Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Wham Burger + Meetup

Happy Weekend Food tripping! What's your agenda? Today, I declare UNHEALTHY food tripping! No diet, no calorie counting and "I deserve to eat" day! I feel you gals nodding ... hahaha Vote me for President?

My weekend food tripping is from our favorite burger chain, WHAM! Burger! Read on to know why I choose this over the other burger making businesses!

It doesn't hurt that their burgers are freshly grilled...

Wham! Burger
Php84.00 (approx $2.00)

Freshly grilled beef patty, Cheese and Bacon on a fresh bun!

Country Style Fries
Php45.00 (approx $1.00)

I love fat fries! Do you too? I'll go for the fatty over the thin fries from McDonalds

Now, here it is, my ultimate reason why I love WHAM! Burger!

Cross Trax Fries
Php50.00 (approx more than $1.00)

Seriously! I can have 2 boxes of these for dinner! lol
Of course I'll die young with cholesterol but my oh my!
I seriously love this and keyboard are full of saliva right this moment!

Cafe Latte Shake
(sorry forgot the price)

This is even better than any other shakes I've tried, so far.
It's pure ice cream heaven! They scoop out your favorite flavor of ice cream
and blended it with a blender! VOILA...

Pistachio Ice Cream
(sorry forgot the price)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they serve ice cream from FIC
Ladies who live here knows how yummy FIC ice cream is! :)

Now I'm heading off for lunges and jumping jacks! LOL


(all photos from Shen, thanks sis for the lovely shots)

Anyways, before I leave all of you gals salivating, I want to add up a post for a blogger meet up last month! Our dear friend Gracie visited the Philippines after 3 long years! She came with Neil, the funny boyfriend and Sam, too bad didn't get the chance to meet Sam! :)

We met up with her at Ricky Reyes Salon at Robinson's Place, Ermita. Yes she had her nails painted in a lovely RED polish! After a year of crazy chatting, we finally met!!!!

L-R Shen, me and Gracie

It doesn't hurt that her BF Neil is one of the coolest guy I know! Though it was his first time to be in the Philippines, he can ride along with the crazy humor of ours! And I want to add that he's not afraid to eat ANYTHING! I can scare him about eating "Pig's butt" or internal organs of whatever! He'll grab a bite and goes "YUMMY!" The 2 are just funny!

After lovely dinner at Dencio's, Jheng was able to catch up with us at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

L-R Jheng, Me, Gracie and Neil

Now this next photo is my favorite photo! Female beauty blogger friends unite! Though we all met because of blogging, we were like friends forever sharing stories not only about beauty but about life in general! Gracie told me that the staff from the salon asked Neil if we have been friends for long! And imagine the shock when Neil told them that it was our first time to meet Gracie in person! :) Looking back, I'm super happy I am a blogger :)

L-R Jheng, Shen, Me and Gracie

Gracie and Neil, I know it was a short trip but thanks for squeezing us in the tight schedule!
I hope to see you all again!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy weekend darlings!


  1. i've never heard of wham burger. where is it?

  2. awwww...all of you ladies look sooo lovely!!

    ugh! now youre making me want a burger. I prefer thin fries from mc donalds. ugh! now im hungry lol.

  3. Hahaha! Sis, it was great to have met you eventually. I've truly enjoyed it!

    There are times when I prefer thin McDonalds' French fries but most of the time, I go for chunky chips. Yes, they're called chunky chips here in UK hahaha!

  4. You girls seemed to have a lot of fun:) You all look great! Meeting fellow bloggers is a great experience :D

  5. Wow the food is so cheap where you live :o Here we pay 4x more !

  6. Aren't meetups great :D?

    And wow at the waffle-looking things XD. They look interesting ;D.

  7. Wham burger looks YUm! Where is it located? I love fat fries more than thin fries, too :D I salivated seeing the photos :( Oh and such a lovely meetup! I love your dress, Nikki! :)

  8. you girls look great! Looks like you had a great time. The food looks good too.

  9. Awww! Today I had hamburgers too :)
    Yours looks so yummy/...

  10. Yum! I love their burgers and spag and onion rings. :P

    Hey, looks like you girls had fun. :)

  11. I love Wham! burgers too, we usually eat at Rob Place coz it's my 2nd home :))

    but my father who's a cantonese who loves good food and cook the darn best dishes warned me not to eat so much Wham burgers coz their beef quality is not that good, it doesn't stick well and durog durog. (am I making my father sound like a kontrabida? haha, he's just looking out for me)But sometimes I can't resist to indulge in a Wham Burger :))

  12. I haven't tried Wham! burgers in 7 years (if that is the burger I am thinking about in Manila)! I hope to do that pretty soon. :)

  13. What a fun get-together!

    I know what you mean about rich food...I had goulash today for lunch (and it's my dinner too, lol!).

  14. Y, yummy right?

    Viva La Fashion, they have brances at some selected SM Malls like SM Sta Mesa and Shangri-la :)

    Becky, thank you! :)Really? I prefer the thicker ones that's like KFC down ehre!

  15. Gracie, I know what you mean, we had a lot of laughs!

    Thepunkcat, I know what you mean, it's always wonderful to meet people you just connected with online! :) Now that sounds like online dating lol!

    Carine, really? where are you located?

  16. Cris,that's the cross trax fries, guess what? I had another one! hahaha

    Teeyah, thanks I bought the dress from a colleague!

    Gio, I had a wonderful time! :)

  17. Anastacia, what did you have...what burger?

    Y, thanks for the tag!

    Pammy oohhhh right, ONION rings! My favorite onion rings was from Jack in the Box, the time we still have it :)

  18. Chelle, I've always been at Rob Place too, wonder how I haven't seen you yet? My dad is cantonese too, I know what you mean about bad food, never eat them frequently, I usually eat unhealthy food on weekend! LOL

    The Shades of U, oohh come down here, I'll treat you a burger!

    JC, :) I'd love to meet you someday!

  19. Yeah me too :)) I've been frequently going there for 10 years now haha, maybe we've bumped into each other but not knowing it. Yeah that's why I prefer lutong bahay carinderia in DLSU now, before I loved fastfood and Mcdo but I can already feel its effect on me, I don't wanna die young! haha

  20. all of you look lovely!! =) naglalaway ako sa food hehe.. sayang walang Wham branch dito..

  21. omigod. i love wham burgers esp their kapowwww burger! yummy!


  22. been wanting to try Wham!.. i've heard they have really good burgers! wish though that they have a branch somewhere in The Fort :)

    Have yo utried Army Navy Burgers and Burger Avenue? it's so good too!

  23. I've tried this na pala... disappointing though. Better pa Brother's Burger or Army Navy!

    bad service in SM North din..


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