Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: LukFoo HotPot Restaurant

Happy weekend food tripping! I know some of you are looking forward for food posts and ended up getting hungry afterwards. I guess that's how human beings are! LOL We want to tempt ourselves!

If I'm at my mom's place and wanted to dine out, going down to Chinatown is a big hassle as its far and its super traffic, so to satisfy our Chinese food cravings, there's always Luk Foo Cantonese Restaurant located at Puregold Q.I. I'm glad they opened up another sister restaurant called Luk Foo Hot Pot. Same Chinese restaurant with added Hot Pot dishes in their menu.

First thing's first, order your choice of broth. There's 2 types, Plain and Sate. The plain one tastes...well...plain while the Sate one is on the spicy side. We opted to order for split, meaning, half plain and half sate! Best of both BROTHS! lol And for you to know, the broth are refillable! So drink til your tummy's content!

Make your own sauce. Of course, not everyone has the same kind of tastes so its great that you can create your own flavor. There are different condiments to satisfy your sweet, salty, sour or spicy tongue!

We opted to choose our own "fillings". They do have set menu but my mom is on medication so there are several dishes she cannot eat, we chose our own meat and vegetables.

Assorted meatballs, shrimp dumplings and corn on a cob

Beef slices and veggies

Throw them all in!
Leaving the beef slices behind,
make sure not to cook the beef slices too long,
overcook is no no :)

What I love about Luk Foo Hot Pot Restaurant is that you can still order meals from Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen. We ordered the usual: Yang Chow Fried Rice, Shrimp with Orange Sauce, Fish Fillet with Soy Sauce and Birthday Noodles. Quadruple Whamo!!!

Time for cooking!!! This is a great time to enjoy sharing, chatting and just relax! Life is fun! Enjoy!

Have you tried hot pot?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I haven't had Hot Pot in ages!! Oh, I want one now! >.<

  2. Yummy... I love eating hot pots, especially now when it's so chill outside.

    Well, we are used to have hot pot quite often at home (since the bf's parents own a Chinese restaurant themselves, hehe...) - but mostly during wintertime. :p

  3. Have you tried Hong Tai Yang? It's near MOA (I'm bad with directions), just across HK Sun Plaza. You get an individual pot so no fighting over the kind of broth you want. You have to share the grill with family, though, but it's still fun. Plus they have an awesome selection of ice cream.

  4. i love those beef slices. :) aahhh!! i miss this kind of food. :)

  5. I love hot pots! We used to do that here at home. We have that portable mini-stove. Ohhh.. Another drool-worthy food post! =D

  6. Lisa, really? how long ago was it?

    Jess, so true, eventhough the weather is warm down here, it's the warm fuzzy feeling about sharing food that makes it worth the experience!

    Kaye, I think I've dined there once...its good!!! I love dining around the Macapagal area!!!

    Shen, sis! how are you?? hope to see you soon

    Jen, I own a portable mini stove too! but we're just too lazy! hahahah

  7. The beef slices and veggies looks yummy, I want BBQ of that lol:

  8. I love hot pots. The idea is so neat and its so delicious. This is soo fun to read lol.

  9. I love hot pot/sukiyaki kind of foods :D I just had one this afternoon lolz. I don't mind eating them everyday XD

  10. Anastacia, same here, I wanted BBQ too, Korean BBQ :)

    Becky, aww I'm glad you enjoyed reading this food post

    hana, wow..well..I"m not really looking forward to eat this everyday :) but its great for weekends for sure

    Teeyah :) Monday na ulit! LOL

  11. Yes, I have tried Luk Foo...Their Peking Duck is great...and the chicken feet too.

  12. JC :) Yayness! High five!

    Angela, oohh I'm not a chicken feet eater... :) so I haven't tried chicken feet..well..on most Chinese restaurants hehehe

  13. Love their mapo tofu and beef & broccoli :) my family loves their cold cuts too.


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