Saturday, October 3, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Liposan LipCare in Strawberry

I've done a review on Nivea Lipcare a few months back, just by looking at the packaging, Liposan/Nivea/Labello are from the same German company Beiersdorf. I got a Liposan Lipcare from a swap from Cris, I believe my dear local readers can purchase the same one under the brand Nivea.

Liposan LipCare says ---

Soft lips, fresh strawberry flavor and discreet red shine.

AMW says ---

  • light strawberry scent
  • moisturizes the lips
  • has a nice hint of "redness" but true to its description, very discreet
  • inexpensive
  • taste isn't yucky, it actually tastes and smells good
  • none!

This is one addictive balm! I've always wanted my balm to be minty fresh, but if I need to choose one that has a fruit flavor, I'll always go for strawberries! After I finish this up, I will surely repurchase Nivea Lip Care in Strawberry! I'd love to see if there's any difference at all! I doubt..but who knows? :D

This is definitely a keeper, if you are on a date, it's safe to use this as it doesn't leave a stain on your water glass or table napkin..or your man's collar! LOL <--- just joking!

  • check out the review on Pink Grapefruit from So Loverly
  • if you're aiming for "no makeup" look with soft lips, use this!
  • are you a makeup artist? And you need a subtle gloss for men's makeup? You can use this!
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

Purchase locally as Nivea LipCare in Strawberry for Php89.75 (approx $2.00)

Here's a closer look of the cute packaging

The balm looks super red
but do not be afraid...

A swatch with and without flash
Has a tiny hint of "redness" and a lot of shine
(L- no flash, R- with flash)

Liposan LipCare in Strawbery on bare lips

Are you into tinted lip care products?
or do you prefer the clear version?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i have never seen this brand in the states

  2. ooh that does look a lot like the Nivea lip balm! =)

  3. great review! =)

    i love Nivea lipbalms too. but right now, i'm using softlips and i really really like it.

  4. Angela, I guess it's in Europe...Nivea probably?

    Sush yes, it is of the same company but I guess the packaged it with different name on different continent. Saw the same packaging called Labello in Shanghai, same company still.

    Jen, ooohh Softlips are great, I've tried their products in the past!

  5. the moment i saw the packaging i was like
    hey isn't that nivea?
    wow what a nice tint it gives.
    hehehe me wants too.

  6. Nikki,

    You should try Labello. I swear the texture is different from our local Nivea lip balms (has a waxy texture - I guess a more emollient formula would melt since we live in a tropical country). The only variant of Nivea lipcare here in Manila that is not as waxy is the Repair and Protection. I think the formulation is different because Labello is manufactured for the colder European countries. The texture is very smooth and melts almost like butter when you apply it on the lips. Too bad I've used up my two tubes.

    CG :-)

  7. Haha! Man's collar! You're so cute, Nikki! :)

  8. it really looks a lot like nivea!

  9. LyNn, well Labello, Liposan, Nivea, they all look the same :) lol

    CG, thanks, i know! I felt bad I didn't purchase it when I was in Shanghai, not sure if the formulation is the same or is it Liposan or Labello? not sure, but you're right, its meant for the cold weather in Europe..

    Teeyah, hahahah thanks dearie take care

    Thiamere, you're so right :D

  10. lol. i wonder why nivea doesn't keep the brand name. and which one is the oldest name among the 3.

  11. i also love my lippies when it has a mint taste to it. :) You know i'm addicted to it. :) but i agree with you, strawberry is next best flavor for lip products. :) i used the nivea product before and i'm sur you'll love that as well once this baby retires. :)

  12. woow. i bought the nivea brand today, in cherry and strawberry. IM IN LOVE LOL

  13. I don't really like the name change.
    I think its cause Nivea bought them out. All I know is that Nivea was called Labello in Canada in...1995? Then kinda disappeared, and reappeared as Nivea. Their regular versions are waxy, but I think the Cherry, Strawberry are meant to be more of a gloss than a balm. (this is more for the other commenters than you nikki :D)
    Anyway my fav is the Cherry, cause of the redness...but...techincally I haven't tried out the Strawberry yet (though I do have it around somewhere XD)

  14. I prefer the clear version, but I like the cherry one :P

  15. prettybeautiful, I guess its because some are meant for different continents.. :) its just cute how they all look exactly the same just different name :)

    Shen, so true...we're the same with our love for balms and glosses!

    Vanessa M., :)

  16. Shexilicious, ooohh I have the Cherry, let me finish this Strawberry first and I'll choose which one i like better!

    Rasilla, thanks for the added info! I'm sure it helps the readers THANK YOU :)

    Shuu, really? I really like this compared to the clear one :) But the clear is great for night time before I go to sleep :)

  17. ooh~ I have the Nivea one. in strawberry too! I haven't opened it though. thanks for the review :)

  18. i'm on my second nivea in strawberry, i've already tried one in melon, and yes nikki your right it's so addictive.. it gives red tint makes your lips red and shiny,say goodbye to drying lips..hello nivea!


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