Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Jessie Glova 28pcs Neutral Palette

Happy day everyone!

Let me tell you something, when Coastal Scents came out with their wonderful 28pcs Nikki (ahem Neutral) palette, I told myself I wanted one! International shipping has always been a nuisance to me so I never really got myself into ordering one. I want my eyeshadows pressed...not cracked after shipment!

It was heaven scent when these palettes are becoming reachable to our local market! With several distributors coming up with similar palette, what other excuses can I think of to steer away from MY palette? :P

I totally believe in match made in heaven! Introducing... the Jessie Glova Palette, MY palette!

Pretty imprint of the brand name

Jessie Glova 28pcs Neutral Palette says ---

Kimberly, our dear beauty blogger friend, and a Makeup Artist Jessie R. Glova, came up with their own line of cosmetics and brushes.

The Jessie Glova 28pcs Neutral Palette are similar to the Coastal Scents 28pcs Neutral Palette. They are imported and guaranteed of good quality.


Askmewhats says ---

  • inexpensive
  • great to take along especially if you're starting up on makeup classes
  • great for first time makeup users, wonderful to practice on different shades which doesn't make you go broke
  • it doesn't hurt that the palette has it's own brand name
  • most shades are pigmented and shades are all pretty
  • with this palette, you can create different types of neutral looks without a problem!
  • for local buyers: Quick shipping, doesn't have to wait long for international shipments
  • a lot of good matte shadows, I find it quite hard to look for great matte e/s!
  • shipping: great! Shipped fast and the product was packed really well
  • not all shades are pigmented enough, some are powdery (but who cares? 90% of the shades are wonderful)

I don't own the 28pcs Coastal Scents Neutral Palette so I cannot do a comparison, but I've seen the CS 28pcs neutral palettes from makeup artist friends, I would say this exactly the same distributor from the Coastal Scents one. The same or not, I wouldn't even worry about it as I find that eventhough I own a lot of eyeshadows, having this as part of my makeup kit is awesome! I don't have to worry about not having enough neutral shades!

People have been emailing me asking me where to start in purchasing eyeshadows. I would say, given the restrictions of funds, this is the best way to invest in good quality eyeshadows to practice, a lot of great shades wearable daily, that doesn't break the bank!

I am giving this 2 thumbs and 2 toes up! :P


  • just like any e/s, use a good base to make the e/s last longer and more vibrant
  • for shadows with a bit of glitters, apply using patting motion first to lessen fallouts
  • be creative! Mix and match different shades! I've tried it and it works beautifully!
Will I repurchase?

Yes, why not?

Where to purchase and how much?

Php800.00 (approx $16.30) + shipping
Click here, here and here to purchase

swatches galore coming up!
All swatches done dry, without a base
Click photos to enlarge

Row A

Row B

Row C

Row D

This was the Jessie Glova look I've created

Neutrals doesn't always have to be boring!
With great shades to choose from, you can be a queen of neutral!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay neutral-icious!


  1. I'm planning to buy neutral palette soon. I guess one can do a lot with it.

    Khymm is selling them pala. and she's shipping overseas din. Yay!

  2. This looks so good! CAn international people buy it?

  3. This palette emind me CS neutral palette! But looks so nice and natural!

  4. very nice review! im a neutral person but sometimes once in a while i use pastel shimmery colors. I have a CS palette that i bought before and the colors really look similar.

  5. wow!
    how cool

    i saw this at khymm's site & she said that this is her baby business too..

    i think it also came from the same manufacturer

  6. the palette looks really nice! i am sure the colors are very versatile.

  7. Another awesome review!! I think for the price, its so worth it. I want a neutral palette just for work :D

  8. I like those kind of palette,makes life so much easier XD and the colours you used look great :) yes,neutral look doesn't have to be boring :)

  9. Thanks for sharing this, sis! :D I'm lemming for one now, huhu. :(

  10. Liza!, so true! this one is really versatile, I've been using it for a week in the office :) Love it! That's great that she's shipping overseas :)

    Y, I believe so :) You can email her! or leave a comment on her blog site

    Khymm, yeah, its a wonderful palette thanks too!

  11. Anastacia, yes, i believe they are from the same distributor :)

    Khymm, I guess same distributor says it all? But the best part, as long as its easily accessible :) No more long waiting!

    Thiamere, yes, it's nice to see bloggers bloom into business people :)

  12. Prettybeautiful, yes, they are super pretty and I'm sure you'll create a lot of looks with them too!

    Iyah, you do have the CS neutral palette right?

    Catherine, thanks!

  13. Hana, I know what you mean, you look great in neutral looks, saw you create them so prettily :)

    Teeyah, no worries, I know what you mean, it all came back haunting me! I'm glad I've got it..no more lemming for neutral palette!


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