Saturday, September 5, 2009

Something New: L'oreal Paris UV Perfect

**photo from L'oreal

To effectively protect your skin from these damaging factors, L’Oreal Paris Laboratories have created a range of products tailor-made for Asian skin with advanced UVA/UVB protection, which act as a protective shield against the sun and pollution. Following the success of L’Oreal Paris’ best-selling UV Perfect Advanced Fluid Face Protector SPF 50/PA+++, UV Perfect Advanced Spray Protector SPF 40/PA+++ and UV Perfect Advanced Cream-Gel Protector SPF 30/PA+++ for the chest, arms and hands were created.

With UV PERFECT, NO skin darkening even after 29 days exposure, unlike with other brands. Exposed everyday, skin stays fair and appearance of spots is prevented with UV Perfect, unlike with other brands.

Thanks to its patented filtering system [XL Block]: Mexoryl® SX and XL with proven efficacy on both UVA and UVB rays, UV Perfect obstructs the pigmentation process caused by sun exposure, inhibits pollution from fixing on skin and detoxifies cells for a powerful anti-dullness action for the skin.

The Activa-Cell® enriched UV Perfect Advanced Cream-Gel Protector SPF 30/PA+++ helps the natural repair system of the skin against free radicals, premature ageing and dryness. UV Perfect Advanced Spray Protector SPF 40/PA+++ is designed for sensitive skin and offers a very high level of UVA and UVB protection wherever you are. Both are easily absorbed by the skin while being water-resistant, ensuring comfort and non-stickiness right from the time you put it on your body.

And of course, sun protection for the face is always important. Quickly absorbed by the skin, the multi-tasking UV Perfect Advanced Fluid Face Protector SPF 50/PA+++ can be used as a make-up base as it ensures optimal protection against UVA/UVB rays and pollution, prevents brown spots, skin darkening and premature skin-darkening.

Suggested retail price for UV Perfect products:

  • UV Perfect Advanced Spray Protector SPF 40 – P495 (approx $10.00)
  • UV Perfect Advanced Cream-Gel Protector SPF 30 – P460 (approx $9.30)
  • UV Perfect Advanced Fluid Face Protector SPF 50 (available in anti-dullness, transparent and tinted variants) – P495 (approx $10.00)

Available nationwide at SM Department Stores and Watsons Beauty Stores, PCX, The Landmark, Robinson’s Department Stores, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, Mercury Drug Stores, and Gaisano Metro Department Stores.

I am currently using their UV Perfect Line and I'll be letting you know my experiences soon!
Are you using any of the products from this line? Do share your experiences!

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  1. i love the fluid face protector! i'm finishing my 3rd tube now, ought to buy another one na.

    my take on this sunscreen -

  2. I used to have the face protector but eventually gave it to a friend who swears off SPF. I made her use it, as she hates regular SPF. She loves it! :)

  3. i love the face protector. i use it everyday as makeup base and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. even when i'm using retinoic acid or glycolic acid, the sun doesn't darken my skin or cause it to redden when im using this sunblock.

  4. i wanted to change my moisturizer na ms nikki kasi spf 15 lang siya pero its doing good to my skin naman kasi yung neutrogena..i m going to try this if yung VMV or aveeno di ko nagustuhan hehe

  5. I love sunblock for face!! It's really comparable to the much more expensive Lancome one! I also like the one for chest and arms! It's really light and non greasy! :D

    Can't wait to read your take on them!! Have a great weekend Nikki!! :D

  6. First of all, pardon me for the lack of updates and zero visit. :)

    I've been wearing the anti-dullness sunscreen for few months now and still not sure if it's comedogenic or not. As for the protection, I guess I love it so far.

    Have a nice weekend, Nikki!


  7. I love all 3 products! I purchased them in India when British Airways lost my bag for a week!

    I love the Fluid Face Protector; my only complaint is that these products are not moisturizing enough for mature skin. But, if you're under 40, go for it!! Great value.

  8. i used the face sunscreen once, I just sneaked a bit of it from my mom's dresser when she wasn't home XD
    But I get allergies from liquid sunscreens my face became itchy and red blotches came up, my father reprimanded me for using so much stuff on my face haha! so I just depend on the sunscreen from my bb cream and powder foundie

  9. lelila yay! I'm glad to read you love it!!! I'm using it right this moment!

    Teeyah, wow..a friend who hates SPF loves this? This must be something

    Barb, yes, i'm using it now without any makeupbase but just this one..perfect!

    Shobe, you try to finish it up and try this one :)

    Jenn, really? wow..comparable to Lancome? that is wonderful news! Well come to think of it, they come from the same group of company so the quality must be there!

    Devi, hey nice to hear from you how have you been bookworm ? hehehe

    JC, really? which one is your fave? The purple, the tinted one or the clear?

    Chelle, so sorry about the allergies, just proves that not everyone can be ok with one product, that's why there are many choices out there! thanks for your input!

  10. I just recently discovered this blog. Thanks for making great reviews!


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