Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dearest Friend Shen!

Happy Birthday to my dearest beautiful friend, Shen! I've met her in the blogging world, and I'm glad we became real life friends! :) She's turning sweet 26, yeah! Still sweet and young! Let's all greet her wonderful birthday greetings, click on her photo as she's having a birthday contest too :)

Happy birthday dear!!!
Love ya!


  1. happy birthday shen you doll! :D

  2. you're the sweetest, nikki!! :) i love yah, sis!! hope we can have another bonding moment soon! :)

    to everyone who greeted me here... thanks, kasumi, plue and anastasia. :)

  3. Happy happy birthday sis! Wishing you all the best...

    Ate Gracie xxx


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