI@, maybe it is the mineral foundation or the brushes too! there are so many culprits, so try to stick to one product, if it works, try to test a new product ONLY ONE each time, if you break out, at least you see the culprit :) Goodluck!

  31. I'm curious about ellana foundation. Maybe I will like it too. I know it's available in trial size so i might try that. Do you know if ellana is still selling in SM? I've been following your blog since august and I find it's full of information for all makeup newbies like me! Thanks.

  32. the only mineral make up i've tried is ID Bare Minerals and the ones from Laura Mercier. BareMinerals is ok, SPF 15 pero hindi lang ata ako marunong maglagay kaya di magustuhan yung finish nya. hehe. Laura Mercier naman is ok din,i have the one na parang pearl foundation kaso sobrang makintab naman sa face (as in sparkling).hehehe.

    i might try's local brand no?

  33. Hi! Really enjoy reading your blog! My favorite mineral foundation is from - they have a ton of shades & 2 kinds of formulation (they call it 'Voile' & 'Glissade'); and they also have a variety of eyeshadow collections (about 500 shades!) that I think you'd like! I spend hours just browsing their site. :)

    I would really love to see what you can do with their makeup!

    P.S. Oh, and they have their "Indelible" eyeliner sealant on sale for $3.00 right now!

  34. Sabine, I felt the same the first time I've been using samples! What I find is that using them for longer periods of time will make you find your favorite/s! Wow girl! you've tried A LOT! lol So your shade changes because you're acidic? Or it changes after some time?

    LyNn, how do you like the LUmiere ones? EDM blush in APPLE?? Darn!!! I don't own it, I have other shades but not apple!

    Jojoba, oh yeah, its great to own colored goods from mineral makeup! I remembered purchasing all e/s shades from Joppa minerals! LOL I can't finish them up til the moment!

    ☆Anastacia☆, aww I'm glad I'm inspiring you to try something new :)

    Roanne, oh yeah! Jane Iredale! Never tried it! have to give it a chance and test on it! Thanks Roanne!

  35. Diane, I am seriously not sure if they're still selling at SM malls! I believe they do have selling points every now and then, sorry :( I'm useless lol Though I haven't answered your query, I'm glad you found my blog useful!

    JoiceyTwentyPTRP , I think the first time i tried Bare Escentuals, it turned dark on me so I stopped using it. Laura mercier minerals??? ooh I've seen them online but I didn't think of trying them! Coz their regular makeup are already good! Yes Ellana is a local brand!

    Nicka, thanks for sharing your thoughts on favorite mineral makeup line! I've seen a lot of my fellow beauty enthusiasts using Aromaleigh, too bad I haven't tried it yet...thanks :)

  36. i tried (again) bare escentuals sunscreen powder with SPF 20 and i loved it na. hehehe.:) yup Laura Mercier minerals, may mga blushes din dito sa bahay di kolang natitripan gamitin,but the foundation is almost all make up na.hehe!:p

    btw, i soooo love your blog :)

  37. I'm not so sure if I'm acidic but most products don't turn dark on me. :) But I've gotten considerably fairer since I stopped playing football and frequenting the beach. I know right! I'm addicted to sampling and it's crazy but whenever I get package I feel like I'm opening a present. :D

  38. My first MMU brand is Monave. I also got several Ellana items, but you know what? I still couldn't get the finish I want so I resumed to using my regular powder and compact. Got tips amd techniques on MMU application?

  39. Locally, I like Bare Naturals' Therapeutic skin perfecting foundi formula.
    I also love EDM.
    My use of MMUs have dwindled since I started using BB creams. MMUs are just too time consuming (not to mention, messy) to use. But if I have the time, I still use my MMUs.


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