Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Luk Foo + Reviews to come

Hi everyone,

I had a busy weekend, and my whole Sunday consists of me...EATING, EATING and EATING lol This food post was last weekend's food trip. I didn't have the chance to post the current one as I'm stuffing my face with food and I can't think straight LOL

Over the weekend, everyone knew about the seminar I've held and so far, it went great, I'm lucky to have met wonderful girls in person.

I also bought my full size Ellana Intensive Foundation in French Vanilla. After trying a sample size from Shen, I love it so much! I have to purchase a full size :D See my review here

Shen was nice enough to give me a sample of Make It Last Make Up Primer! This is new!!! I have to test this ASAP :D

She also knew I'd love to give throwdown between UDPP and TFSI! Now I have my own Too Faced Shadow Insurance!!! :) I'll be using it religiously! I love my UDPP but I've been curious about TFSI because it was said to be better for people with dry lids <--- points to myself!!! I kinda know who wins now, but I have to do more tests before I do the showdown. So please wait for that as well :D

After the seminar, one of the participant, Gale handed me a gift. I felt so touched as she shouldn't have to. But the note she written warms my heart. Gale, thank you so much!!!! Here's the goodies she gave me :D

L-R By Nature "No Bites Bar", Ellana Lip Color in Romance and Ellana Hair Gloss

Can't wait to try them!!! Thanks so much!!!


Let me go to the Weekend Food Tripping :D

When I have the chance to shop for groceries at PureGold, I'll definitely have dinner at Luk Foo Restaurant nearby. It's a wonderful Cantonese cuisine and the price is just right :)

If you haven't had the chance to try their dishes, what are you waiting for??? YOU HAVE TO! :D

My favorite Tofu Dish with Minced Pork :)

Roast Pork Rice Topping :)

And my favorite Mango Sago Desert :)

Luk Foo has opened up a lot of branches
and if you live near Paranaque or the airport area,
check out Luk Foo HOTPOT.
I love their Hot Pot!

I can't count the number of times I've dine in this restaurant.
My whole family loves to eat here! :)
I'll probably dine in here again one of these days
Thanks again for the wonderful readers who asked about the seminar and for the well wishes!
I'll post about it soon!!!
I really had fun!!!!
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!
Stay Happy!!!


  1. i love tofu! wow, nice gifts you got! you have sweet readers =)

  2. i cant wait to seee ur reviews!!!!

  3. wa kainggit :( nag kaka bumps ako sa ellana :(

  4. Spankedelic :) Thanks girl, I do have good friends now because of blogging :) i'm glad!

    Yumeko :D i Can't wait to use them all! Lol

    Aika, naku..too doesn't work for you talaga :) How have you been?

  5. lovely gifts! I definitely need to know if TFSI is better than UDPP.

  6. Oh, i love Mango Sago too!! I must have one before i leave! hehehe!! :D~~

    Looking forward to your reviews!! :D

  7. ohhh! they don't have a branch in makati though. i'm glad you had a great seminar, i wish i was there. :( next time uli!

    and lovely gifts!

  8. mmmmm food!!! lol..

    wow so the TFSI better for drier lids huh? my eyelids can get super oily >_<

  9. The tofu looks yummie *drool*! :)

  10. I had a great time on our seminar! so much fun hehe :)

    great food..makes me hungry lol

  11. Connie, I can't wait to write the post :) lol

    Jenn, yum! I have a feeling we have same tastes! :)

    Sab, lol I wish to see you again with or without seminar! :D

  12. NicNic, if you've got super oily lids, stick with UDPP if you plan to choose between TFSI or UDPP :) My 2 cents

    Ahleessa, I love tofu!!!

    Crystal Gale, GALE! hahahhaa Thanks for the goodies and thanks for making my seminar fun too!

  13. I wrote a comment a while ago but just as I was hitting publish, my PC restarted! Hahaha!

    Congrats with the seminar Nikki! Oooh the tofu looks might delish! I love food porn! LOL!

  14. I can't wait for your showdown! Really glad you're doing this because I'm not going to compare UDPP and TFSI, haha!

    The tofu makes me drool.....

  15. Oooh I'm curious to know which one you like better. The UD primer or the TF.

    Mango Sago desert sounds yummy!! Omg...I'm drooling right now. I love desert. It looks like something I've had before but then I'm not familiar with the name :/

  16. when i go to the philippines in may i want to go to one of the infamous food tripping restaurants with you!

  17. yummy tofu!!!
    congrats for the success of your seminar!!! God bless you for your heart.

  18. Lootwagon, sorry the first comment didn't get through, I hate it when that happens :)

    Fuz, lol I know you love your LM Primer :) I got interested on that because of you :) But I think I'll skip it as it's quite pricey :(

    Cinthia, we are definitely twins, we love the same stuffs and food! I love mango sango!!!! :) :) :) My ultimate fave!!! I will be doing the showdown soon!!!

    Renren, you choose the resto, you'll definitely have a dine in partner! :D

    Reynakatarayan, thank you! :) Thank you so much for the well wishes

  19. i like luk foo too


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