Monday, October 19, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Romantic Gradient Nails with Rhinestones

Missed my nail art? I hope you do! I haven't been playing with my nails because I've been super busy with a lot of things plus the fact that I broke my nail a week ago! Perfect timing though, as I got a reader request for short nails' nail art! Fact: the nails you will see are considered short! I have short fingers so super short nails isn't an option! And I don't like it when I type without the 'feeling' of my nails! Yeah, I'm weird! hahaha

Here's my Romantic Gradient Nails with added Rhinestones to make it more dainty. I know a lot of you uses the sponge method to create Gradient nails. I know it looks better but I am just too lazy to do so! So please feel free to create the gradient nails using a sponge!

Step 1:

Apply base coat prior to nail polish application. Apply 1 Coat of The Face Shop's Polish in light Pinkish Peach shade.

Step 2:
Apply 2True polish in Shade no. 12 French tip method.

Using Caronia's Base Coat or any brand of base coat, spread the light purple shade downwards.

Step 3:

Using Flashing Neon Sweet Cherry nail polish in Neon Red (from sis Aika), drop a couple of dots on the tip...

Again, using the base coat, spread the polish downwards. Does not have to be perfect!

Step 4:

Using Prettynails' White Nail Art Pen, create 5 dots for flower.

Step 5:

Press in rhinestones. Your choice, I used multiple colors.

Step 6:

Top the nail art with any glittery polish. I am using gold polish to create a nice dimension. I used the Bourjois Gold polish from my blind swap with Cris.

Step 7:

Top everything with your choice of Top coat, applying more on the areas with Rhinestones to keep them from falling out.

I know! Dainty nails again! You can't blame a girl for wanting to
stay sweet :P

If you don't own any nail art pens, you can stop at Step 3 then apply glitter polish and top with a nice top coat. I'm sure it'll still be pretty!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Happy Start of the Week!


  1. Those nails are cute! Definitely missed your nail looks :) I have short nails too so I don't bother with polish unless I keep them long.

  2. that's creative and cute!! :D

  3. you know, just the other day i was saying to myself that you haven't done a nail tutorial in quite some time! and there you are now! yayyy!! =D

    super cute nails, i really like them! and for me, that's long na. hahahaha..

  4. i miss ur nail tutorials nikki.. nice as always..:)

  5. Yup! I missing your nails tutorials all the time, coz you are my inspiration :P

    I love the color of The Face Shop's Polish in light Pinkish Peach! Looks so adorable! Nice nails as always you doing!!!

  6. that is so pretty! you really are so good with this. I cant even manage to do a french tip haha

  7. Love the nails, they are so cute and girly! I missed your nail tutorials too :)

  8. * : . b | u 3 . : *, wow, I'm glad someone do miss my nail art posts! LOL I thought it was just there ..hahaha :) Thanks, I do have bad looking nails, so prettifying it doesn't harm :)

    Maggie, thanks!

    Louie, awww, thanks sweetie, great week ahead!

  9. Prettybeautiful, I missed seeing your nails sister!!!

    Jen, awww, you did remember that i missed the nail art post last week huh? That is very sweet!

    Kay, thank you, you don't know how much it means to me for you to say that!

    Anastacia, lol, you don't even need inspiration, all your nail art looks lovely! especially the most recent one, french tip with rhinestones!

    Sush, awww, it takes time, i say that to people too about french tip way back!

    Gio, thank you sweetie!

  10. Lovely as usual. :P I wish I have the patience and steady hands to do nail art just like you :)

  11. Very nice! Okay, I am inspired again. My next nails shall be like this, gradient one. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. =)

  12. you know i always look at your nail tut even though i don't wear n/p? and i really love each every one of them. and this graditent scheme is sooooo nice. if only i can figure out a way to have beautiful nails and handle food at the same time. la sigh....

  13. Pammy, thanks! I guess its really my nature to be patient :) thank you!!!

    Meng Xue, yay! Can't wait to see yours!

    Jojoba, awww that is very sweet for you to say! With your cooking skills, I'm sure you don't need any nail art designs!

  14. Very pretty! Your so creative ;)

    Thanks for the comment doll* Hopefully I can get back to the beauty world, as well as bloggin! I miss it and everyone so much :[

    I have combination skin (I think!). Hopefully some of the products will work for me. However, my skin does get very dry during winter?! Who knows? I will wait until I do more research on the products because I am broke!

    Take care and keep in touch! Best wishes*

  15. I miss doing my nails too T.T seein your nail art tute makes me feel like running to the store,grab the supplies n start doin mine. Too bad I'm not good with maintenance,esp when I have to do all the household chores myself lolz. Cute nails nikki!!

  16. Oh my goodness! That's a LOT of steps! Di ko kaya--naglalaba ako at nagpapaligo ng rabbits =(

  17. Sara, thank you for enjoying my nail art posts and no worries about the comments, I enjoyed reading your posts! Take your time, i'm sure you'll get back to regular blogging in no time!

    Hana, awww, I am glad my simple tutorial inspires people to want to do their own nails! that is a huge accomplishment on my part :)

    Frances, hahaham nagpapaligo ako ng dogs!!! :) kaya yan sis! hahahha :)

    Lisa, thank you!

  18. how playful and sweet looking!!


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