Monday, September 7, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Goddess" Look

Happy Monday! Start of the week, another look for you! I call this the "Goddess" look not because I am implying that I look like a goddess...yeah I wish! LOL I call this the Goddess Look because the main eyeshadow I used is called "Goddess" from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows which I got from my dearest friend Gracie!

Now I'm laughing, can you imagine if an eyeshadow is named "Paranoid"? And I'm calling the look "Paranoid" look, now that's fun!

The look I've created can be for day time or night time, you can add up the e/s to make it darker, it really depends on your comfort level and preferences!

Here's my creation

AMW Diagram

Step 1:
Prior to e/s application, apply your choice of eyelid primer. I am using Urban Decay's Primer Potion (UDPP).

Using an e/s brush, apply Goddess e/s from Urban Decay's Book of Shadow on the outer corner of the eye, blending inwards.

Step 2:

Using a small crease brush, gently apply Ulta's e/s in Turquoise on the inner thirds of the eye gently applying the inner thirds of the lower lashline too.

Step 3:

Gently pat on Ulta's e/s in Calla Lilly on the middle section of your eyelid.

Fun part? Use a bigger blending brush to gently blend in the harshlines. Do this gently so the e/s won't fall out.

Step 4:

Apply NYX's e/s in Skin on the browbone area going to the inner corner of the eye to blend in harshlines.

Step 5:

Line your upper lashline with Stila Smudgepots in Black using CS eyeliner brush.

Line the lower lashline and waterline with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on eyeliner in Zero.

Curl the lashes with your favorite lash curler
and apply 2 coats of Mascara

(Shu Uemura's Curler and Clinique's High Impact Mascara)

Goddess Eyes

On my face:

Primed my face with P&J Moisturizing Primer
I Nuovi Studio Cake Foundation in 3Y

Set the foundation with Joppa's Finishing Silk
in Original Formula Sheer

On my cheeks:

NYX Blush in Desert Rose
applied using MAC's 187 brush

On my lips:

MAC Viva Glam V
Lancome Juicy Wear Top Coat

Final Look

Someone asked me how I style my hair. On this FOTD, I blowdryed my hair and applied Hollywood in a Bottle by Nick Chavez Flocker to create volume! On most days, I just air dry my hair and apply serum!

Keep that smile comin'
Stay happy!


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  2. you look so gorgeous!
    lol @ the goddess/paranoid name story. :)

  3. Dyosa indeed. :-) Gorgeous look on you.

  4. Really pretty look! I love how you style your hair. :)

  5. love your hair in this tut :D

    u look gorgeous (lagi naman)

  6. Pretty! Nikki, you are a cute goddess! ;)

  7. WHOA... gorgeous babe! You'd pass for a goddess to me. =)

    Man I truly am lemming UD's Book of Shadows. I wonder if theBalm's Shady Lady pallete is an acceptable compromise.

  8. You really do look like a goddess Nikki! =) Great tutorial!

  9. ganda! i wish i knew how to apply makeup like that.

  10. verina oei , thanks sweetie

    Maggie, hahaa I was thinking about "Silly" e/s I'll create a silly look, which isn't hard! :)

    Michelle, thank you for the visit sweetie

  11. Aquaheart, I'm glad you like this

    Liza! hahah DYOSANG dyosa? ahahaha Anne Curtis won't like it, she's the original Dyosa I guess!

    Catherine, it is quite hard for me to play up with blues, but I'm glad this one works!

  12. Chrissy, hey! welcome back, I haven't seen you for quite some time, I'm glad to see an update from you :) How's everything?

    Aika, awww, I'm glad you like the hair! Hirap ayusan! layered super eh!

    Jess, thank you! I was waiting for.."DROP DEAD GORGEOUS GODDESS?" NO?? lol hahahah *big hugs*

  13. Y, thank you !

    JC, you do have fresh look yourself my dear, i can't help but smile, we're both dry skinned ladies from opposite side of the world! :)

    Teeyah, hey back princess! I'll be a goddess you'll be my princess ok?

  14. Charry, thank you :)

    Kahani, the UD Book of Shadows is worth it, but there are other shades that are just too glittery that I haven't been using much! I haven't seen the Balm's palette, I don't know if its a good dupe though! But I'm sure all the shades are quite dupe-able! especially by NYX!

    Jen, awww.I don't look like a goddess at all! I wanted a white gown..longer flowy hair..and I'll just probably change the photo and put a real goddess photo! hahaha!

    Gel, I know you can no!

  15. wow sis!!! i think u really look no less than a goddess! love love love the blue!

  16. this is very beautiful! Now I am getting more excited to get my book of shadows

  17. This looks so beautiful! Very cute color combo!

  18. i really like this look and you wear blues very well. that lip colour is very sophisticated too.

  19. Sure thing! I'd love to be the princess if you're the goddess :)

  20. gio, thanks sweets, you always make my day with your nice comments!

    Prettybeautiful sis, hahaha come on! If I'm a goddess you're a goddess too sweetie!

    Chelle, yay! I hope it arrives sooner!

    Anastacia, thank you!

    Jojoba, hey, you look great in blues yourself! I can still remember your past FOTD :)

    B thanks honey!

    Teeyah,girl ! You should be my li'l princess young ka pa eh :)

  21. I love it! It looks so polished and elegant <3 Thanks for the tut!

  22. You really look like a goddess Nikki!! So pretty and elegant!! I love this look!! :D

  23. Of course sis, you are a goddess!!! Sis, if you come up with Paranoid look then I'd do the 'Shagged Up' look! Hahahahaha! Censored!!! Sorry sis, it's my weird sense of humour again hahahaha! Anyway sis, I love this look... suits you really well. Raarrrr!!! xxx

  24. for me you look like a goddess! very lovely.. gosh Nikki! you also have NYX's dessert rose?! we have the same tastes talaga!! hehe

  25. Thepunkcat, thank you :) Elegant? Weee i need to wear a dress for this eh? :D

    Jenn, thanks sweetie, only a goddess can know a fellow goddess bwahahahhaha

    Gracie sis! hhahahha I didn't seem to feel that you think I'm a goddess, I think you were calling me "BRUHA" when we met eh? lol miss you!!!!!!! Gracie sis, gof or the Shagged up look! I'm waiting! LOL

    Khymm, yup! we do own a couple of similar products :D

  26. reading up on your past posts that I've missed out and the last photo of you in this post is a stopper! you look so pretty :)


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