Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: If You're Craving for Italian Dish

Happy weekend friends! I had a very loooonnggg day yesterday! And I got wet twice!!! Long story! I hate getting drenched in the rain and you have to get in an air conditioned restaurant! Brrrr

Anyways, my weekend food tripping talks Italian... Delicioso!! There are 2 restaurants that serves quick Italian food I've tried over the weekend! First stop:

aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante

Baked Zitti With Hungarian Sausage
Php235.00 (approx $4.80)

When I crave for pasta, I crave for it BIG TIME! So I want my order to come in BIG servings! Baked Zitti with Hungarian Sausage is the perfect dish for me to fill up my tummy space! The hubby loves the Hungarian Sausage, I love the Pasta! That's sharing!

Glorietta 3
SM Mall of Asia
Visayas Avenue
SM Pasig


If I'm located inside malls, a quick fix for pizza and pasta (aside from Sbarro) is Chef d' Angelo! Chef d'Angelo according to their site is an Italian-American fast service restaurant which first opened at Robinson's Place Ermita! I remembered dining there with my colleagues and going back to the office late as it's always jam packed and you have to wait for your seats! Now I'm glad they have branches in almost all malls! :)

Great White Pizza (seafood)
Php220.00 (approx $4.50)

It's quite small to look at but it's full to the bite! I love the Great White Pizza and the Big Five Pizza (for Meat Lovers). I don't mind eating them for snacks! Yes, SNACKS! No dieting on weekends!

Spaghetti Carbonara
Pp148.00 (approx $3.00)

I am not impressed with this, but it's something worth trying! I love the garlic butter toast that comes with the meal and I love it that they don't scrimp on white sauce! I hate dry pastas!

SM Malls (selected)
Robinson's Malls (selected)

Are you into Italian dish recently?
What are you craving for this weekend?

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Stay Magnifico! *kissing fingers*


  1. i love italian foods!!!! specially lasagna. you made me hungry!

  2. hmm you always have yummy food for us to see on the weekend! ahh I am SO craving Italian now! It's a good thing that I looked at your post right before I was deciding on what to make for dinner! I think I am going to make a pasta dish for tonight's dinner :)

  3. I'm craving for the Howie's special pizza @ Avenetto for the past weeks:D Love white pizza @ Chef d angelo also hihi

  4. OMG nikki I just woke up and saw your blog post and full of yummy food >< you making me hungry ....

  5. me loves italian food!
    you're making me hungry :P

  6. The baked zitti with sausages looks so yummy! want to try it too. :) Thanks for this post Nikki :)

  7. I love aVeneto too!!!! Check out their four cheeses pizza =)

  8. Now I'm hungry because of the Italian tummy filler you posted. :(
    I'm cooking spag. :P

  9. Me and my bf are fans of Avenetto resto! affordable, delicious dishes in big servings, fast service and great ambiance..we frequent the Trinoma branch since it is the nearest..I'm glad you love it too! :)

  10. my boyfriend and I love avenetto pizzeria as well! =) love their seafood pasta

  11. I went to Italy a few weeks ago. And, God, I had the best pizzas I've ever eaten ! In France, we can find some good pizza but not as good as in Rome :/ Anyway, if you go to Rome one day, I suggest you to go to "trattoria da Michele" :p

  12. I feel hungry! You want to kill me! JK :P
    Looks ssoooo yummy!

  13. I looovvveeee italian foods and if not for the calories I would have eaten them three times a day lolz I had pasta for my lunch today!! :D and pizza a few days back XD

  14. As an Italian Citizen who works in the catering industry I must say that this is not Italian food. At all. I don't know what is it, but definitely NOT Italian food. You'd never see anything like this, nor anybody in Italy would consider it local food. I'm sure there are many very good real Italian restaurants in Manila, but this is not a real one. I'm not saying this is not good food, maybe it's as yummy as it can get, but it's not Italian. :-(

  15. looks yummy @0@!.dito na lang kami titingin sa Food trip mo incase gusto namin kumain sa ibang resto hehe maiba namn nakakasawa din yun usual resto and fastfood na un alam lang :D , i love it parang advertising and thank you for sharing and guiding us..:D mwah

  16. Hi darling, that spaghetti cabonara looks amazing. You've just reminded me that I haven't had great italian in months!

  17. *Nehs*, sorry, didn't mean to! Speaking of Lasgana, have you tried Pizza Hut's Lasagna pizza? I Tried it for the first time over the weekend! Its ok :)

    Lulu, hahaha now you're going for pasta? wow..what kind?

    Kim, Howie's Pizza! Wow..I have to give it a try! Cravings ha! hahahha

  18. Purple Snowflake, now, I guess its not a good timing to be hungry and see food posts!

    Fun and MakeUp, same here! :)

    LyNn, I am not making you hungry! LOL I am just taking shots of food I eat! its your tummy's fault that you're hungry! LOL

  19. Charry, I love Baked Zitti the best! I love Sbarro's too!

    Abby, I have tried their Four Cheese Pizza! Have you tried Brooklyn's Four Cheeses?

    Pammy, so sorry hahah well at least I've inspired you to cook spaghetti! hehe

  20. Crystal Gale, Avenetto tastes good no? And serving size is big nga!

    Chelle, seafood pasta is awesome, but I haven't tried it much recently as I'm steering away from it! Scared of allergies!

    Carine, really? I'd love to try Genuine Italian food someday!

  21. Anastacia, I don't want to kill you hon! I love you :)

    Hana, I know what you mean, !

    Barbara, hey! thanks for the feedback, I know it's nowhere near REAL Italian Cuisine! Just like Chinese food down here, it's always "fusion", the Chinese dishes served here are nowhere the same as Authentic Chinese dishes in China :) Anyways, I bet there are better Italian Restaurants down here that I haven't had the chance to try! These are the fast food types we have here! Thanks and hope to taste your cooking..someday....! :D

  22. Gio :) are you into pasta or pizzas?

    Louie, I know what you mean, everytime you go hungry, you'd love to go to the restaurants you know that would fulfill your hunger no?

    B, yes, go ahead, make your tummy happy!

  23. Chef d angelo's my fave place too... awww im craving for those yummies right now....

  24. Elsa, really? me, I'm ok with it, not really an ultimate favorite but I do go there once in awhile ;)

  25. i absoluely love the great white:)

  26. yeah-- when we used to frequent Chef D Angelo.. we'd get Great White Pizza and paella pasta for sharing.


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