Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Metallic" Nails

I may be boring at most times but it doesn't mean my nail polish has to be on the boring side. I've had my nails rested after a bad crack! Since I cut the rest of my nails short, short nails doesn't have to be plain and simple, I can do even wilder nail art with shorter nails as it doesn't look too overwhelming on my small hands! Yes people, my hands are small and my fingers are short! :D

Here's the final "Metallic" Nails I've created! I want to thank my blog reader Angela for the Skin Food Nail Vita polish shade in BL503! This nail art tutorial is for you and your sister-in-law Jenny! :)

Wild thing....
you make my heart sing!
*head bangs*

Step 1:

Apply your choice of base coat, apply 2 coats of metallic polish, I am using The Skin Food's Nail Vita. Let dry.

Step 2:

Using L.A. Colors Art Deco metallic red polish, create different angles on different nails. Your choice of designs, angles whatever! Think about Geometry! Difference though, Geometry has to be perfect, in nail art? You can be as imperfect as you can be!

Step 3:

Using LA Colors Art Deco gold polish, thinly apply the edgnes of the metallic red to create a nice pop!

Step 4:

Using a dotting tool, toothpick or whatever round tip, in my case, I'm using Prettynails' Nail Art Pen in white, create dots on your desired location.

Do something different for your thumb!
I added something dainty, a simple flower will do :)

Step 5:

Making sure the dots are dry, top your lovely nail art with your choice of top coat.

Wild metallic nail art on short nails makes a whole new difference to the looks of your nails! I enjoy creating simple nail art for longer nails and a 'wilder' and more 'outrageous' nail art designs or colors for shorter nails. I call it, my sense of balance :)

Enjoy your humpy Wednesday!
In just the blink of an eye, weekend will be here! :)
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. I really admire your creativity! I love nail polish and doing my nails. My officemates and friends even ask me to do theirs. I've recently started on nail art but right now all I can do are simple designs like strawberry, watermelon, dice, flowers and domimoes only :D would love to get myself a set of your nail art pens soon so I can do more :)

  2. so pretty nikki
    you've done it once again.
    i wish konad would let me have nails as pretty as yours
    *envies* :P

  3. Oooh, how cool! I'm probably redoing my nails tonight... but still haven't gotten some nice nail art pens/brushes yet. Will have to soon lol. But I'm really really eyeing a Konad set too lol.

  4. hi nikki...

    Great nail art! now im inspired to do my nails again after a week of letting it rest. love the way you play with colors. You are most welcome. And we thank you for the inspiration you gave us! Keep it up!

  5. i absolutely love this.. bold and vibrant.. :D

  6. Wow you did such a great job so creative!

  7. wow! so pretty!!! you cpme up with great designs Nikki! the gold polish looks so nice!

  8. It reminds me of Christmas! :)

  9. Gosh! That looks (and feels) like Christmas - don't ask me why I'm feeling Christmas in September! :D

  10. OOhhh!! SO pretty!!! and yes reminds me of Christmas!! I really love it!! reminds me that I need to get more Art Deco :D

  11. Short nails are more practical sometimes ;) though if you are used to long nails when suddenly you have to cut it short, you feel like half naked XD at least that's me hahaha nice tute nikki!

  12. this looks very tribal to me!!! very bold colors :D both my fingers and toes are resting now :) needing some oxygen

  13. Yay! Such dainty design.

    I really wish I could make my nails pretty too.

    *looks at own nails and feels ashamed*


  14. This is so pretty and creative! Love the bold colors.

  15. Totally love this look. Soooo pretty! My girl has such skills!

  16. krissy , thank you! Nail art is something relaxing! I find it nice to look at my nails on days that I feel down! LOL Crazy I know! but it's just a passion, just like makeup :)

    LyNn, Konad gives great looking nails! I'm sure your nails are wonderful!

    Catherine, what do you plan to do tonight?

  17. Jenny W. , you're good to your nails! letting it rest is the best way for your nails! Aawww, I'm glad I give you inspiration!

    Donnarence, thank you!

    DarlingV, thank you! I'm glad you find this creative!

  18. Nehs, lol! I wish I could agree with you, I don't actually think about designs, I usually start by choosing a polish shade, then I'll go from there!

    Tish, ahahha so true, its the colors!

    PB, well, it's the "BER" months, so it's just right to feel like Christmas!

  19. Fuzkittie, thanks sweetie

    Iyah, Art Deco is the BOMB! Love creating thin lines with the brush!

    Hana, yes, you are right, I type all day for work and it hurts to have longer nails!

  20. Prettybeautiful, so funny, when I do my nails, your nails are resting, and when you do yours, mine is resting! now that's sisterhood! :)

    Liza, I'd offer to do yours when you come down here!

    Gio, thanks!

    B, hahahaha you have great skills yourself woman! :D

  21. Looks like Christmas on your nails ;)

  22. ganda ng kuko.. hehehe minsan gagawin ko yan sa kuko ko.. hehehe salamat sa post..

  23. very nice! looks very festive :)

  24. Tine, felt like christmas on my nails now :)

    Pinoy Jokes, no worries , thanks for the comment! First time right?

    M, thanks!

  25. hay... gustuhin ko man maglagay nyan.. ang pangit ng kuko ko.. di bagay lagyan ng nail polish..wawa nama ako

  26. Wow, this is gorgeous! When I saw this from afar, I thought this was done by one of those nail art machine things, but I'm really amazed that you do it all by yourself. I wouldn't have the patience to do something like this.

  27. hello sis! your works are great! by the way, do you do 3d designs..? also, do you know where i can buy materials needed for this such as acrylic powder and monomer..?/ please! please! please help me!! someone referred me to youcoz they think you can help me...! please!

    this is my eadd..

  28. It is great to see some creativty. Iquess you must have steady hands to do this. Metalic tuch... :)

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  30. These look interesting, im sure my girlfriend would love these. She is crazzy about new nail art stuff.

  31. For biginners,it's difficult to do some nail designs.Thanks for the direction.


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