Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 vs MUFE Aqua Eyes

Good morning friends! A space for reader's query! I've had this question so many times and I've been procrastinating with the answer, so sorry! I get lazy at times! :P Yes, its about eyeliner pencils! I know a lot of ladies have chosen their ultimate favorite, and you all know that these 2 brands have been fighting neck to neck for first place! Who's the winner? Read on ....

Dear Nikki:
I know you own both MUFE and Urban Decay eyeliners. Could you do a review on both? Which one works better?

True, I own both Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liners and Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes, I've used both brands for months and I've chosen the winner! Please be reminded that I live in a tropical country with humidity as part of our daily living. I also have non-oily lids and very sensitive eyes. What works or does not work for me may be different to some of you. If you have something to say or experiences you'd love to share, click on the COMMENT section below, I'd love to hear from you! :D


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner in Zero (black) and Bourbon (brown)
MUFE Aqua Eyes in 1L (black) and 2L (brown)

Buttercup ready to fight! :P

Swatch without base

UD - shimmery black and brown, the shimmery black is darker
MUFE - shimmery black and brown

UD - easy to create smokey eyes as the consistency is quite creamy, great to smoke up using a smudger brush
MUFE - ok to smoke out but not as smokey as the prior brand

UD - very creamy
MUFE - creamy but not as creamy as Urban Decay's

UD - very pigmented
MUFE - very pigmented

Smudge Proof?
UD - smudge-proof only when applied on the upper lash line. Tightlining and waterlining? Smudges like crazy in less than an hour!
MUFE - smudge-proof on upper and lower lash line. Tightlining and waterlining? Smudges a bit but not as much as UD.

UD - yes, not unless you rub SUPER hard
MUFE - yes, even when you rub it along with water

Urban Decay


How long does it stay for both upper and lower lash line?
UD - whole day
MUFE - whole day

How long does it stay for waterline?
UD - approximately 10 minutes, then it starts to transfer to lower lashline
MUFE - approximately 30 minutes, then it starts to transfer to lower lashline

Removing eyeliner:
UD - with waterproof makeup remover, a bit difficult to take off
MUFE - with waterproof and makeup remover, a bit difficult to take off

I've read raves and raves about Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliners. But when I finally tried it on my own, I wasn't comfortable using it because it smudges like crazy and I have panda eyes 30 minutes after application. That's when I realized and understood why Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliners aren't available locally as for me, it's not even meant locally! The product was made for people living in the West. For countries with cooler climate and not as humid as ours. Think of Two Faced Shadow Insurance working perfectly for people on the other side of the world, while we down here complain about our creasing shadows! Same concept. Now, I've learned my lesson.. "A dress made for me is meant to be worn by me" ...now I think that's a good quote eh?

Overall, if I want my liner to last longer, I'd rather use gel liners or liquid liners. If I want to use pencils, I make sure to use an eye seal right after eye pencil application. That's how I deal with my pencil liners! How do you deal with yours?

Hope this helps! :)
Keep smilin!
Stay happy!


  1. great review again! I feel exactly the same as you about these 2 products. MUFE Aqua Eyes are indeed better for our eyes under the such high humidity. But i think i have slightly oliy lids right above my eyes, if that makes sense. not entire eyelids...

    anyway, i love how you took pictures of them with water on. that showed the effect well.

  2. Thanks for the review! It's really insightful. I haven't tried either brands, but I'm not a big fan of pencil liners.

  3. Thanks for another great review, Nikki! I only have the MUFE Aqua Eyes in 1L until now, but I still want to purchase more colors.

    Totally agree with you that they are 100% smudge-proof!

  4. I don't like when I'm having panda eyes too, looks like someone just punched my eyes hahaha.. I usually use a dark eyeshadow to line just below my waterline,and put white creamy liner on my waterline...if that makes sense?? :p I found it last longer than pencil liner :p

  5. Ahhh, very informative :D I agree, I mean, I have oily, sensitive eyes so WTH right? Nothing ever stays put on me, and I think I rock the "panda eyes" well :P

    BTW, have you ever tried Revlon's colorstay?

  6. thanks for the review!

    I've always had trouble with every pencil eyeliner (revlon colorstay, mac, etc.) so it's good to get confirmation from you that I don't need to try these! Actually, my lids are oily right at the lash base, so even gel liners smudge on me; only liquid liners stay smudge proof on me :P

  7. very informative nikki, now my lemming for UD 24/7 is gone, thanks to you haha

  8. Thanks for the review Nikki!! I've always wondered about how these two compare too!! :D

    I find that dusting setting powder over the eyeliner makes it last alot longer on my upper lashline. As for the waterline, i think i gave up looking for one that will last there!! lol!! :P

  9. Omg I'm gonna erase UD 24/7 from my wishlist! lol

    That's very true, some products are just not meant to be worn in our tropical climate.

    Awesome review!

  10. excellent comparison! thank you so much :D I thought UD 24/7 worked well enough for me and so did MUFE but MUFE just lasts a little longer and is absolutely smudgeproof

  11. Thank you! You don't know how much money you've saved me hehe... :)

  12. jojoba, yes, that makes sense, and thanks to you about the Eye seal, it works wonders, I stopped looking for pencil liners that's smudgeproof, smearproof, waterproof since the MUFE eye seal :)

    Arezu, what are you a big fan of ? Gel liners? Liquid Liners?

    Jess, I sitll want to get the 0L, I guess its the one more matte and highly pigmented black! But that's for the future!

  13. Hana, I do the same trick you do, but again, any smudginess makes me look sick or haven't slept for days!

    Gingerbee, you are lucky you look great with Panda Eyes, I seriously don't and I can't! I haven't tried Revlon's Colorstay, is it really good? I read raves and heard good reviews! I just have a lot for now so I'm not purchasing any at the moment! :) Maybe next time!

    Kuri, oohh at least you found a liquid liner that works for you, what brand do you use? I'd love to know! thanks for sharing!

  14. Lelila, hahaha yes, good for you! Money saved up!

    Jenn, I do the same, but I do have trouble for waterline, for the lower lashline and upper lashline, I use the MUFE eye seal :)

    Fifi, oohh it'll probably work for you there girl! do not erase it just yet, it's just that, we're living in high humidity places :) Maybe it'll work for you!

  15. Connie, i'm glad you agree thanks

    PB,great that I was able to help you save up! Yuppeee! But I wouldn't be surprised to find someone living in the same tropical country as I am who finds Urban Decay working for them! Life is really weird :)

  16. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW!!! I was seriously wanting a review on the MUFE Aqua Eyes so bad because I was about to purchase it at Sephora. The MUFE color did not seem as vibrant as the Urban Decay however it seems that the MUFE does have better staying power. So I will definitely be purchasing the MUFE now! Thanks girl!!!

  17. oh wow thanks a lot for every details in this review and thanks for nice photos. ^_^ I would love to share my experience with MUFE aqua eyes. First I got it, and tried it, and then hate it. I was thinking about returning to Sephora because it's smudge like crazy whenever I do tight line (I have non-oily eye lid). After that I bought Etude House proof 10 eye primer. OMG OMG OMG it like a must for me!! I hav no problem with smudging anymore. Now I'm so happy to use MUFE for tight line, lower lash line, upper lash line, and facing no smudge at all. So I would recommend you to try Etude House proof 10 eye primer, may be it can help you as well. ^__^ It's cheap also, cost about $7-$10.

  18. Hi! I use Kanebo Kate's Super Sharp Liner; works well and doesn't smudge at all. I can layer it easily without any flaking, and it lasts. The thin pen brush makes it easy to go between the lashes. It only comes in brown, black, and darker black though.

  19. My favourite pencil liner still Guerlain Khol Pencil Liner... I have MUFE too but I found Guerlain is much more easier to glide on eyelid and don't smudge as much as MUFE... the best part is, I don't get flaky bits drop on my face after eyeliner application with Guerlain...

  20. Awesome review and photos, thank you! I was almost going to buy UD's super stash kit! I think I'll check MUFE eyeliners and Eye Seal now, thank you for the ideas :)

  21. Stacieee, yes, staying power is great, well for someone who's living in a warm weather! I'm sure UD works well on your side! :) So let me know your final decision on your puchrases!

    PinkyKathy, wow! now I'm lemming for another stuff that we don't have down here! lol that's great that you found something that works for you! Lucky you! It is indeed cheap, maybe I'll start looking around ebay? Thanks for the tip!

    Kuri,ohhh I think I've used it! Is it the Php800 plus liquid liner? I own a dark brown version and I LOVE IT! It is my first liquid liner ever and I can't believe I forget all about it! :) Thanks for the reminder!

  22. Syn@3sTh3sI@, I haven't tried any Guerlain so that sounds exciting! Thanks for another tip!

    Marjo, you are too sweet! HI there and nice to meet you :) Thanks for the sweet comment!

  23. Thanks Nikki! Good thing my friend forgot to buy the UD 24/7 set this weekend in the US! I saved money, hurray! Now I'm lemming for the MUFE liner LOL!

  24. Thanks for the review...I've been lemming for the colorful ones from Urban Decay pa naman...I guess,MUFE works best...

  25. As always, you give the GREATEST review! Thanks, guru =)

  26. glad you like it! I have the dark brown one too!
    Easy and foolproof :)

  27. I set the eyeliner with any translucent powder; I use a small fluffy brush to do the trick and it won't smudge for a long time =)

  28. Thanks for the review, I was wondering about this. You just killed my lemming for the UD pencil liners, but now I want to try MUFE, they seem to work better.

  29. Nikkiz, I believe they work really well in the US :) That's my opinion :)

    Angela, well the colorful ones aren't that obvious when they smudges, the brown and black really smudges the most :)

    The NeuroChiq, thank you sweetie you are so sweet for appreciating my reviews :)

  30. Kuri, oohh the dark brown works so well for weddings!

    Chelle, same here, but you know what? Even without setting powder, both works when you use them for both upper lashline and lower lashline, but when we're talking about the waterlining and tightlining, its a different story :)

    Gio, no worries, I'm glad YOu killed your lemming for UD but sorry for the lemming for MUFE :)

  31. informative post... thanks for sharing nikki!

    now I'm thinking of getting a sealant so that I can get these pencils working... sayang kasi.

  32. Awesome comparison and review! I think I like the urban decay eyeliners better because of the colors? well i dont any but im lemming on them haha

  33. Thanks for the review, love those UD liners but never got a chance to own them LOL

    i love your fighting buttercups =P

  34. Great review of the two eyeliners! They were very helpful.

    I still haven't found an eyeliner that works on my waterline. I just hate how they transfer so quickly! That's why I don't line my lower lash line or waterline anymore!! They make me look emo/gothic anyway! >.< LOL

  35. Thanks so much for the comparison! Sounds like I have to try out the MUFE since the UD 24/7s start to smudge on me after a few hours.

  36. herroyalbleakness, no worries, its my pleasure to share my likes and dislikes! :) So true, sealant can even make your eyeshadows turn into liners :)

    Sush, true, the colors are way better, some MUFE shades are quite boring, but the the shades I own are always out of stock locally!

    Nanzy, :) Buttercup is too cute but my fave is Blossom! :)

  37. Lisa, my pleasure, I know what you mean, pencils are so hard to choose, I believe there are some great drugstore eyeliners like Maybelline eye studio, but sealant can always make me feel better :)

    Catherine, same here, the U/D has better pigmentation and shades but the smudge..eeekk!

  38. haha omg you know i was planning to this but you beat me to it! haha.

  39. I am of Filipino decent and live in the US. The UDPP does crease if used alone. However, if you apply MAC paint pot on top of UDPP, your shadows will last longer.

  40. crystal, you can still do this :) The more reviews the better :)

    Anonymous, thanks for the tip, I believe a lot of our dear friends down here does that..but the waterline and tightlining still doesn't work much :) Thanks for the tip :)


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