Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Lancome Juicy Wear Top Coat

I've raved about lipsticks many times! Come to think of it, it has been a year, I think, that I haven't been blogging about lipglosses! Why?

First, I hate stick gloss
Second, I can never finish up a tube
Third, it makes my full lips fuller! Not the Angelina Jolie kind of full, but allergy lips kind of full!

So, now that I've created a gloss post, it must be something unique and probably tickled my fancy to be serving you this Tuesday!

Lancome Juicy Wear Seal and Shine Top Coat

The name speaks for itself, it's juicy wear, it seals your lipcolor (if you have any on) and it gives out a shine! 3-in-1! Spells WONDERFUL! :) Is it? Read on!

Lancome Juicy Wear Top Coat says ---
  • Preserves natural suppleness of lips
  • Gives plumping effects
  • Fixes lip color for long wearing
  • Lips appear luscious, shiny, brilliant for hours
  • Dermatologist tested
Size: 10ml

Askmewhats says ---

  • very important --- NON STICKY!!!
  • right amount of shine with a bit of tiny sparkles
  • lasts for more than half a day
  • nice kind of gloss, doesn't make my full lips fuller
  • the cracks created by lipsticks are gone!
  • no yucky scent
  • goes perfect for any lip color
  • a dab works wonders! So this will last long
  • some may find this gloss expensive, but it's worth it!
  • nada!

For someone who gets tired lip glosses and owns more than enough lipsticks, this is "THE GLOSS" to go for! It works with any shades of lipsticks, it works even for men!!! I've done a shoot for a guy who's starting to have chappy lips, putting on lipbalms create a pale illusion on photos, so I dabbed a bit of this gloss and it works wonderfully!

  • use a lip brush to apply this especially if you're doing makeup for other people for hygiene purpose.
  • for personal use, if you prefer to apply this directly from the tube, wipe the tip with a napkin before closing the cap.
  • wipe your lips clean before reapplying the gloss, I find that piling this gloss on and on won't work work
  • you own a couple of lipglosses that you found quite thick for your taste? Mix a drop of your lipgloss with Lancome's Juicy Wear Top Coat, sticky gloss no more!
  • you want all out shine? Apply more!

Will I repurchase?

Yes, works so well for clients, from young to old, men and women!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Lancome Boutique Greenbelt 5 for approx Php1,200 (approx $24.00) <-- div="" price="" reconfirm="" style="text-align: center;" the="" will="">A closer look on the tip
Exactly like the Lancome's Juicy Tubes

This is all you need for your whole lips
Taken with and without flash

A tiny bit of Lancome's Juicy Wear Top Coat
seals and shine my MAC Viva Glam V!

Enjoy smiling!
Stay happy!


  1. Awww! Nice product! Looks very natural and no plumping your lips.

  2. looks great! thanks for the review!

  3. I love this too! :)hows everything sis? :) miss yah!

  4. Wow!! It makes your lips look so wonderfully full!! Thanks for the review! It reminds me to start using my apple juicy tube! hehe! :D

  5. Wow thanks for reviewing this! I was interested in it but the Lancome juicy tubes are so sticky and dry out my lips :( I wouldn't have guessed this wouldn't be the same!

  6. me me me is a lip gloss fan! but i never manage to finish any gloss before either..hehehe but i like clear gloss for a fact that it can be used with lipstick too!

  7. I have this! Mine has a sort of typical lipstick smell though that I didn't like. Other than that, I do enjoy using this over lipstick just to amp it up a little :)

  8. i love lancome JT's but havent tried this one.. i use MAC clear lipglass to seal my lipstick, but its sticky! its great that this product is long wearing and non-sticky! i know what you mean, haven't finished a tube of lipgloss too! haha..

  9. it looks nice but it's expensive :(

  10. This sounds good. I like using clear lipgloss over lipctick to give it some shine. Too bad it's so expensive, though.

  11. It's so expensive. -_- But it seems pretty good for a lipgloss. Lancome has great products anyway. :)

  12. Y , yes it is promising, have you used any similar ones?

    Fab Beauty, I know what you mean, but come to think of it, it's almost the same price as other high end glosses out there, so this is another choice :)

    Catherine, :)

  13. Anastacia, I know I hate lip plumpers :)

    Da goose, no worries, its my pleasure

    Shen, sis! Oh yeah, you have this? I'm sure it'll look great on you!
    I texted you about what Precious asked me to send you, if we meet na lang, I'll give it to you :)

  14. Jenn, thanks, I like the subtle shine and moisture :)

    Emotion, I know I've used Lancome's Juicy Tube once and I'm not impressed with the stickiness!

    Prettybeautiful, sister, when will you turn into lipstick fan just like me? :)

  15. Connie, really? Mine doesn't have any scent at all!

    Khymm, I know what you mean, we appreciate the same products!

    Crystal, I know Crystal, INVESTMENT , Investment..that's what I always tell myself :)

  16. Elise, thanks!

    Gio, I know what you mean, but the difference with this and other glosses I've used, this lasts longer, I wish I could find a cheaper alt :)

    Pammy, yes, they do have great products , I know I haven't gotten the chance to try all due to its price, but I'm glad those I have are the great ones :D


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