Friday, September 18, 2009

Something New: Diesel Only the Brave

Diesel Only The Brave is about Faith, Force and Self-Achievement. It is about believing in oneself and the mental power, the inner-strength to follow one’s way. Power is in your hand, inside yourself.

It is a campaign of values composed of portraits of 4 men with different attitudes; ---

Rebellion & Force (Sam)

Leadership & Belief (Daniel)

Truth & Inner-strength (Tony)

A 4th image chosen to be the image model for the Philippines.

Common is worldwide known artist. He’s a Hip Hop singer who has sold over 5 million albums. He’s also an actor, a writer, a very positive model for young people via his commitment to charity work.

He is one of the most respected artists in the Hip Hop industry as he has always taken risks musically. He has performed with Alicia Keys, Kanye West, The Game, Lily Allen…

Having Common’s endorsement on the OTB campaign is a great opportunity to reach a young audience with a keen interest in music & cinema.

Only The Brave
The New Fragrance

I'd love to sniff them...
the models or the fragrance..are both ok! lol

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