Friday, September 11, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeshadow Quad

Gorgeous Friday everyone! I will be reviewing another inexpensive eyeshadow palette for my wonderful readers who wants to purchase eyeshadow palettes that are affordable, easy to purchase and of course, good quality! Are there a lot of those out there? You know I'm always up and running to find them and report them! I'm not good at keeping secrets 'ya know! *winks*

Introducing, Maybelline's Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad

These palettes are created mainly to create our complicated life simple. That's why Maybelline quotes: "Artistry with Ease". Is it worth it? Is it really Maybelline? Or maybe she's just born with it?

Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad says ---

Intimidated by complicated eye shadows? Maybelline EyeStudio Shadows are stunning made simple! These ready-to-wear palettes put the power of make-up artistry in your hands like never before.

It's not hard to be your own makeup artist with our easy to follow application tips and our super soft precision applicators for perfect lid, liner, crease, and highlight application.

Our 1,2,3,4 instructions make it simpler than ever to get the perfect eye look!

Askmewhats says ---

  • quite pigmented as compared to other Maybelline eyeshadows created in the past
  • packaging is very pretty, sleek and chick!
  • inexpensive
  • the applicator that comes along with the quad is made of good quality
  • the colors that comes with it are all coordinated, so no makeup boo-boos
  • comes with instructions for first time users (photo below)
  • has manufacturing date printed so you know how old the product is (photo below)
  • the pans of the eye shadows are perfect size, not too huge or too small!

  • if you are into variety, you can't choose what's on the quad, it's all color coordinated
  • some of the shadows are quite powdery
  • for Made in China haters? This is made in China! (this does not bother me though as long as it is made with quality and I'm sure there's quality control)

I can't tell about the other available quads from Maybelline but I would say, this is the best eyeshadow quality Maybelline came up with. I have used their old eyeshadow mini palettes and I'm not impressed with the quality and pigmentation. I am glad Maybelline is now playing the game and are coming up with great collections, great quality at an affordable price! Isn't that what we all want?

I cannot help but stress again that the palette has been packaged so tastefully that it looks great in my makeup train case! I've even got a client pointed this palette (out of all the mess) and asked me the brand! Eye-catching alright! Another plus point!

If you're starting up on eyeshadow application and don't need all the shades available in the world, this is a nice palette to start and you can bring it anywhere!

This product deserves a huge smile from me! :"D

  • use a sponge applicator in application, as this tends to fly all over when you use an eye brush
  • like any other eyeshadow, use an eye primer or eyeshadow base to make the eyeshadow last longer and looks more vibrant
  • be creative, mix and match, you don't need to follow their instructions at the back
  • new to makeup? Follow instructions printed at the back of the palette
  • you prefer to use a brush? Spritz your brush with water to dampen it and apply your eyeshadow wet to make the colors stand out and last longer.
  • if you apply your eye shadows wet, do that to one area of the eyeshadow, DO NOT wet the whole eyeshadow pan.
  • use the lightest shade to highlight your brow bone, the inner corner of the eyes, the tip of the nose or use a bigger brush to highlight your cheeks! Multi-tasking! I love!
Will I purchase?

Yes! I want all the palettes!

Where to purchase and how much?

Available at Maybelline counters for Php449.00 (approx $9.00)

Here are the product swatches
applied dry no base
Gold Nuggets Palette

No Flash

With Flash

They are available in 11 color-coordinated palettes but I believe we don't have all 11 palettes available locally! But isn't it great to own all of them??? So pretty *sigh*

I will do a look using this quad in the future! Watch out for it! I am still experimenting other ways to use this!
Do you own this quad?
Like it? Hate it? Do you follow their instructions?
Let me know!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow, those Maybeline palette you guys have are indeed very pretty...(It's a bit expensive as well, since I can get a brand new one for 5 bucks without any promotion) I used to detest maybelline but now I think it's not completely horrible, at least some nail polish they have are alright.

  2. Ooohh I saw this back in Indo, they have pretty good pigmentation, thanks for the review, Nikki~

  3. Thanks for the review Nikki!! This one looks great for the office! And i know what you mean when you say that this one has better pigmentation than the usual Maybelline eyeshadows!! Glad to see them improving!! haha! :D

  4. Thanks for the thorough review! I actually really like those 4 colors! I hope they launch this around me soon.

  5. Oho! This one's like the pink and grey one I have - you're right its way way better than the old Maybelline quads! Can't wait to see your looks :) Happy Friday Nikki!

  6. Very suitable shadows for fall! Looks so nice and wearable, but I really do hate when "they" doing a huge pan/spot of white color! I have a lot of palettes and there is the same thing, a ton of white, nahh..

  7. this palette is gorgeous! i wish they had these palettes here, we only have the crappy Expert Eyes which aren't all that pigmented.

  8. Maybelline is coming out with some really good stuff lately. We just got some singles and duos here, but I'm sure we'll be getting these quads soon enough! Of course, after seeing your swatches and review, I'll check them out. Thanks for sharing! =)

  9. awesome!! Im glad its a good one. For me their eye shadows are either a hit or miss. Sometimes i love them, sometime i dont lol.

  10. thanks for the heads up NikkI! I'm looking for a good neutral palette for those days that I don't want any color..will this be good? :)

  11. Citrine, yes, it is quite expensive so I usually wait for their discounts and sales! Do you have these palettes up there?

    Nanzy, no worries, they are available in Asia I believe, not sure why there are some lines not available up there and vice versa!

    Jenn, yes! This is the neutral one and it looks really nice! Gosh! I remember purchasing the old one, and the packaging was made of plastic? It's the ugliest e/s quad ever! LOL

  12. iamgrape1119, yes, I hope you gals can purchase it there!

    Vanessa M, I guess these are available on the east side of the world :)

    PB, happy Friday to you too! I would go for other palettes, I love their packaging! Really, it looks so pretty!

  13. Anastacia, hahah I know what you mean, if you have a lot of those shades and they create a big pan again for the shade that you have, that would irk you right? LOL I like it because my similar shade from Kanebo is almost gone, so this is my dupe!

    Blu3, oohh Expert Eyes, I don't think we have it down here, but you know what , there's a lot of stuffs you girls have it there, we cannot find them down here!

    Marce, I know, you girls there have a lot of singles and duos from both maybelline and Loreal, most we have here are quads ...I guess it really depend on the market!

  14. Becky, I know what you mean, for Maybelline, I've always been a fan of their mascaras, but now, they are starting to impress me with other stuffs!

    Crystal Gale, this will be a good neutral look, but girl, again, you need a base with this ok? :D

  15. i love this palette! i've had mine since last year and its barely used up. i wonder when i'll hit the pan on this one since is so pigmented. :)

  16. i love this palette! i've had mine since last year and its barely used up. i wonder when i'll hit the pan on this one since is so pigmented. :)

  17. you're right, they look really nice! the packaging is very sleek.. will check it out..

  18. This is the 2nd time I've heard someone raving about new Maybelline's EyeStudio Eyeshadow Quad. I hate Maybelline's eyeshadow as I have one from previous EyeStudio Eyeshadow Quad. It's so horrible! Powdery, not pigmented, not long lasting, but I think probably they had improved a lot in terms of quality ? I'll check it out...kekeke...

  19. That's such a great quad for work or school! I love neutral quads ;]

  20. I love beauty on budget finds! I got one of this palette for my mum and she quite likes it :)

  21. well this means that I have to check on maybelline soon! thanks for the review!

  22. That's a nice palette. The colors are perfect to wear at work and tha packaging is very sleek.

  23. i agree that the range is really inexpensive yet great! i was tempted to buy, but i couldn't decide which should i get. and guess what sis? i bought myself a new palette today too!!!! heheh :D :D but it is from clarins, the nude palette. i love it so much <3 <3

  24. Thanks for the review! I've had my eye on these!

    I'm not worried about these being made in China, because L'Oreal owns Maybelline, and they have strict quality control procedures.

  25. Shen, i've seen you creating a look with this, I love it!

    Khymm, I love the packaging so much! i swear! LOL Best packaging from Maybelline!

    Syn@3sTh3sI@ , I know what you mean about the horrible Eyestudio, it does NOTHING! but I'm glad this one is way better!

  26. Iyah, yes, it's for my daily work look too!

    Hana, I love it too! I love it if its beauty on a budget and great great quality! This is it!

    Fifi, let me know how you like/not like it! :)

  27. Gio, do you own this too?

    Prettybeautiful, what?? Clarins Nude palette? Wow..can't wait to see!

    JC, no worries, it's my pleasure to share my finds, and true, I don't worry about it coz L'oreal is such a huge company and I'm sure there's always Quality Control! :)


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