Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: "Butterflies on Love and Chocolate" Nails

Black and Red, Red and White, Red and Green...those are some great combination! How about Red and Brown??? It works! I love combining colors that I never thought would look great! I'm glad I tried it and I'm glad it works! Here's my nails for the week! Butterflies on Love and Chocolates :)

AMW Nails for the Week

Step 1:

Using The Face Shop's RD001 or any bright red polish on your choice of nails. I've chosen to paint all the nails except the Pointer Fingernail and the Middle Fingernail. The rest, I've used Paul & Joe's 003 polish or any beautiful dark chocolate colored nail polish. Always remember to use a base coat for dark polishes.

Step 2:

Do a simple French Tip by alternating the shades used to paint the nails. You can click photos to enlarge. Do not worry about painting the skin as you can always remove them with a cotton bud with polish remover.

Step 3:

Create lines going in any direction with L.A. Color's Nail Art Deco in Gold.

Step 4:

Using my Prettynail's Nail Art Pen in white, draw a butterfly outline, see the yellow drawing I did. It's not a perfect butterfly shape but it's still ok for me :D If you can do better butterflies? Lucky you! :)

Step 5:

Fill in the butterfly wings with Yellow Nail Art Pen or you can use a regular polish with art brushes!

Step 6:

With LA Color's Art Deco in black or use any artist thin brush, line the middle portion to create the "body" of the butterfly.

Step 7:

Wait for the art to dry up, top with your favorite top coat. I am using The Face Shop's Top Coat.

Enjoy :D

Now, I've always been scared of drawing outside my comfort zone, I'm glad I did! If there are things you've been wanting to try but scared off? Go ahead!!! What's worse than failing? lol Nothing! We and and will still move on! :) That's a tip from an old lady ---> ME! lol

Watch out for another contest coming up soon! I am so excited as I love doing contests for stuffs I've used and love!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. gorgeous!!! love the nails. the designs look awesome!

  2. WOW!!! this is the most complicated Nail Art I have seen. tiny butterflies!!!

    You know what? My son & I were at an Art gallery yesterday and I wanted to buy a painting of a mom and child playing with butterflies. 16 of them in total. It is expensive but I am still thinking about it as the colours are so vibrant. I may just get it today. Your post is like a HINT from GOD to tell me that I have to get that painting for my new house.

    I have been looking at that painting for 3 weeks!!! Grr...

  3. It's absolutely amazing as always you doing!
    Looks totally creative, so lovely butterflyes!
    I have request to you, can I?
    Please, do something simple for begginers (except a stickers), I really want to learn from you.
    Thank you!

  4. Gorgeousness! I've never seen anything like this!

  5. I really like how the paul & joe nail color looks...For me, if the color is pretty enough, it will still look nice on its own, once I start doing the "design" I start to mess up.

  6. awesome ! pretty creative @o@ .. you nailed it!! :D hehe..xoxo

  7. *tears in my eyes*
    nikki your nails are BEAUTIFUL!

  8. this nail look is very cute n pretty!! :D
    What kind of contest nikki? O.o I'm all ears and eyes lolz

  9. wah...sis u have just upgraded one level! love the idea of butterflies! i could do it too :P but...with konad :P

  10. Wow, you are so talented! I can never do something like that, no patience at all haha

  11. those little butterflies are really pretty!! i wish i have very steady hands too haha cause whenever i apply nail polishes it kinda messes up hahaha :)

  12. Jasmin, thanks for liking the design :)

    jojoba, awww that is so sweet of you to take this as a sign, its funny how I originally thought of creating a different design but suddenly it turned out to be a butterfly! It must be a sign, let me know if you finally purchased it! :)

    Anastacia, sure, I can try, but most of my nail art tutorial, you can cut the steps in half, you can actually stop on Step no. 3 on this :)

  13. B, awww really? i believe there are many more outrageous and harder designs done by other people!

    Citrine, so true, it is so pretty on itself :)

    Louie, I'm glad I nailed this, I felt it looks a bit weird at first, now I'm getting used to it :)

  14. LyNn, awww *hugs* that's very very nice of you to give me the confidence

    Hana! hahahah come back soon for the contest, its open internationally!

    Prettybeatiful, wow upgraded now? I wonder what Level am i? LOL I wonder how my nails will look with Konad...I do own a konad looking set..but I hope the effect is the same!

  15. Female Intuition, I am surprised I got the patience in drawing!

    oOchaOo, :D sweetheart I do love you! :) hahahha I don't think you will mess up, I've always thought I will mess up and see how great you gals are??? I am messing up and the nails look dirty and you gals still appreciate it THANK YOU!

  16. Love the nails, the design is soo pretty! You're so talented! I wish I could do something like that but I don't have very steady hands, I'd just mess it up.

  17. Cute cute! I love butterflies :D And chocolate xD

  18. This is sooo, soooo cute!! Love it!

  19. You're so talented with nails Nikki!! I know i've said this many times but i really mean it!! How i wish i have your skills!!

  20. That is some mad drawing skills, Nikki! :) Ang galing :)

  21. :P hmmm u are at...semi-pro level now. do try something with the konad-looking set, see if it works as well!

  22. You are so creative and professional!!

  23. This has to be one of my all time favorite from you!

  24. Sis, I think you have already seen for real that I'm a sucker for red nail polish hahahaha! I love this nail art! xxx

  25. ms nikki youre really good at painting nails..hehe.i hope i have your hands..(awkward)hahha.=p..keep it up ^_^

  26. gio, me, I don't have the steady hands too and looking closely, its not perfect :) Thanks

    e.motion in motion, lol butterflies and chocolates come to think of it..does not mix..but I'm glad the colors did :) Thanks

    Catherine, thank you!

  27. Jenn, me..its not skills but thick faced! LOL :) Thanks for giving me the boost of confidence!

    Teeyah, girl, I have a feeling you can even do better!

    Prettybeautiful, I know what you mean, but i'm always excited to do nail art.meaning..drawing rather than stamping, I guess stamping makes it easy that I dont' have enough "me" time, time when I get to be super lazy! :) Thanks sister!

  28. JC, thanks!

    Kasumi, awww, I'm glad you found a favorite!

    Gracie, yes! I was not surprised to see you at Ricky Reyes with your own bottle of RED polish lol!

    Shobe, aww thank you!


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