Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Fresh Look" Asian Makeup

Don't get me wrong on the title, I am Asian! So what's the point of calling this makeup a Fresh Faced "Asian" Makeup? Well, browsing through magazines from HongKong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan...or just by looking at photos of actresses from these countries, its undeniably clear that "wide eyed" "fresh faces" and "inner glow" are always visible. So I've thought of recreating the look with my own twist :) Enjoy!

AMW Diagram

Step 1:

Apply a "glowy" base, I pat on a thin layer of Elianto Aqua Shadow in Pink. Thanks Dustbunny :D

Using a big fluffy brush, apply gently swipe Stage e/s in Macchiato on the outer crease creating a fake "depth"

Step 2:

Using an eyeshadow brush, pat on NYX Burgundy Pearl on the center of the eye area, adding more til your desired shade.

Step 3:

With the lightest pink shade of Eyeko Pretty Eyes on the inner corner of the eye, using the white shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the browbone.

Step 4:

Using CS True Black gel liner, apply a thin line on the upper lashline using Ecotools eyeliner brush. Tightline using Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes in 1L, do not forget to do the waterline as well.

Curl the lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Apply 2 coats of Maybelline's Volum' Express Cat Eyes

Open up your eyes and go for natural sweetness :)

For the Face:
Liole Beyond Solution BB Cream
(this bb cream creates glow, will review this soon)
INUOVI LiteBase Liquid Foundation in 3Y
set with MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in Light

For the Cheeks:
Highlight the cheekbones with
Eyeko's Pretty Eyes using the light shades

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in dark pink

For the lips:
Liposan Strawberry (from a swap with Cris)
NYX Round Lipstick in Jupiter

Pull out the crazy doll hair!
The look screams crazy girl!

What's your Asian Makeup version?
Do share and I'm sure you'll do better!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Beautiful. Very fresh and radiant.

  2. this is a really cute look nikki! i love the asian look, so natural, yet so beautiful. =)

  3. I like your version of Asian makeup, Nikki!

    Hm, I guess my Asian Makeup version would be a own lids but better eyeshadow color with shimmer to it, eyeliner, great curles lashes, apple cheeks and a bright lippie. :)

  4. What a pretty look, it is very simple and glowy!

  5. hun!
    you look so fresh and gorgeous!
    as if you've been having sufficient beauty sleep, loads of water, and pampering your face!
    the glow is so healthy looking!

  6. Wow, those black heels are killerrrr! And that blue/zebra print skirt looks cute!

  7. haha, I would call this "Nikki style" makeup but then again,every makeup you do could technically be called Asian look...

    Most eastern girls wouldn't be so daring as you to use plummy eyeshadow.Actually I when I saw the title, the first thing popped out was something sheer but with a see through shimmer (like what most Japanese eyeshadow offer.)

  8. kk~ oh nikki, you are too cute in making your tutorials :P
    i love it!

  9. You don't look crazy my dear! You look tooooo adorable and fresh!! I love this look!! Your eyelining is perfect!! Thanks for sharing!! :D

    I'm gonna do this look soon! hehehe!! :D

  10. When in Korea ppl doing this make-up, thy're think it makes the eyes bigger :)
    Love the looks, so pretty :)

  11. very cute :)
    it reminds me of anime teenage girls <3

  12. very pretty and wearable Nikki! yey for Asians! :D

  13. Beautiful and wonderful post, my darling. It gives us non-Asian ladies a peek inside the beauty trends outside of the US. Loves it!

  14. Cabyness, thank you!

    Catherine, hahaha cute??? hahaha crazy old lady trying to be cute that's how I call this!

    T, I'm glad you find this fresh and radiant!

  15. Jen, I was trying to recreate looks by browsing magazines, and so far, those are the "rampant" looks :)

    Jess, oohhh everytime I see your FOTD, you reminded me of those cute models on magazines!

    Arezu, thanks!

  16. LyNn, hahahah it's otherwise, I don't have sufficient sleep everyday and I haven't been pampering myself lately :(

    Citrine, so true, the title should be "Nikki's Asian Style Makeup" :) Thanks for your comments! I know what you mean, but I guess what's "in" for Asian Makeup is trying to make the eyes bigger with a lot of shimmer :)

    Rasilla, thanks for liking it my dear!

  17. Jenn, I'm glad you find my eyelining perfect, eyelining actually is a staple for my daily look! I guess that's why I perfect it :) THANK YOU Dearie!

    Anastacia, so true, making the eyes bigger is really something we all want, same with using whitening products :)

    oOchaOo, I guess it's because of the hair! LOL

  18. Nehs, I'd love to see your version!

    B, darling! Don't get me wrong, there are better versions out there, but hey, I'm Asian, so technically, this could pass as one! LOL :) Hugsie, great day to you!

  19. This is such a nice fresh look :D!

    And yes, when I think of Asian style make-up (as opposed to European or US daily looks), I think of soft, shimmery, fresh looks like this one :).

  20. awww
    you look so cute!
    makes me wanna reach my arms just to pinch your face!

    its just like how those japanese, korean girls do their makeup!

  21. very kawaii! hehe you know I'm addicted to these kinds of look..I love Asian makeup because it enhances our features and we don't look made up! thatnks for the post..I want to try re-creating Asian looks too :)

  22. flawless skin ..I love the look and your cute kinda piggy tail hair :P. nice blusher it gives natural pinky glow on your skin !

  23. you look younger in this post hehe

  24. Hello Fresh face! So refreshing and reminds me of orange juice. :) Love it, sweetie :)

  25. ohhh~~ pretty, very smooth, sweet, soft and feminine ^^

  26. you are always fresh looking to me gorgeous lady!! <3

  27. you look lovely as always! :) i miss you nikki dear! :)

  28. a very girly look! =) that ELF blush looks nice. I didnt know they have that shade =) I love their GLow blush!

  29. Haha I like the title :D you look gorgeous as always! :)

  30. I like it! Fresh and glowing. :P

  31. this look is fresh... i like it... what do u think abt the Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara ? I'm not very impressed by it...

  32. ~tHiAmErE~, hahahhaa *ouch* don't pinch me, I've got sensitive skin LOL!!! Joke lang!

    Crystal gale, thank you sweetie, I am in love with most Korean, HK and Japanese makeup too! They look so natural but everything that needs to be enhanced are enhanced!

    Sis Jheng thanks!

  33. Louie, I love the blush too, have to apply sparingly though as its too pigmented its crazy!

    Jo, hahaha thanks for saying so, that's every "old" woman's dream to be called young! LOL

    Teeyah, orange juice? Now what kind of imagination do you have? hahahahha you are too cute to think of that!

  34. PinkyKathy, thank you@

    Yumeko, maybe next look should be "haggard" look? hehehe

    Sab, thank you and I missed you too girlie!

  35. Khymm, they do have that shade but it's just not been used because its just a bit too dark :)

    Charry, thanks!

    Hana, thanks, the title could actually cause a stir, but I'm glad people are nice to me!

  36. Pammy, thank you sweetie my blush whore :P

    Syn@3sTh3sI@ , I am actually thinking of doing a review on it soon, for now, all I can say is, it's not that bad, but it's not the greatest! I've tried better maybelline mascaras :)

  37. that look is very refreshing... you look very sweet and a teener!

    BTW thanks for dropin by my blog... MWAH!

  38. Love how thin and precise is your eyeliner :)

  39. fresh indeed!! i am drooling over the elf blush in dark pink.. hmm.. is that available locally?? thanks nikki.. godbless

  40. Elsa, thank you :) And no worries, I enjoy reading your post too

    Thepunkcat, thanks dear

    Donnarence, I'm actually NOT sure, if I have the chance, I'll checkout for you, God Bless too :)

  41. Because it's fresh and orange juice is fresh and for some reason the word 'juice' popped into my mind when I saw your eye look :D I honestly cannot get over it. Want to make gaya! :D

  42. I love it, it's very pretty and fresh!

  43. love the shadow combo :D i tried to wear pink, but, i look like i have been punched :(

  44. Connie, lol hey! you've got so many free pinches on my cheeks! WHEN will I ever pinch you back? Hmm..wait til I visit, I'll get back at ya! lol

    Teeyah, hahaha thanks, I do get your point, I'm just trying to tease you! Go ahead! do it :)

  45. Gio, thank you!

    JC,thanks my darling!

    Prettybeautiful, really? maybe you just have to try different shades of pinks! :)

  46. Aww, Nikki... you just made me blush, hehe! Thank you for such a sweet compliment! ;)

  47. Yaaay! I love this look on you.

    So fresh and loverly. :-)

  48. Jess, you are too cute! I love it that you blushed!

    Liza! thanks, glad you like it sis and its nice to read it from you!


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