Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes

Happy "rawwrrr" Tuesday! Women are fierce, and I'm glad one company came out with a fierce-looking mascara to represent the modern women! Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara! Came with a lovely zebra print and... *gasp* in PINK!!! *even more gasp* Hot Shiny Pink!

Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes says ---

Every successful huntress knows that her eyes are her most powerful weapon. Sure the mane helps attract attention and the talons assist in pinning him down, but it's her stop-him-in-his-tracks gaze that hypnotizes her prety and keeps him captive.

Turning plain lovely eyes into drop-dead gorgeous eyes, Maybelline New York has developed the Volum'Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara.

Evoking the dramatic intensity of a feline gaze with its dramatic visual impact, and the swiftness of a big cat's sinuous moves in its ease of application, Volum' Express Hyper Curl Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara is the purr-fect mascara for the fiercely sexy woman.

Think of it as brush on ammunition for the femme fatale. it's so daring it's dangerous.

AMW says ---

  • I love the wand, never touches the skin around my eyes
  • thickens my lashes
  • waterproof, held on for the whole day
  • again, waterproof, seriously, I've shed tears and this held on!
  • inexpensive
  • wonderful and cute packaging

  • if you're looking for lengthening, this does not lengthen
  • if you don't like your lashes to clump close together, this is not for you, make sure to have a lash comb handy though :)
  • if you applied too much, the lashes will turn out crunchy, so be careful not to over apply

I can't help but reach out for this mascara because I seriously love the applicator. It's GENIUS! I don't have mascara accidents with this brush and its easier for me to apply mascara on my lower lashes. Seriously, I almost don't have any lower lashes but with this applicator, it's easier to apply mascara for my lower lashes, but of course, with the help of business card to keep myself from messing up.

If you hate mascara application and you're starting up to collect, this is a great start! I believe if you're born with long lashes, this is better as it gives the volume and the "oomph". If you have short and almost "next to nothing" lashes, I use a lengthening mascara first then use this for 2nd coat to volumize or "clump" it close together. Smart eh?


From Maybelline

From AMW

  • just like my dear friend PB, I will definitely keep this brush comb!
  • use the business card method to keep your lid safe from the mascara
  • use 2 types of mascara to fulfill your eyelash requirements! :)
  • do clean your lashes well before you go to sleep, eye allergies are no-no!
Will I repurchase?

I'd love to try other mascaras, there's just so many coming out!

Where to purchase and how much?

At local Maybelline counters for Php495.00 (approx $10.00)

Close up on the Mascara I own
Name: Feline Black (so cute!)

Looks like a toothbrush! :D
Close up on the mascara wand

Here's my lashes with 2 coats of
Volum' Express Cat Eyes

Here's an example of my lashes
with 3 coats of Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes

I believe a lot of beauty enthusiasts have purchased and tried this mascara. A lot of raves and rants but in my dictionary, this is ok. Not the greatest mascara I've tried but not the worst. Hats off to Maybelline for the wonderful eye-catchy packaging and bravo for the wonderful applicator. But Maybelline is Maybelline, I'm not surprised they can always come up with good mascaras! I'm sure they've got more cooking up in their sleeves!

Have you tried Volum' Express Cat Eyes?
Love It? Hate it? Want it?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. This kind of applicator usually means humongous clumps on me...I guess it's safe to skip. (It's funny that Maybelline kept coming up with new mascara every year and most of them have horrible reviews on makeup alley...I guess that's the reason they kept getting the new ones out...) Sometime I think all they do is changing the applicator/packaging because most of the maybelline Masaryk clump/smudges/chips like crazy on me...

  2. Such an adorable packaging!!! But I've never seen it in Canada, neither do I think it's available here.....But oh well. Lots more lovely mascaras coming out soon!! =DD

  3. I have this mascara and I love it! :) Definitely not my first love but around 2nd or 3rd haha. :D I've poked my eye with the wand, too, maybe 4 times na :D

  4. Sounds like the brush is a winner. Maybe I'll buy it just for the brush if I see it around.

  5. I want it just for the packaging alone. It's sexy!

  6. this is my favourite mascara by maybelline and by any drugstore brand so far.
    whats yours nikki?

  7. Thanks for the review Nikki!! I really want to try this one out after hearing both raves and rants for this!! :D I can ever apply mascara properly to my lower lashes, so i hope this one can help me!! haha!! :D

  8. Hi, does this remove with water or remover? I've seen this product in Watsons but the tube they have as a tester is always terribly mucky!

  9. Citrine, so true, they're coming up with new mascaras every now and then and I just can't keep track anymore! LOL But on my side, I am happy with the applicator because it gives the volume, but maybe if you already have a lot of lashes, you're right, maybe it'll clump so you definitely need another brush to remove clumps :)

    Lisa, I think they're available in Asia? Not sure, but I do see bloggers from the US reviewing this...so maybe..it'll be there?? Hopefully soon?

    Teeyah, you're right, this is not my no. 1 fave, but what's your fave? I can't seem to find one, I just like most of it, or hate some of it, but that's it :)

    Kuri,hahahahah don't buy this just for the brush! hahhaha do test it out and see if you like this type of brush applicator!

  10. Toma, you're right, this is sexy!

    LyNn, me too! Drugstore brand mascara, I go for Maybelline, that's for sure!

    Jenn, nah, you really need the aid of business care before you even try to apply mascara on the lower lashes :)

    theotherworldly, this is waterproof so you have to remove this with an eye makeup remover! it is quite difficult to remove!

  11. yeah..
    i love maybelline comb wands!

    i find it so easy to use. once im done with my lash stylist im gonna try this & im pretty sure i will love this just like how i love lash stylist!

  12. Hmm, I have not used a comb-shaped mascara before. Interesting. Love the packaging on this though haha so cute! Thanks for the review!

  13. haven't tried this one yet.. i have the Majorlica majorca mascara, the wand looks the same as this one. just like the Maybelline if i apply too much my lashes clump close together =P

  14. I actually like this one, because it really does define and it holds the curl! Longevity without flaking or smudging is pretty good, but I still coat Clarins Double Fix' to be sure :D

  15. i have a mascara similar to this but it didn't work very well on me, it does nothing other than...blackening my lashes a little bit, and that's all. =/

  16. Oh I use mascaras with this kind of comb wand, I'm using Etude House 66 Big eye vitcara but it's running out so I'm gonna get Majolica Majorca soon.

    But I find the etude house formula non clumping and non crunchy, no matter how many times I apply it to volumize, the lashes remains soft to touch and it doesn't weight down the curl. you might want to try that too if you're loving this type of wand ^.^

    here's my review on that: http://maquillagelover.blogspot.com/2009/10/etude-house-66-big-eye-vitcara.html

  17. I hate the weird smell of it... it clumps and gives me spider lashes... no no no for me... but i like the wand too ... kekeke...

  18. I've been eyeing this mascara for so long. Gah. I don't like clumps! But I might ry this one out. I am using Maybelline's UNSTOPPABLE Curly Extension. It does WONDERS when it comes to lengthening and it really is smudge-proof! Well. it is for me anyway. Hahaha! :D

  19. hahaha~ you read my blog when I read yours :P

    I wish we have some US drugstore make-up items here in Korea! You make me "I WANT" with your reviews :P

  20. the wand looked like the majorllica mascara (whatever the spelling *wink*) LOL

    it sure thickened lashes sis!

  21. i have this and i've also been meaning to review it. you know what, this one smudges on me after 5-6 hours :P you know how oily i am :(

  22. Thanks for the review. It sounds good and the packaging is so cute! I may try this if I see it around.

  23. ~tHiAmErE~, so far, I've used a lot of Maybelline mascaras and they all work for me! :)

    Catherine, it is really a matter of preference right? I don't know why, but I'm seriously in love with this wand !LOL

    Khymm, ooo I haven't tried Majorlica mascara, I want to!!!

  24. Gingerbee, oohhh how's Clarins Double Fix'? Really good?

    Prettybeautiful, hahahaha blackening your lashes a little bit and that's it? That's not a good one!

    Chelle, goodluck mascara hunting! yes, I should try those you recommend..someday! :)

  25. Syn@3sTh3sI@, really? Mine do not have any weird smell at all, probably it expired already? have you checked it with the SA?

    Noelle V. Dotillos, Unstoppable curly extension is wonderful! I've tried it too in the past!

    ☆Anastacia☆, great minds think alike dear! :) I know, but you have a lot of cool goodies from The Face Shop!

  26. Elsa, yay! i don't own any Majorlica Majorca mascara yet but at least I have an idea that it's similar to this!

    Crystal, oh sis!!! you have the oiliest lids ever :) lol I'm sorry this smmudges on you!

    Gio,enjoy hunting :)

  27. Love this review and this mascara. The packaging is killer!

  28. I recently bought one. I'm not that happy though. Maybelline's other mascaras are way better. But then again, it's not that bad. :-)

  29. I haven't seen this here in Canada, but the packaging is really eye catching! But I'm disappointed with the brush, it looks like Lash Stylist's brush, and that for me just held too much product in it.

  30. Great Review! I can't wait to try this one out.

  31. .this mascara sux..no offence to maybelline even though you're the 2nd mascara brand ever made (the first is Rimmel)..the formulas suck..too clumpy and sticky..this particular one is the worst i've ever tried..it works great on my classmate though.

  32. B, I know the packaging is really gorgeous! For girls like us!

    Liza! this one ain't the best but not that bad :)

    Arezu, the brush does clump the lashes, Just needed a spoolie always on the side

    AcuSpa, thanks for the comment

    xtine, it clumps, I think that's why you hate it, understandable, I think this works great for people with really long and full lashes!


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