Friday, September 25, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Two Toned Flower" Nails

Looking back, I have over 40 nail art creations! I am seriously...seriously addicted! lol Browsing at my creations, I have to say, flowers are my favorite! If I can only do flowers on nails each and everytime, I won't have problems with it! But flowers...will always be flowers...are there even other ways to make it more exciting?

If there's a want..there's always a way....if there's a way..there's always a result....good and bad results? They're all worth the try!

So I've decided to create a two-toned or two-colored flowers, so far...I am liking the result :) I seriously hope you like it too! Enjoy!

Step 1:

Apply a base coat prior to nail polish application. Apply 2 coats of Nail Fantasy color no. 66 which is peach shade with specks of gold.

Step 2:

Apply a clear polish or a top coat, any polish that is not thick in consistency, I am using Sally Hansen's Clear Polish.

Step 3:

Making sure to apply the clear polish one finger nail at a time. While the clear polish is still wet, drop 5 dots of Prettynails' white nail art pen, do not worry if the dots spread out a bit. It should be that way so the flowers will turn out as part of your nail polish. Continue dotting below the petals.

Step 4:

Making sure to work fast, while the white dots/petals are still wet, drop another colored nail art pen on top of the white dot. I chose Prettynails' Nail Art Pen in purple. Using the tip of the art pen or a needle to spread the colors together and connect it going inwards.

Step 5:

You can choose to drop a different shade for flower bud. I opted for a clear rhinestones. Press it in and the rhinestones will stay with you for weeks :)

Step 6:

To protect your hard work, apply a coat of your favorite Top Coat.

Enjoy your flower nail art with a twist of 2 tones!
You can create same flowers with different color combinations!

Life could get hectic, but if you choose to have your own "me" time, you'll always have the extra time for yourself if you want it. How do I spend "me" time? Creating nail art while my hair is wrapped with hair treatment! That's total relaxation for me!

Have you planned out a "you" time?
Let me know how you'll spend it!
You deserve it!
Happy Friday!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Be relaxed!


  1. I miss having serious ME times. :( Work is crazy. But I enjoyed reading your post, sis! Love seeing the flowers. Oo nga, I noticed you love flowers! :) Suits you well, sis.

  2. Wow, so beautiful! I can't do nails, so I'm extra envious of this!

    I spend my "me" time watching movies or browsing the internet. Boring, I know!!

  3. I <3 dainty flowers! but for some reasons, my nail art pen always clogged...and they harden very fast :( so till today, im still using the faithful dotting tool with just normal nail polish

  4. I wondre every your nails tutorial!
    This is such beautiful application! I love your flowers too!

  5. This is sooo pretty!! I have to get some nail art pens now hehehe. I love your idea of "me time." This is exactly what I do too! Except I usually do a mask instead of a hair treatment hehehe. =)

  6. Teeyah, you should schedule your own ME time, work gets crazy but we shouldn't :)

    K, hahahaha I'll do yours! Come down here! NOW! Aawww watching movies is another form of ME time, i love that too!!

    Prettyeautiful, sis, it will definitely clog more if you don't use it! hahah but its your preference, everytime I start to use it, I declog it first..making sure it's ready to be used before I start doing my nails :)

  7. Anastacia, thank you so much!

    Catherine, oohhh yeah, face mask?? I must do that too! I do that sometimes but It'll be a bit difficult to have a face mask while doing nail art! LOL

    Aika, thank sis!

  8. wow, this is so beautiful! I love the flowers.

  9. this is truly gorgeous hun! I need one of those nail art pen thingy!

  10. i bought flower nail stickers like these .. just yours are handmade! hehe

  11. OMG i really really like this one!! They look so professionally done Nikki!! So pretty!!

  12. Gio, thanks dear

    naomi, yeah, you can do a lot with the nail art pens

    Jo, hahahaha I know, I think stickers are easier but I just have this satisfaction of doing my own nails :)

    JC, thank you sweetie, glad you're staying home for the weekend!

    Jenn, thanks!

    Liza! thank you sweetie

  13. Thiamere, thank you

    Vanessa M, thanks sweetie

  14. OMG, you did a beautiful job! Love it.

  15. my owh my nikki!
    when i saw those flowers
    i was wondering are those stickers?
    because they look so darn perfect!
    you are so talented girl :)

  16. Meng Xue, thanks for liking this :)

    LyNn, awww really? Nah..look closely..i mean CLOSER! lol :) You're not looking close enough girl! it isn't perfect trust me :)

  17. Another gorgeous creation! I have a question, though: how do you do your dominant hand? If you are right-handed, do you have a hard time doing your right hand? TIA!

  18. The Shades of U, yes at the start, I do have a hard time doing my right hand especially my left hand is seriously weak! I can't even write my name using my left hand, what I do is, on most movements that my left hand can't control, I use my dominant hand to move it around to "help" the weaker hand :) does that makes sense to you ? I hope so :)


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