Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eureka Moment: Set Bag

The first time I laid my eyes on you,

I knew it's another warm, fuzzy feeling of love.

The feeling of: "You are the One! I got to have you in my life
and I won't ever let go"

*photo taken from Precious' Facebook

Isn't it a beauty?

Yes, it is and it's mine!

This Set Bag is mine mine mine!

What's a set bag? A good friend of mine and a wonderful makeup artist Precious Medina gave a whole new meaning to what "set bags" are for! For someone like me, who at times need to juggle make up stuffs and hair stuffs, trust me, it's even worst than packing up for a trip! It's tedious, it's a big hassle, it's seriously mind and arm blowing, not to forget, everything's expensive so I hate it when I'm starting to lose stuffs!

Finally, someone answered my deserves a Eureka moment for myself and for other makeup artists and hairstylist out there! Let's all say it together once again....A SET BAG!

Product: Black Canvass Set Bag
Best for:
On Location Shoots
Product information:
Made of washable material with shoulder strap, the outside of the bag has 8 pockets while inside has 2 big ones (total of 10) for easier organization
approximately 35cm x 36cm
Price: Php1,800 (approx $37.00)

It has a long shoulder strap
and 2 hand straps

Your choice on how you want to carry it

Very spacious

Here's an example on how big the stuffs I want to put in

My hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron

Off they went and I still have a lot of space

Added more Hair products and stuffs?

I still have a lot of space!
Now, isn't that heaven?

Contact person: Ms. Precious Medina
Telephone no.: 63917-513-7333/ 632-216-4352

I love it that I keep my babies close to me!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Be "OC" and let's *high five* !


  1. Great haul! as well as nice and need stuff for MUA! Seems very useful and the size of the bag so nice and big!

  2. wow nikki that bag is so cool... lotsa pockets for your tools!!!

    enjoy it!

  3. Wow, the bag looks awesome! And I totally loved your La Mer review on your previous posts. I just didn't have the time to comment on it, thanks for the reviews! :)

  4. this is so so so convenient man!!! not only hair stuff, can practically put EVERYTHING in it, like if u go outdoor shooting, can put makeup, rolled up papers, and mags in it too! and water bottle!

  5. thats gorgeous
    u are going to be the "go to" lady on any shoot!

  6. oh i saw something similar to that at the sydney imats! it's called a bucket bag but it was made outta plastic. i was tempted to getting one hehe

  7. Yaaaay.. I want this!

    but then again, I am taking a break from being a makeup artist since May pa. :-(

  8. That's an awesome bag, it's so big and has lots of pockets. It's very useful!

  9. Wow! congrats on your new bucket bag Nikki, its pretty!

  10. ☆Anastacia☆, I know!!! the size looks too big at first but after my use? I am loving it and I can't ask for any change!

    Elsa, I know! haha I love pockets! I go crazy with pockets! Gotta fill 'em in!!!

    Female_intuition, hey sweetie! thanks for the La Mer comment, i appreciate it :)

  11. Prettybeautiful, I am glad you think so too! Girl! This works even at home! I leave all my hair stuffs inside!

    Yumeko, hahaha so true! I'm the "cabinet" lady!

    Jo, wow..made of plastic? I think I've seen them around online too!!! :)

  12. Liza!I know sis!!! I am wondering, when do you plan to go back being an MUA?

    Catherine, yes, very very useful! :)

    Pammy, it's perfect!

  13. Gio, would you use something similar to this?

    Charry,thanks, I am so happy I own this!

  14. hey now you are truly a PRO!!! that bag is way cool. i gotta find one like that.

  15. JC :) So true it's WHATTA BAG! :)

    jojoba, I know, I feel like a pro using this! thanks dear!

  16. Hmmm. i'm not sure, sis. Maybe next year? Kasi Mr. A and I have baby plans, so that's my priority at the moment. :-) I don't wanna get too stressed out muna. :-)

  17. aww Liza! Thanks for letting me know, sure! that is a priority for sure..goodluck! :) Let me know kung may good news ka na and stress dapat :D


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