Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Ruby & Millie" Eyes

Ruby & Millie? What's Ruby & Millie? I've never heard of this brand before til my dear blogger friend Gracie gave me the chance to try this! So far, I am very impressed! Pigmentation is good and colors are wonderful! The palette is super versatile.

This look is created using the Purple eyeshadow from the palette, it came out a bit black but I like the fact that it does not look black nor the name itself...Purple! It looks like there's a bit of everything, yes, deceiving to the eyes but that makes the eyeshadow mysterious! I like it when friends try to guess the eyeshadow shade I'm wearing!

Here's how I mambo and jambo with the
Ruby & Millie Palette

AMW Diagram

Step 1:

Prior to eyeshadow application, use any eyeshadow base of your choice, I've used MAC's Painterly Paintpot for this look.

Using Ruby & Millie's A Decade of Color Night Eyes, use a flat shader brush to pat on the Purple color on the crease area.

Step 2:

Using a blending brush, I swiped on MAC's Heatherette Trio in Hopping, the light pink color to blend in the harshline from the Purple eyeshadow.

Step 3:

Using the white portion of the Maybelline eyeshadow quad, apply the browbone area to create a "pop".

Step 4:

Line the upper lashline with Coastal Scents Gel Liner in Deep Plum.

Step 5:

Line the waterline and lower lashline with Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes in 1L.

Another way to create a clean smokey eye!

Do not forget to curl your lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes in Black

Do not forget to fill in your brows with your choice of brow powder or pencil. I like to create a bit of a thicker brows for smokey looks! Dramatic eyes, that's what I want!

I used MAC's Coquette eyeshadow to fill in the brows for this look.

For the Face:
Maybelline Clear Smooth Liquid Foundation in Natural Buff
Set with MAC's Mineralized Skinfinish in Light

using my favorite Ecotools Kabuki brush

Conceal with Dollface Cosmetics'
Concealer Palette

For the cheeks:
Arezia Palette mixing the light pink blush
with a darker reddish pink one

For the Lips:
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose Top
with Nivea Care Gloss Shine

Tie your hair in a low side ponytail
Wear your favorite dangling earrings
and put on that smile!

I know I've ended up this post with a smile but I feel a bit sad on my friend who's gone through bad customer service. Read on her story by clicking HERE. To all online sellers, or even sellers in general, please... we're not saying "Customers are always right" but please, be nice to us as it does take a lot for us online shoppers to spend money for products we haven't seen in person or touch. I myself is a seller so I know how it feels to be tired at times but please do not let it out to your customers. Happy seller with good character produces happy and satisfied customers!

So on with the happy thoughts!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!
Shop smart! :)


  1. such a clean smokey! you look gorgeous! :D

  2. Ruby & Millie's A Decade of Color Night Eyes-- this quad looks really nice..the colors you used is so pretty esp. the plum liner on your upper lashline..

  3. Beautiful! Love the smokey look! :)

  4. goodness sis! your eyes are like...50% larger!!!! really pops!

    and i envy the cleanliness on your smokey eyes :(

  5. the make up is gorgeous! i love it! i'm new to this, but enjoying ur post!

  6. i got this palette when i went to the UK
    the exact same one too!! wheee now i have to look to try out!

  7. you're really good at blending! It really looks clean.. As usual, i really love your Tuts! very easy to follow. Smokey eyes looks great on you!

  8. So pretty!! Such a gorgeous smokey look!! Great job as usual Nikki!! And your smile is contagious!! :D

  9. yay! this is another pretty look. The colors in the eye palette looks really pretty.

  10. You look GORGEOUS! Rubie and Millie is sold exclusively at Boots and also at Boots.com.

  11. Oh.. Pretty! Dark colors suit you so well!!

  12. Love it sis! I'm glad you like it :) xxx

  13. Love the smokey look! It's gorgeous!

  14. Mary, thank you!

    Kasumi, hahaha I'm never mysterious! I am definitely an OPEN book!

    Plue, thanks! I'm glad you think this looks gorgeous lol!! :)

  15. Donnarence, I'm glad you like the plum liner, it gave out a subtle look no? :) Thanks!

    Cabyness, I'm glad you find this beautiful thank you!

    Prettybeautiful..wow 50%??? you serious?? Wow!! That huge? I can be a Kero Kero Keroppi now? LOL!

  16. Giang, heey, nice to see your comment and its great to meet you!

    Yumeko, yay! same palette?? yayness, can't wait to see your looks!

    Khymm, I'm glad you find my diagram easy to follow, that's the best way I can do :) Thanks!

  17. Jenn,awwww are you smiling too? Do you know I feel the same everytime I see your photo??? Your smile is contagious too! I guess we'll be smiling nonstop when we meet :)

    Becky, yes, I am excited to use the other shades!

    May, aww thanks!

  18. JC, hey! thanks, I've done some research and Gracie told me she got it at Boots too! But didn't know its exclusive! thanks for the info!

    Nehs, thanks! I know I should use more dark colors..but i guess its just for parties!

    Gracie, thank you so much sis, I'm missing you! this look is for you!

    Gio, I'm glad you like it :)

  19. This is a nice way to wear black. haha, I have the white and black eyeshadow duo from SilkyGirl, and I have pondering how to pull that off. Thanks a lot.

  20. Pretty!! I still have yet to master the smokey eye.

  21. this looks makes your eyes pop!!! i think smoky is really the best. thanks for the tutorial!

  22. Meng Xue, sweetie! thanks! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it

    Fab Beauty, awww I can see you working this! It'll look wonderful for sure!

    Jojoba, thanks! I'm glad it makes my eyes pop! I can have the smallest eye on bad days! lol

  23. I always want to try your looks sis but I always end up looking like nabugbog :(( Pretty, pretty as always :)

  24. no way sis...just do it carefully, you'll be ok teeyah! I've seen you with make up on photos and you never look bugbog :)

  25. nice eye-do,. i did the same shade for my officemates during our team building,.

  26. Niks, I LOVE this look on you! Very pretty! =)

  27. Shatz! It's been awhile, how are you?? Thanks for the comment.

    Ronabeth, dear! Girl! You are too cute! you even texted me about this, well I wish you a better day and hope things are better on your side :)


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