Thursday, September 10, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: La Mer "The Essentials"

At long last, I've finished writing my La Mer experience post! This is one of those more difficult reviews to do as a human being, you can't help but think that expensive products will definitely work! So after putting that thought aside (which isn't easy) I'm finally ready to give my ultimate review!

I have to say though that this review is based on my experience, what you read is what you get :) I have to stress again that my skin is sensitive, dry, mostly exposed in an airconditoned environment. And I am a crazy individual who makes strange, crazy faces daily! Plus I am under stress my skin is taking a lot of stress! lol

I have used La Mer "The Essentials" sample for more than 2 weeks. Thanks to the La Mer's Marketing Manager, Ms. Sandra Lacson, for giving me the chance to test on these wonderful products and thanks to my dear friend Ms. Gracie for giving me additional samples so I can test it longer!

If you want to see product information, do smile and click HERE.


**photo from La Mer

Askmewhats says ---


  • very moisturizing minus the heavy feel
  • my skin is moisturized the whole day
  • skin became more supple
  • a little goes a long way
  • I wake up with seriously soft skin
  • the product absorbs to the skin quickly
  • smells wonderful


  • very pricey
  • ingredients are not disclosed (I do understand due to secrecy) but for someone who's allergic to certain ingredients, you wouldn't know.
  • no SPF

I said it before and I have to say it again, I have a serious case of flakiness and dryness on my face. The Clinique DDML works but I'm done with it. How does Creme de La Mer compare? Well, the moisture property lasts longer and my skin stays soft and moisturized the WHOLE DAY. If you are someone expecting miracles, then do not purchase this! I have a feeling that effect of this product is long term, so if you don't have the patience to see results, the first result expected is softer and smoother skin.

I feel that using this product feels so luxuriously good and it immediately calms the itchiness and a bit of pain from dryness. Definitely luxury in a tub!


  • use a spatula to get your desired amount of product
  • always use skincare products with clean hands
  • pat on your face, DO NOT rub
  • warm the product on your fingertips by rubbing them together

Will I repurchase?

I am seriously saving up for this! Out of the 3 I've tried, this one is a re-purchase material!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Rustan's Makati La Mer Counter
1oz/30ml - Php7,400 (approx $154.00)

2oz/60ml - Php13,000 (approx $271.00)

Here's how Creme de La Mer looks like
applied on finger tips

Warm the product on hand
the cream goes softer and
more "liquid" in texture


**photo from La Mer

Askmewhats says ---


  • aborbs to the skin in NO time
  • very light, no heavy feel
  • smells wonderful
  • brightens the overall look of the skin instantly
  • love the packaging, the dropper is just too cute!


  • pricey
  • could irritate your skin if you have super oily skin!


This is another "luxury" for me. I find that using this is just an "extra" since I am not a serum person. The only thing I found from using this product is that it brightened up the whole look of my face even prior to the application of Creme de la mer. I felt it tightened my skin as it gets absorbed quickly.

For dry skin like me, I cannot just use this product without following up with a moisturizer. It tightens my skin so much, probably that's the effect of "lifting" properties.

  • apply this prior to moisturizers or creams
  • do not forget to include your neck area, massage the serum going upward with light, massaging motion
  • one drop works for the whole face, but work on it fast as it can get absorbed to your hands

Will I repurchase?

If I have a lot of money! lol Since I am not a serum person, I can give it a skip and save up on the Creme de La Mer

Where to purchase and how much?

At Rustan's Makati La Mer Counter for Php 13,500.00 (approx $281.25) 30 ml

One Drop is enough for the whole face

Clear liquid consistency


**photo from La Mer

Askmewhats says ---


  • moisturized my eye area instantly
  • very cute packaging, the full size comes with a metal spoon
  • hydrates my eye area
  • prevents further under eye wrinkles


  • after 2 weeks of am/pm usage, I don't see any drastic change, maybe the time of usage is not enough
  • pricey
  • does not remove undereye circles, wrinkles remain the same
  • the scent takes some time to get used to

Out of the 3 products I've tried, I've seen the least result on this product. But please do not take my word for it, it is my fault, for the past weeks that I've been testing this product, I have been in stress and I've been sleeping super late!

I think this eye concentrate is used to PREVENT further wrinkles rather than making them disappear. So far, the number of wrinkles I have did not change. (yes, I counted)

  • never put too much! Putting too much does not mean that it'll quicken the effect of the product
  • putting too much will make your eyes more puffier, I've done this test many times and I find that the end result of using too much of this eye concentrate is puffiness
  • if you purchase a full size of this product, it comes with a metal spoon which you use to massage the under eye area, do it gently!
Will I repurchase?

Again, if I have the budget, its not bad to purchase this but I can settle for other eye creams for now.

Where to purchase and how much?

At Rustan's Makati La Mer Counter for Php 9,350.00 (approx $195.00)

The amount of Eye Concentrate I use for both eyes

Here's how a bare face would look
after each application

(Now, you know how much I love everyone
for showing my bare face!)

I know, it's expensive! But I do know a lot of friends who swore by this! *sis Gracie hello!*
I seriously believe that if it works for you, purchase it, use it!
If it doesn't, then don't force yourself to use a product just because "everyone else" thinks its the best!
Trust your judgment, nobody knows yourself better than you :)

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. On one hand, I'd love love LOVE to give this a go, but other than the hefty price (let's set that big snag aside for now), I'm not keen on Estee Lauder not being transparent about this range of products' ingredients. They could simply name their fancy secret ingredient into something else, and disclose the rest of the general ingredients that make up a moisturiser, a serum, etc. You know what I mean?

  2. Thanks so much for the review Nikki!! This is definitely useful for those who're contemplating to purchase this!!

    The CDLM sounds amazing!! But so expensive!! Argh!

  3. your review as always makes me drol over the roducs but la mer in itself is a great product. i think i would purchase this once my accounts are all settled and when R is already a lawyer and can pay all the bills! that'll surely give the extra i need. :)

  4. yeah i think i agree with tine too. at least i need to know i wont be allergic to the hudreds of USDs that i am paying right?

  5. Very interesting review! I love the sound of CDLM, but it sounds like it might be *too* moisturizing for me actually. Also, the whole nondisclosure thing really bugs me as I am quite allergic to a lot of things. =/ I definitely need to sample first, but I'm afraid I'll love it lol.

  6. I would love to get a sample and try the La Mer products :) I don't think I would splurge without trying it before. I'm a bit skeptic about the undisclosed ingredients and miracle promises...

  7. Sis, I completely agree with your review. La Mer is a brilliant skin care range if you can afford to use them long term or forever. We should all know that no moisturizer out there would defy ageing signs but they can help delay those unwanted wrinkles and hang on to the youthful look for as long as we can. Since using my Estee Lauder skin care range, I've been happy with the result. It's not as good as La Mer but then again La Mer is not 3x better than Estee Lauder... does that make sense? I know it's annoying when we see celebs who are known to use La Mer and look absolutely fabulous such as Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez but we have to remember, that these individuals spend thousands of dollars on weekly bases to maintain their skin. They do not rely on La mer alone or any other skin potions. And yes, I can't agree more, how we are and feel inside have knock on effect on how we look outside. Diet also plays a vital role in looking after our skin.

  8. Thanks so much for the honest review, Nikki!

    I was ready to buy it few days ago (since I'm looking for a good skincare again), but after looking at the ingredients I was like "What? Paying such a beautiful price for mineral oil? isn't it the same, if I put on some Nivea cream?" So, I hesitated (again) to get it, haha...

    I don't know why, but I still can't convince myself to go for it, even if everyone heavily raves about it... but I know, the day will come, I can't resist no more. :p

  9. The products looks very creamy and nice moisturizing! Totally amazing looks the lifting serum! Thanq for the review!

  10. Thank God I am impatient when it comes to seeing results. And I don't use moisturizers that much since I don't have dry skin. Wallet saved. Thanks for the review! :P

  11. I did try Creme De la Mer, but my skin is too dry, so now I'm onto SK Ii and Dr. Brandt!

    Thanks for the review

  12. Love what you said... Agree on all... Thanks for posting!

  13. ooooh.. La Mer! Thank you for the review, Nikki.

    Thank you for being honest too. La Mer is good, but I do not think it's worth every cent, IMHO.

  14. Tine, you know what Tine? There's something about the mysteriousness and the rave of these from the celebrities would make anyone want to try this product! So true about not disclosing the ingredients but I guess they're protecting their products! As it's their no. 1 selling !

    Jenn, it is worth it! I would love to repurchase the CDLM soon!!!!

    Shen, yay! wow..goodluck with your accounts being settled and I wish you can try them soon!

  15. Prettybeautiful, so true, allergies are crazy! Imagine buying a certain product and you found you're allergic to it, that's the worst thing for me!

    Catherine, no, I think it won't be too moisturizing for you, it doesn't feel one too! I guess it just goes to your skin and work depending on your skin condition, that's how I feel with it as there are days my skin is super dry and it moisturized well, on days that it's not super dry, it moisturized it well again but still, no heavy feel! :)

    Thepunkcat, samples are the best way to go I'm glad to have the chance to try these, at least I know what I should save up for!

  16. Gracie, sis! coming from you, agreeing with me, its a big pleasure! I know you've used a full size of these and I know it works for you! But yeah...not overnight...but it does take time! :) I'm glad your Estee Lauder one works for you :D

    Jess, it's my pleasure! Lol you made me laugh on your "mineral oil" comment and Nivea! :D

    Anastacia, the lifting serum really gives out a "bright" effect right?

  17. Pammy, hahaha really? I can't live without moisturizer!

    Jamilla sweetie, SKII, it's my next target, we don't have it down here so I have to wait for future travels!

    Vanessa M. , lol you're right, it is fancy!

    Mcdreamer, my pleasure!

    Liza! You know I'm always honest with my reviews, well like I said, its based on my experience so it may work to others for sure!

  18. I've always wanted to try this stuff but I'm afraid to like it and will have to keep purchasing it b/c it's so pricey.

  19. I just got back from meeting Miss Sandra and you're right she's super nice. I got an impromptu facial at the counter. They also gave me a trial set.
    Since this is the first time I've tried their products, I have to say that my initial response is "wow!" because everything just feels awesome on my face!
    As for the long term effects, I'll have to give it some time and really use this regularly. One thing I loved about my visit today is the amount of stuff I learned, like the correct way of applying moisturizer. Personally I've fallen in love with CDLM. Bad bad bad it's so expensive :D

  20. Hello sissy,

    Thanks for the review. Two of my friends are using this and so far I haven't heard any raves on it. I'd love to try it but they're too expensive to touch and can't bare the thought of being hook!!! O_O

  21. B, I know its always stopping us because its just too pricey :) But if it works, its worth it I guess

    Kaye, awww I'm glad you enjoyed your La Mer experience :) Thanks for sharing

    Twin! :) Glad to see you back and thanks for sharing the FIMO, I just can't get enough of it lol :) I wish it'll be delivered soon! :)

  22. I got a few samples of La Mer moisturising cream. I really wonder what the fuss was all about. I have oily, acne-prone skin, and this didn't do any wonder on me. It felt heavy and greasy on my already oily skin. I did the same "warming up" technique. I gave my other samples to my sister, who incidentally has dry skin, she's loving it. I'm just glad this didn't work for me, saved me big bucks!!! :) -Jing


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