Monday, August 31, 2009

Askmewhats Version: Majestic Smokey Eyes

Happy Monday everyone!!! A lot of you are home, sleeping in, resting!!! It's a Philippine Holiday today and I'm going to be at work! :( So I'm creating a look for a reader who requested for this way back!

Dear Nikki,

I've been wanting to do a smokey look for myself but I am scared of making my eyes look too dark and dramatic! I wanted a smokey look that doesn't look too scary. HELP!

A., this look is dedicated for you and to the rest of the population, like me, who aren't comfortable with smokey eyes as well. SHOCKER right? Well people who knew me knows that I'm into neutral and natural look rather than dramatic. But it doesn't hurt to shock the hell out of the people you meet right? Once in awhile..once in awhile :)

Here's my Majestic Smokey Eyes
inspired by Majestic mineral e/s from Joppa

AMW Diagram

Step 1:

Apply a dark base, in my case MAC's Shadestick in Sharkskin on the crease area going a bit beyond. Doesn't have to be perfect and blend it well with a taklon brush or your fingers.

Using a flat shader brush, pat on Matte Black E/S just above the Sharkskin base. I am using Jessie Glova's 28pcs neutral palette with my MAC's 242 brush. Patting motion.

Step 2:

Flipping the same brush on the other side, pat on Joppa's Majestic mineral e/s (or any loose e/s that looks like yellowish gold dust) on the crease area only. Again, using patting motion!

Step 3:

Using a blending brush, brush on a matte neutral color a bit lighter than your skin tone on the browbone area gently blending on the inner corner of the eyes.

Using a big fluffy brush, start to gently blend the harsh lines from the black e/s going beyond the crease area. Do this gently so you won't make your e/s fall out. Blend until there's no more harsh line!

Step 4:

Tightline with Urban Decay's 24/7 eye pencil in Zero (black), include upper and lower lashline.

Step 5:

Apply Urban Decay's 24/7 eye pencil in Yeyo (white) on the inner sides of the eyes to create a nice pop.

Step 6:

Using any liner brush or pencil brush, smudge the black eyeliner with a matte e/s to "set" the liner.

Do not forget to fill in your brows with your favorite eyebrow pencil, curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara. I am using Clinique's High Impact Mascara

Here's a dark smokey eyes that has
a nice pop of sunshine! :)

And what's on the rest of my face?

For the face:

Ellana Intensive Mineral Foundation in French Vanilla Latte
using EDM's Flat Top Brush

For the cheeks:

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Blush in Gentle Pink
using Charm Blush Brush from the Charm Travel Case

For the lips:

Kiehl's Lip Blam #1
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose

Smile your week away!

Thanks for the request, I do take some time due to cropping and taking of photos! But I am seriously loving it and it's great to share some ideas yourself!!! What's the best smokey eyes that doesn't look too "wham! bam! boom!" for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Sorry you have to work on a holiday!

    This is a great look - thanks for the tutorial!


  2. Haha! It makes me feel good that I'm not the only one working on a holiday. Hehe.

    Nice tutorial as always, Nikki. You gave a nice twist to smokey eyes. I sure will try this one.

    Have a great day at work!

  3. Love this tutorial - you make smokey eyes that are really neat and wearable. =)

  4. i love this look! you make this smokey eye so wearable at any time of day. nice tutorial. (:

  5. Nice, I like how you used Yeyo to make it pop! Finally I have a reason to make use of my Yeyo which has been collecting dust :)

  6. It's a holiday here in Malaysia too! :D So sorry that you must be at work... :(

    I love this look Nikki!! You look totally hot!! :D

  7. Very cute look! I like it! Esp your main lid color! Looks so nice and pretty and even matte!
    Nice blending and great tutorial!

  8. Hi! Nikki,

    I read this post twice in the hopes that I can do this someday haha :)

  9. I loooove it. So sultry. I love your hair too. :-)

  10. Aww, that's too bad, sweetie :( But at least that means more moolah for you, more make up heehee. I've always wanted to do a smokey look.Whenever the environment is apt, I usually don't have the time naman. Whenever I have the time, I have to look prim and proper naman. Hay! :D But at least I think I can use this in an evening wedding. Hmm :D Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ohhh!! i love the color combination.. lately I haven't been wearing that much eye make up.. I dunno why.. I guess I feel lazy and un-inspired. :P

    But you inspired me to recreate this sexy smoky eyes of yours :D

  12. I like that it is not ott smokey eyes. :) it seems wearable for any event. :P

  13. I love the pop of green...a very wearable smokey eye! Gorgeous FOTD!

  14. I love this! It's so pretty and wearable!

  15. Michelle, it's ok, at least the day is over :) Less traffic! weee!!

    Tish, hahaha so may kasama ka na! hahah how was your day? Traffic free no? Thanks for liking my smokey eyes!

    Catherine, thank you for saying so sweetheart, I'd love to see these types of looks on your lovely eyes!

  16. Tina Marie, thank you!

    Blu3, oohh I've been using Yeyo and Zero most of the time, the rest of the colors I've been snubbing! LOL

    Jenn, it's ok sweetie, how's the trip?

  17. ☆Anastacia☆, so true, it came out differently as compared to the pot!

    Style and Relax *waves* HELLO!!!! Thanks for the comment, awww..twice pa ha? hahaha thank you!!!

    Liza! Ooohh a lot of people are a fan of my curly hair, ex...hubby! LOL

  18. Teeyah, nah! it's not more moolah, we're not paid double for working during Holidays, as we follow different country's holiday! This is a great look for evening parties!

    Iyah, I know what you mean, I've been lazy and uninspired many times especially doing makeup on myself, I am always inspired to do makeup on other people! :)

    Charry, thanks!

  19. Pammy, I'll never look good on something out of the ordinary, I don't know why! But it just won't work!

    JC, thanks!

    Gio,thanks dear!

  20. You look great!:)

    I love how you kept the look sweet with the pink blush and lip color.:)

  21. Gorgeous smokey eye, sweetums. A lot of people go a bit overboard with the dark shadow and take it TOO far above the crease. Yours is perfect!

  22. wow nice blending !!flawless and pretty look :) good job!!

  23. this is sooo pretty!!! i love the smokey look on you. this is one of my favorite looks youve done :)

  24. OMG girl!! this gotta be my favorite look!!!!!!! i really wanna see a tutorial for this please!!!

  25. this is pretty!

    i noticed eye makeup is easier to do with double eyelids or eye creases that show.

    mine always look either dirty or just plain weird!

  26. hi nikki!i super love your blog. it's always my first hit whenever i go online. :)

    i'm not actually into e/s but your reviews and your tutorials make me wanna buy and start my new make up collection. :D

    oh! your Jessie Glova look is amazing!

  27. Soapaholic, thank you, I guess I'm really into the safe and not too wild side :)

    B, you'll never see me go too dark eye makeup! Lol i'm very boring!

    Crystal, thanks!

  28. Louie, I'm glad you like this look , I'm glad you love the blending, I love blending! LOL

    Becky, thank you, I'm glad there's a favorite for you! that makes me happy!

    FuN and MakeUp, tutorial? Gosh, I wonder what kind :)

  29. Plue, you're right, monolids are harder to put makeup on, but I find I love putting makeup on monolids! :)

    Pam, thank you so much for the sweet comment. I am glad you love my blog and oh no..I hope I'm not making you spend more money for makeups?? Remember..purchase only what you need :)

  30. This one is a winner, Nikki. Very pretty color combination.

  31. thank you for the tut! im also a neutral person, i only tried sporting smokey eyes several times in my life! haha.. cant seem to perfect it.. will try again..

  32. T, thanks I'm glad you like the combination

    Khymm, let me know how your trial goes :) goodluck!

  33. those dark smokey eyes look absolutely gorgeous on you!


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