Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream Review

I know I've taken a big HALT on my BB Cream purchases and I've already found a BB cream that works for my skin! So what this BB cream review doing?

Actually, the heavens open up, and a BB Cream dropped on top of my head! lol So who am I to say no right? For the love of my readers who are intrigued with reviews especially on BB creams, I'm on for the challenge, I can be a Guinea Pig or plain Pig! hahaha

Seriously, the Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream is from a dear friend Zyra! *waves* "Hi Down South!" She sent this together with some local delicacies!

After more than a month of usage, finally! I'm ready for a review!!! I've been putting this review off for quite some time because I haven't been seriously using this when I first received this! So anyways, enough with my chitchat and let me go straight to the reviews :)


Lioele says ---

This makes a clean and natural skin tone by being absorbed into your skin with a soft feel of use. This enables speedy makeup because of not needing to apply makeup base or foundation.
Key Points
  • All in one: Moisturizer + makeup base + foundation + soothing essence
  • This cream is formulated to blend in a natural skin colour onto your skin.
  • Non-oily and helps make-up to stay on whole day
  • Helps to head facial and acne scars while concealing the flaws

bisaborol, licorice root acid derivatives, allantoin, etc. soothe your skin and ingredients such as jojoba oil, macadamianut oil, hyaluronic acid derivatives, vegetable collagen, etc. keep your skin wet and smooth.

Size: 50ml

Askmewhats says ---

  • coverage can be build. From light to medium to full coverage!
  • gives out a nice healthy shine
  • doesn't dry out my dry skin, can't say how this will hold up to super oily skin
  • moisturizes my skin but doesn't go oily after a day
  • very cute packaging
  • nice pump
  • comes with a squeezy "toothpaste" like tube which makes it easier for me to squeeze out the remaining product
  • no allergies or negative reactions on my skin
  • does not give a gray or white cast
  • I think this will work for people with light to medium tone
  • blends in the skin perfectly
  • if you don't have a lot to hide, this works alone is great!
  • no heavy feel
  • scent is ok, a bit powdery but will be gone within minutes
  • cannot be easily bought, have to order online or via local resellers
  • you have to pump many times as the tube is too short, or, you have to twist open the tube and press it a bit for the product to go up. In short, a bit of a hassle! LOL Is this a love/hate relationship between me and the packaging?


Again, I can't say which is the best BB cream as I haven't tried a lot of bb creams to start with. But I would say this is the next best thing. This actually fights neck to neck with my Skin79 VIP Gold, the difference between the 2?

Skin79 ---
  • has better moisturizing property
  • smells better
Lioele ---
  • has better coverage
  • has a better "glow"
As simple as that, but I don't have problems using both alternately, both works!

  • I personally think BB creams are best applied using fingers
  • apply this after skincare routine
  • start by applying small amount and build up base on your preference, I do the number of pumps method! My whole face would be ok for just 1 pump!
  • store in a "tube standing" position so the cream will be near the "pump" area
  • can be applied alone, no need to follow up foundation and just set with your favorite setting powder
  • purchase samples first to make sure this product works for you so you won't end up with a "full sized" useless bb cream
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

Ebay for approx $12.00-$15.00 + shipping.
for local buyers, online multiply resellers approx Php900-1,300 + shipping.

Here's half the pump
for swatch purposes

Spread twice, see the glow and hint of shimmer
Could be scary to look at at first glance

Spread evenly and let it absorb,
it's almost invisible and has a nice glow

Applied on my entire face
no concealers,
no foundation,
no powder

just Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream

See the sides of my nose, there's still a bit of redness and it can be corrected by either concealer, setting powder or apply a bit more of the bb cream.

Have you tried Lioele BB Cream?
Let me know how you like/dislike it!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. thanks for the review :) I do actually have a sample of this but haven't tried it yet, I really should! lol

  2. LOL. i m already over BB now, no current favorite at the moment, but definitely looking for a foundation that will work magic for me now. (full coverage, non-greasy, non clogging) :P

  3. Have I told you before I have been unsuccessful in finding "my" BB cream so far?I have tried near and far,high and low (ok abit exagerrating lolz but I tried many) all of them looked to white at me..since I have med tone skin I don't want to look like wearing mask -.- I think I can survive without BBcream but I do want to use them for party n such since I'm lazy with foundie lolz... Do you know which online retailer sell sample size of this liole?

  4. oh BB creams! i love l'egere but it's making me oily at the end of the day. :( i wanna try this!

  5. Aww! I do have this BB cream too and I'm in love with it!
    I have oily T-zone and it works very good for that area too!
    Wow! Seems you have a problem with squeezing. May be you have to store it in other position?

  6. Ooh, I've always been interested in trying a BB cream... this one sounds really nice! Thanks for the review!

  7. Ooohh...I'm really, REALLY tempted on trying this BB cream! But I'm too lazy and too scared to buy something online. Eek.

  8. Oh I just bought a sample tube of this via ebay! I haven't tried it yet though because I also have four brtc sample tubes haha. I'm currently loving the BRTC Jasmine. You got me excited to give this a try, though!

  9. Oh Nikki, you're tooooo adorable!! You're definitely NOT a plain pig!! hehehehe!! :D

    thanks for the review! This one looks really great!! Love the glow!! :D

  10. this BB cream is my HG i cannot live without this XDD

  11. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ', hi there! I know what you mean about samples, I do have other BB cream samples that I haven't started trying yet, I guess we just stick to what works right? :)

    prettybeautiful, I thought I'm over with BB cream, but there are days I'm really reaching out to it, I'm over in purchasing, but I'm not over in using :) I go for mineral for daily! I am just too lazy! hahaha And I'm a beauty blogger tsk tsk tsk! :)

    Hana, oohh I'm sorry about you being unsuccessful, well if it shows white cast, just let it go :) I'm sure you have great makeup base and foundation to use! I'm not sure where to purchase sample sizes, I've seen a lot of sample sizes for Skin79 or BRTC, but not with Lioele.. :(

  12. Nehs, really? You must have super oily skiN!!! I find Legere a bit drying on my already dry skin!

    ☆Anastacia☆, yes, I do store them in a straight manner..I guess I'm just too sensitive with "comfortability" factor :) Lazy me!

    Catherine, no worries, its my pleasure!

  13. Gingerbee, I know what you mean, I kinda hate the waiting for buying online now!

    Kaye, yay! let me know if you tried it! Hope you like it too! BRTC Jasmine? oohh I've seen that but haven't tried that myself!

    Jenn, hahahah I am a pig trust me...*oink oink* ooopss..sorry for that :P Great day to you Jenn!

  14. wow.. now i wanna try this too.. your skin looks so nice

  15. I still haven't gotten around to by myself a BB cream. There are so many out there it's just so hard to choose! Your skin is awesome by the way, i envy how flawless it is :)

  16. I have yet to try BB Cream. I'm just scared that since it's a bit more expensive than what I'm used to spending, I might end up disappointed if it doesn't work on me, or if the color is a bit off :( Where do you get sample sized ones? :)

  17. OMG its so great you did this review because like you, since I've found the BB Cream that works for me I stopped trying out others. I've actually had my eyes on this one for a while, one for the packaging and second there are some pretty good reviews on it. After your review I am most definitely gonna give this a try since you say it gives a good glow!

  18. i read your review. very objective! i like it.. and i do agree bb creams are best when applied with bared fingers.. ^^

    God bless..

  19. Relaxbear, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'm glad you found your HG :)

    Donnarence, thank you for saying so, the extra "ooomph" and "glow" from this BB cream :D

    Cabyness if you don't plan to try, don't na! Kc it could get addictive if you start trying hehehe

    Nikki, I believe there's a lot of multiply resellers selling samples in pots :)

    Staciee, awww thanks for entrusting me with my reviews, i appreciate it :) What's your HG bb cream?

    Dahee, hey sis! I saw your blog, that is a great blog you got there :) what bb cream are you using?

  20. i've been using this, but i don't know how i feel about it yet. used alone it doesn't control my oiliness but i haven't dismissed the product yet :) i must say i got scared when i first applied it because it looked so white but it blended into my skin a few seconds later. i've never had any problems with the squeeze tube though. :)

  21. Woww looks great! Wanna try this one now :D I only have Skinfood bb cream :P

  22. You've got really lovely skin, Nikki. :-)

    I got over the BB craze quite a long time ago. I don't know why but i am very skeptical when it comes to beauty products these days. :-/ I'm quite happy with my moisturizer+SPF and my Bobbi Brown liquid foundie. :-)

  23. i already tried this but i think this has just caused more zits for me

    to think that i was really looking forward for this to work on me because i have super oily skin.
    Based on my limited experience, BB cream is comedogenic & is not very skin friendly for me

    but im not giving up..
    maybe there's a bb cream out there for me

    good thing it worked for you.

  24. Love the result, very glowy and dewy. But one thing i don't like about BB cream is that they clog my pores so easily. :( thanks for nice review. :)

  25. I gave up on BB cream when I broke out with Skinfood's. Maybe this is worth trying again. Thanks for the review. :P

  26. you have really nice skin nikki! im so jealous.. =) i love the finish very glowing..

  27. I just wanna share a pretty sweet deal I got for bb cream samples.

    I use BRTC perfect recover bb cream and it makes my dull skin alive and glowing! love it to bits, I bought it at Wang Lai's Mart in Banawe QC when I learned about it in a multiply site, her id is wehaveit43. However lately my face got greasy even if I use this so I thought this isn't my bb cream so I wanna try other bb creams instead.

    I bought from her 6 sample packs for 100 pesos and it's got the gold caviar, shining, glossy shining and 3 perfect recover series of bb cream in sachets ^.^ I was really targeting the gold caviar coz it sounds so luxurious but if it might not work on my skin then I have other variants to choose from

  28. Gel, I have a feeling it won't have the oil control as it actually doesn't dry up my dry skin, so I have a feeling the oily gals won't love it as much as I do :) thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    e.motion in motion, I have tried Skinfood BB cream samples but they weren't doing anything for me :)

    Liza, thank you my dearest! I know what you mean, I seriously got out of the craze...but I guess if there's something new to try, there's always a space for review :) I know what you mean, SPF, Moisturizer and powder is what I need for daily too!

  29. ~tHiAmErE~ , awwww..too bad! I guess because of your oily skin, you should steer away from products that are too moisturizing! Good luck in finding the bb cream for you! :)

    Pinkykathy, so true, if you tend to have clogged pores easily, bb cream definitely would be one HUGE cause!

    Pammy , i got itches on Skinfood! But I don't know if my skin is just not use to it and it was just a sample so its hard to tell :)

  30. Khymm, awww thanks sis for liking the result!

    Chelle, thanks for sharing the sweet deal you get..I"m sure a lot will take note of it and will try it :) Skin79 Gold Caviar is definitely love for me :)

  31. Your skin's so pretty! I've tried this BB cream before, and Lioele's one of the brands I really like, primarily because of the color and finish. It's not pinkish (which is what most BB creams I've tried are), and it doesn't have much of a white cast. If I go back to using BB creams again, I might go back to Lioele. My other favorites are the Face Shop's Quick and Clean, Dr. Jart silver and Caticlair. I had to stop with BB creams for a while, though, because my pimples keep on appearing with a vengeance for whatever reason. Ok, I've shared too much. This isn't my blog! Sorry! haha.

  32. Wow, I did not know what BB creams were until I read it here!

    At first, I thought it was like Almay Smart Shade makeup because you said it blends into the natural skin color.

    But it has active ingredients, too - hyaluronic acid, veg. collagen - that's probably why it makes the skin better!

    Philosophy is coming out with a new product called 'divine love at first light skin luminizer.' I think it would work well with your skin! It has hyaluronic acid also, and other ingredients from their 'divine illumination' moisturizer.

    I'll have to look into BB creams more. Thanks for the review!

  33. Anonymous, my friend! Thanks , no worries, I enjoyed reading your comment and you can go as long as you want! :) This is YOUR space and I enjoyed reading them!!! So go ahead ok?? Don't restrict yourself. I haven't tried The Face Shop's one and the rest that you disclosed..that's what I'm saying, I just get stuck to what I love :)

    Nicka, awww thanks! I'm glad you learn more about BB Creams from me, but trust me, you'll learn even more when you read other beauty bloggers who have tried other brands of bb creams! :) Take care

  34. Liole does sounds good. haha, and the part about the short pump is really funny. Though I understand how irritating it had made you.

  35. Meng Xue, it actually shouldn't be that irritating, its just me! Lol

  36. apart from leaving my face looking too pale, this bb cream is fairly good.


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