Saturday, August 29, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder

Happy Saturday morning everyone! I am off to the hospital for my mom's checkup this morning! I know it'll turn out good! :)

I have another MAC SF Powder Foundation, MAC Blot Powder Pressed "packaging look-alike" for review...the MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder! Do I like it? Is it worth it? Read on!

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder says ---

Micro-fine, sheer and silky. Pressed for portability. Goes on lightly. Won't shift your shade or leave its mark. Lets skin's natural vitality and freshness glow through. Comes with its own suede-finish sponge. Blurs lines. Makes skin look flawless.

net weight: 12 g/0.42 oz

Askmewhats says ---

  • never cakes even if you retouch many times a day
  • though I don't use the sponge, it's actually nice and made of good quality!
  • great to set liquid/cream foundation, does not change the shade as the powder is quite sheer
  • soft and non drying
  • no heavy feel
  • no breakouts and allergies (for me)
  • for someone who wants full coverage, this has light coverage
  • does not cover redness
  • for super oily face, does not control oil as much as you would want!
  • a bit pricey for a pressed powder with sheer coverage
  • other brands can do the same function at a cheaper price

It took me quite some time to review this as I've been comparing this with MAC's Blot Powder. What's the difference? Coverage and that's it! MAC's Select Sheer as it's name imply has a sheer coverage as compared to MAC's Blot Powder Pressed which does control oil better but no coverage at all.

I've used this multiply times on my client by dusting it lightly all over the face to "set" the makeup, I go down to the neck and also the shoulders, chest and back! Why do I do so? I want to make my client looks clean and yet isn't obvious that they have foundation on their body! It works that way!

Do I love this? I personally use the MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF) for retouch!

  • do not purchase the powder base on the number you use for the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I am NC20-25 and I purchased NC15!
  • use a brush to set your foundation or application rather than the sponge that comes along with it
  • if you are looking for full coverage, purchase the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation instead of this
  • want natural look? Cover your flaws with your concealer of choice before you use the MAC Select Sheer!
  • use a big powder brush to set your foundation, use a kabuki brush if you want a bit of coverage
  • never apply too much in one application, can make your face look unnatural and powdery.
Will I repurchase?

No, so many setting powder at the moment! And other brands can do the same function.

Where to purchase and how much?

At MAC counters for Php1,300 (approx $27.00)

Select Sheer Pressed Powder
close up in NC15

Close up on the sponge included

No Flash

With Flash

Anyone who's using this, do holler!
I'd love to know how you find this product!
I could be missing something

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried MAC's powder, but I also think that with something basic like powder its easy to get something from the drugstore that does the same job of setting makeup.

    Hope everything goes smoothly at the hospital! :)

  2. Thanks for the review Nikki!! I think you've tried almost all the MAC pressed powders already!! haha! :D

    This one sounds great, since i like powders that do not have much coverage! :D And thanks for the shade tip! I'm the same coloring as you, so i'll keep that in mind if i do decide to buy this one! :D

    Glad to hear that your mum is getting better and better!! Take care k whilst caring for her!! You're such a wonderful daughter!!

  3. I have this poweder in NC20 and it's...OK. I much prefer Chanel and Guerlain Meteorites!

  4. now i know the difference between this & the BLOT powder. I have both SF & Blot, i think I dont need this anymore. Nice Review very informative!

  5. Ate Nikki, I was wondering if I break out in Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, does that mean, I will break out in MAC's pressed powders as well??? I really wanna try that MAC Blot Powder, but Im scared it will break me out just like the other MAC Studio Fix.

  6. I love this review! I'm a MAC blotting powder user, but it's almost completely used up and I'm looking to get either a Skin Food LP or Laneige Sliding Pact.

    That said, it's great that you could write such a detailed comparison. Great for us on the market girls :)

    And best wishes for your mom!

  7. oh WOW thank you for the review..
    I always used Mac's MSF Natural. But some times it can look cakey over some of my foundations><

    i got a New powder haha.. will be posting up in my blog soon =D

  8. Awww! Your mom still in hospital! But very glad she is fine!

    Nice review! You always make to me some "wish" items LOL:
    Love your blog!

  9. I'm glad that your mum is getting better. Hope that everything goes ok at the hospital.

    Thanks for the review. I like powders that provide light coverage so I might try this.

  10. b | u 3, yes you're right, its very basic so other brands can do the same :) Thanks for the well wishes, it was ok, but need to follow up! Mom's starting to have some bruises on her legs :(

    Jenn, I think so too! But I think I've missed a couple still! :) Yes, we do have the same shade, I'm glad! :) Thanks for the sweet note, my mom has been the best mom ever, so what i'm doing for her is nothing :)

    JC, oohhh now you made me lemm for Chanel!

  11. Khymm, I know what you mean, i don't need this for myself either but it's really nice to include this on my traincase for clients!

    Leigh, do check it out before you purchase, you MAY breakout but I believe SF causes more people to be prone for breakouts because of it's super heavy test it out on mac store, or ask if they have mini samples :)

    Kaye, Ooohh Laneige sounds exciting! I am glad you appreciate my reviews, thanks for being sweet!

  12. Purple Snowflake, me too I'm a MAC's MSF user and so far, I'm liking it for retouch, this may be almost the same as MSF :)

    Anastacia, no my mom has been out of the hospital but needed some checkups every weekend..or almost every weekend! :)

    Gio, thank you! I hope she's getting better, she is a bit depressed or sad, so she needed all the comfort of a family! :)


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