Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something New: JnJ Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit

To those who didn't know, I've grown up to have bad skin. It's not the usual acne skin but I grew up with some problem on my health so the effect was imbalance hormones so during my junior high years, I've got zits and spots all over my cheeks and forehead. Why does it have to be those years where proms are the most important events in our teenage life?

It did bothered me but I took some action. I purchased Bonne Bell's Ten-O-Six in a department store and it helped lessen my zits and I was dependent to it. I went back planning to repurchase and stock up and guess what? It was gone!!! The department store did not sell them anymore as it wasn't even known in our country! Rather than sulking... I've decided to find another solution for my bad skin! That's when J&J Clean & Clear came in. It was the Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash that helped me out for the rest of my highschool and college years.


I stopped Clean & Clear as I grew older and my skin turns drier. So it was sweet goodbye to J&J.

That's why when I got home from work and saw a package on my bedside with this... it was sweet reminiscing!

Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit has 4 powerful acne-fighting products containing salicylic acid that works together to effectively help treat and prevent acne. When used twice a day, these 4 technologies are proven to work faster and more powerfully against acne:

  • Active Clear Acne Control Cleanser - The first step of the acne-fighting regimen goes beyond cleansing to penetrate pores. It contains bacteria-fighting salicylic acid that calms and soothes acne-irritated skin.
  • Active Clear Acne Control Toner - The second step is the highly functioning oil-free toner that works to reduce excess oil, while clogs pores, for effective pimple prevention. The combination of salicylic acid and natural botanical ingredients tones and balances skin.
  • Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer - The third step of the regimen is the use of an oil-free moisturizer that provides a hint of moisture to soften and nourish skin, while containing a breakthrough anti-acne technology to help prevent pimples. With salicylic acid to clear and prevent acne, the natural herbal vitamin ingredients in the Active Clear Acne Control Moisturizer also nourish the skin and prevent it from drying.
  • Active Clear Acne Control Speed Gel - An exciting add-on to the acne-fighting regimen is a highly effective spot treatment that starts working immediately to reduce redness, pimple size and swelling in as little as 4 hours. The combination of salicylic acid and an herbal essence acne-fighting technology visibly reduces acne --- fast!
The new Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit is the fastest and most effective acne relief system to have ever been launched by Clean & Clear. The effective daily system is now exclusively available in Watson's stores nationwide with a suggested retail price of Php550.00 (approx $11.70).

I know..I shouldn't even dare touch this with my super dry skin. But I can't help it! I twitted about it and you know what? I've decided to give this a go and try! We'll see if this is still a sweet reunion between me and the brand or it just works better for the youngters out there. Do check out for reviews on this in the future and I promise you, I will get someone with oily and acne-prone skin to try this together with me. It'll be fun!!! Thanks to Patty for this! :)

Have you tried this line?
How do you feel about this?
Do I have to go on and try or not?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hey doll! Have you ever tried using Tea Tree Oil on spots?? It works really well. I've unfortunately never tried any Clean & Clear products. I hope it works for you though! ♥

  2. Now I am a bit confused...if you have dry skin and no teenager pimple, why would you want to put this on your face anyway? (I hope those people didn't pay you to do this.)

    I mean I have normal skin and this advantage gel makes my skin peels like crazy...

  3. ohh..very interesting!
    i'll drop by at watson later & check this out...i do have a super oily skin & my acne is acting up again..

    since this is way cheaper than proactiv, it doesn't hurt to try it,ne?

    have a nice saturday,niki!

  4. Hi Nikki! Just to clarify, is it P550 for a BOX with all 4 products?

  5. thanks for the heads up nikki..the line looks promising...i have super oily skin and at age 33 it's really depressing sometimes. i envy those with dry skin because i love to apply moisturizer on my face...i wanna try this now..super.
    more power to your blog!

  6. Wow! I lve Clean & Clear! Also i've used Active Acne Control Toner and so dries my skin... but works good enough. Especially I am in love with speed gels by Clean & Clear.

  7. Yay! I've seen this in my drugstore in Canada, I believe. Well, they look very similar ^^ The packaging of the two bottles look so funny! Heehee

    Let us know how it works for you if you do get it!

  8. My friend told me of her experience using clear n clean range,it helps her cleared out her zits problem. I tried the foaming wash (just finished the tube), I think it's ok but I don't like the smell lolz now I'm using its toner :)

  9. It's good to know that C&C worked for you. It broke me out. :(

    Sweet reminiscing for you and C&C. :P

  10. Sara, I do use The Body Shop's Tea Tree oil on spots and it does work for me, but i don't get it during my monthly period when I do get more than one spots :)

    Citrine, first things first, TRUST ME, I don't get paid to do reviews, I have to clarify that! True, i have offered to be paid for other products especially in the US, but not down here locally, they'd rather advertise on magazines than pay bloggers to do reviews. Next to clarify, true, I do have dry skin now and I don't Acne as compared to when I was younger, I did tweet about it because I know my skin's situation but I really wanted to try it because I read the ingredients and I don't have problems with all the ingredients written, (I am allergic to Benzyl Peroxide), and it states that this is the "ACNE CONTROL" that doesn't dry out the skin and it moisturizes it instead. Yeah, its my natural human behavior to be interested and it is my natural human behavior to try things and see if it works or not as I can go for cheaper alternative anytime! I got this package to test (true) but that's all, I don't have to use it or even try it, I've received more samples to try for reviews that I didn't use because I just don't think it'll work for me. Hope this clarifies your doubts

    tHiAmere, let me know! But I do believe this works best for super oily skin, I've used this range a couple of days lang and so far, no dryness but I still needed my heavy moisturizer at night :)

  11. Nikkiz, Yes, it's Php550 for the whole box of 4! I just seen them again at Watson's SM Sta. Mesa last night :)

    Leah, really ? Don't get jealous of dry skinned ladies like me, I guess it's always the other way around, oily skinned individuals envy the dry skinned ones and vice versa. Can we all just be normal skin??? lol

    Anatacia, I actually didn't use the toner as it contains alcohol, so it didn't really drove my dry skin crazy, I made sure to put on moisturizer a lot! and I tried the spot treatment...on my forehead where spots appear, well it didn't go "poof" the next day, it was still there hahaha!

  12. Lisa, the bottles look cute! :)

    Hana, I know, the scent isn't exciting, and I'm glad it worked for you and your friend! :) thanks for sharing your experience

  13. Nikki:

    I am not doubting your credibility as a blogger (If I am, I won't be confused in the first place.) as paid reviews are much more out-of-nowhere than yours and it would be much easier to spot.

    I have tried the advantage line before, and since this stuff was way too drying on my normal skin, I thought it might cause a worse reaction on you, who doesn't even have pimple to treats. (I mean, your skin looks pretty clear so it's a bit random when you suddenly go for acne control.)

  14. Hey Citrine, thanks, i do understand that you're saying it cause you don't want me to suffer! LOL Trust me, my husband does the same too! He made sure to check with me multiple times if I am SURE lol Thanks for the heads up, I didn't use the toner though, and I guess that's one major drying part, I have used it just for a couple of days, it wasn't as drying as the regular line but it didn't do anything for my spots. And yeah, i do have spots..just that it comes out every now and then and its not the huge ones, its multiple smaller ones :)

  15. OMG, your post reminded me of my highschool days. I was also a clean and clear user.

    BTW, the packaging of this new line looks so serious. :)

  16. I have super dry skin as well.. sometimes combination.. but mostly dry! :] You should try Clinique Extra Mild :D I love that cleanser :D I started getting acne when I turned 18 :(

  17. i have heard of this but i have no idea if it will perform or not.
    clean and clear often works at first for me but somehow my skin will not respond anymore after some time.

    do share your review.
    will recommend my bf to use it if it turns out good :)

  18. For all my life I've always been looking for anti-acne remedy =( This looks great, please let us know how it turns out k?

    Your skin looks perfect to me tho hahaha btw how was meeting with Ai? She told me you're super pretty & super sweet =D I agreed.

  19. Clean and Clear was never suitable for me :( I so wanted to like it because I too had a horrible bout with pimples when I was in high school and college! I guess my skin was too sensitive for Clean and Clear.

  20. Golden, high five to you! :) Clean & Clear reminded us all on our highschool days :)

    Iyah, I know, Clinique definitely is love for both you and me, I have used Clinique for quite some time already! :)

    Sush, so true, it's a set and its worth it especially if the brand works for you!

  21. LyNn, I do share the same sentiments with you, that's why I do shift products at times :)

    Nanzy, of course, I'll do a review on this as soon as I have the chance. Ai is a wonderful lady! I enjoyed the meetup and I would love to see her again!!!!

    Kaye, if your skin is sensitive, you should try to steer away a bit on products with salicylic acid or benzyl, I find it quite harsh for some people with super sensitive skin!

  22. i love the spacey packaging! hmm i think we have something similar for blemish control down here but it didnt work so well for me =/

  23. I love Clean & Clear! I used to use their facial wash too. The scent is amazing, smells so clean!

    I hope the products are available for sale individually because I want to try that acne control speed gel. Sounds promising! =)

  24. Prettybeautiful, wow sister! you have oily skin right? Well I guess you're one "example" that not all Acne control products will work for the oilies :) thanks for sharing

    Jen, so this works for you too? That's great! I think they'll go on sale, but not anytime soon! :) But I think the price is ok for all 4 products :D

  25. I am considering trying C&C. I'm in my 20's and can't seem to get rid of zits breaking out from time to time. Hope it works. :)

    Thanks for the info here. have not seen it in watson's eh. :)

  26. Hi Nikki and hello to all the readers of Ask Me Whats! Thank you for your review (unpaid! ) of the CLEAN & CLEAR Active Clear Acne Control Kit. We’re happy to have been part of your high school and college years—we do hope Clean and Clear will be part of your present, too.
    Please feel free to visit for more information about our products. We’d love to have you and your readers explore our site! We also give helpful tips about skin problems and other important topics (like school and crushes!), plus we have exciting promos and lots of prizes to be given away.
    Thanks again, Nikki, and we hope things work out between you and Clean and Clear!  More power to Ask Me Whats!

  27. ate, asa po ba ko makabili sa clean and clear active clear kit sa Cebu? Nalibot ko na ang watsons SM pero wala naman.


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