Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Minty Chocolate Nails

Wednesday humpy day! Time flies so fast when you get wet in the rain! Weather is quite bad nowadays, I wish today will be sunnier!

Nail art tutorial day! I love French Tips, I love creating French Tips with different color combination, just like make-up application, trial and error brings out creativity! I had my nails done by a nearby salon so I chose a light green shade as a base. I work as I go on step by step, I can never visualize a nail art I would like to sport for the week until I started to paint them!

Here's my creation for the week! Hope you like my Minty Chocolate Nails! Minty Chocolate beacause of the Mint nail polish base I've used and chocolate because the "plum" polish from ELF turned out to look like dark brown in color against the light green.

Here's AMW Nails

That reminded me of Andes Mint Chocolate

Step 1:

I requested for 1 base of Platinum polish then apply 2 coats of Mint colored polish as base. Paltinum polish is perfect as base for any light colored nail polishes.

Step 2:

Using ELF'S Plum Polish, create a French Tip.

Step 3:

Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in White, create another line just below the ELF Plum polish color. You can stop here if you want a simple Mint Chocolate nails!

But I want to go further

Step 4:

Using pink nail art pen, create flowers by pressing 5 dots.

Do not forget the needle method

Step 5:

Using a purple nail art pen, dot the middle of the pink dots to create flower buds and go further by adding on purple dots as "illusion" to more flowers.

Step 6:

Apply 1 coat of glittery polish to create a nice shiny nails. I am using Caronia's.

Step 7:

Apply a coat of top coat to protect the nails. This nail art will last at least a week!

Enjoy your Minty Chocolate based nails
with a hint of daintiness!

I hope you gals do not get tired seeing my nail art tutorials!
Whether you can do one or not, an art is an art, even a single line or dot on your nails can spell out happiness! :)
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Very interesting post! It's almost like artwork! Do you use safe nail polish?

  2. Ohh... I love the minty green color! <3

  3. so pretty! i really love applying colors on nails :) i started following your blog a few months ago but i was just a lurker. now i just got to comment that no, i won't get tired of your nail art tutorials. keep them coming, pls! :)

  4. Ooo! I really like your nails! You always have such graet ideas!

  5. yum nikki can i eat your nails? andes is my fav <3

  6. Cute!!! Ahh... I need to spend some time doing nail art. Yours are just so pretty

  7. You are really good with designing your nails. I need to buy more supply to re create this design. So pretty!!!

  8. you're such a pro!! love it! andes is my hubby's fave! :D

  9. wow nikki,
    you're so talented in this.
    pretty nails!!

  10. Your nails look yummy. Haha! I wanna take a bite off them :P

  11. yay to yummy-looking nails! :-)

  12. mint green and mint choclate is like refuge froma hectic school schedule! =)

  13. This is so pretty! I love the green color!

  14. so so so pretty! I just did chocolate tips too but they're not all chipped and destroyed. I abuse my nails :X

  15. Robin , actually I don't seem to know any other polishes that's really safe, but I do make sure to protect them with a base coat prior to any polish application :)

    Jess, I haven't been using any green polish lately so this is great!

    Krissy, thank you for being such a sweetheart, thank you for following :)

  16. Aika, thank you sister!

    Y, oohh I am actually running out of great ideas! LOL

    Prettybeautiful, yes you can sister, but I'll eat yours in return, DEAL? :P

  17. Tish, sis, you know how it is, it does take time and effort to do these :) Thanks for the appreciation!

    Iyah, thank you! hahaha yeah, the right supplies work, LA Art Deco is really wonderful! I wish we have them locally!

    Louie, thanks!

  18. Catherine, I'm glad you find it cute

    Nehs, really? I am actually not into Andes or any "mint" lol that's why instead of putting it inside my mouth, I put it on my nails!

    Fifi, awww thanks sweetie!

  19. Pammy, oh no..2 of you want to bite it, who wants to go first? Don't make it painful ah! hehehe

    Liza!thanks sweetie for always leaving a nice comment!

    Abby, awww you're stressed? Me too! *hugs*

  20. Gio, glad you like it

    Thriszha, thanks!

    B, sister! i'm glad you like this!

    Connie, I know, chocolate tips are quite hard to maintain, because the tip is dark, its too obvious if it gets chipped, even a tiny bit!

  21. ooo i like Andes choco too. cute nails. but is it just me or is the skin around your nails a tad reddish? just wondering why.

  22. Hi Anonymous, it's merthiolate :) I just had my nails done in a salon and they had to disinfect it with merthilate and its way reddish!

  23. Hey those look like cherry blossoms on your nails! Me like :)

  24. love the pink flowers nikki :) I wish I have longer nails. :(

  25. Tine, lol I guess the flowers ruined the chocolate mint noh? lol

    Charry, na..mid length nails are fine! Longer nails are a nuisance especially for someone who types at work :)


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