Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AMW Reviews: Dollface 88pcs Earth Color Palette

As seen on my previous post, I am quite happy and excited when I got the Dollface 88pcs Earth Color Palette.  For a neutral makeup lover like I am, this is the perfect palette for me!  I don't even know why it took me this long to own one!


AMW says ---

  • you've got every shade you need to create a nice makeup looks in one palette
  • great pigmentation
  • eyeshadow is smooth in texture
  • inexpensive 
  • on the seller: Great communication, fast shipment and packed really well

  • some eyeshadow are too powdery so it cracks easily
  • no matter how nicely packed this product is, there are still some accidents during shipment so be prepared to have some minor cracks!
I know a lot of beauty enthusiasts own this palette and raved about it!  I know, I'm late!  But late or not, this palette doesn't fail to impress me!  I like it when I have multiple choices in one palette!  I've played around with this over the weekend and I can't help but "ooohhd" and "aahhhd" over the color choices and pigmentation.  I am impressed!  On top of my head, I am already creating several looks with this!  And what's even perfect? I can use this palette on regular work days and it will never feel over the top!

  • always use an eye primer prior to eyeshadow application to keep from fall outs or creasing
  • some shades can be used for eyebrow powder
  • some shades can also be used to contour your nose!
  • never drop the palette, this goes for all makeup palettes!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I've even recommended this to a lot of my friends!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Dollface Cosmetics website for Php950.00 (approx $21.00) + Php50.00 (approx $1.00) flat rate shipping

Here's a closer look on the 88pcs Earth Color Palette


Numbered them on my own

are you ready for swatches galore?


All applied dry 
without base!
You can always click photo to enlarge



Hope you'll find the review and swatches helpful!
Definitely more looks done using this palette!
Thanks Pearl for bringing in such wonderful and inexpensive product!
You don't want to wait for shipment and want to see products in person?
Check out their bazaars and look for the "Dollface Cosmetics" banner.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You're a fantastic blogger for posting all the swatches! Props! :D
    This palette looks amazing, I've been into neutrals lately. :)

  2. The colors look really nice, I love neutrals too. ^_^. I'm really impress with the swatches, too many yet you've done it, really nice ^_^

  3. Great review Nikki! Such a nice palette! And yes Pearl is always so easy to transact with :)

  4. *applause for nikki for swatching all 88 colors*

    this earth color palette looks really nice, so versatile for day and night use.

  5. WOW! im overwhelmed by the swatches ;) you're such a good blogger! thank you! :)

  6. awesome swatches! this is the palette Ive been wanting to get. I'll get it when i get my paycheck lol.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to post the swatches for us Nikki!! 88 swatches is not easy to do at all!! haha!! :D

  8. wow it's really economical.. thanks for sharing it! =)

  9. THat's a lot of swatches!! thanks nikki!! :) I really want to own one of those big palettes but Im not sure coz I know I will take forever to finish them...
    btw, I hope you will get back to your normal sleeping pattern soon, hows your mum now?? *hugs*

  10. thanks for posting nikki! wow you swatched all 88 colors!

  11. That's a nice palette, the colors look beautiful. Thanks a lot for posting all the swatches :)

  12. Wow this palette could last a lifetime!! Looks fab!!

  13. thanks for the swatches hun =) you're so tyaga! =))

    is it the same as the cs warm palette??

  14. i think this is the CS palette, i mean i saw dollface's website and they have all the CS palettes and labeled it with dollface.
    anyway i have the cs 88 shimmer palette and i love love love it. talk about getting big for your money. the colors are really pigmented!

  15. Hi Fifi, aww thanks for appreciating this, it does take a lot of time and effort but its worth it for people who plans to purchase :)

    twinsouls888 , hahaha I told myself I'll do the swatches in 2 different days, but I was actually enjoying it and finish all the swatches in ONE shoot, I'm glad my arms didn't turn red!

    Carine, true :)

  16. Caby, I know, she's very sweet pa !

    Xin, hahahah thanks sister!I appreciate the applause so I'm Bowing! :)

    Coffretgorge, hahahaha I am overwhelmed with it myself and numbering them made me go crazy! But I survived! Yay!

  17. Becky, goodluck! I hope you get yours soon!

    Jenn, hahahah you know how it feels to swatch for sure, you yourself have the best looking swatches around!

    Tensicklespie, no worries, and thanks for commenting!

  18. Khymm, hahahahah yeah, the crazy me did!

    acutelife, you'll think it'll take you forever? If you're a makeup addict, you'll finish this! the pans are tiny! hahaha My mom is still the same, thank you so much for asking! *hugs* You too! Have a good night sleep ok??

    Gio, no worries, always my pleasure

  19. sarah, yup, thanks fab girl!

    mimi, hahahah I am really tiyaga! hahahah Seriously I don't own any CS palette except my 76 one, I can't tell if its exactly the same but base on photos, they do look similar :)

    bea, yeah, a lot of people told me about it, probably got it from same supplier, but at least, its nice to have products shipped faster!

  20. Hmmm... It seems pretty close to CS palette one? may be I am wrong...
    But you are so gorgeous to swatch all the shadows! Amazing work and review!
    My FOTD for contest was here, you saw it already :P http://mymakeupmania.blogspot.com/2009/09/chicago-bears-football-team-inspired.html

  21. Oooohhh...love the palettes. I've been putting make up on my face since I was like seven years old but I never really got this passionate about it. I hope by reading more about make up, I'd get bitten by the bug too. ^_^

    Fantastic blog post! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  22. you know the failed trial i had with the CS shimmery 88 palette? i am scared to try more! i saw the swatches you did carefully and i am very sure that i won't need this palette as many colours are so similar to one another. *_*

    glad it works for you and i'd like to see your FOTD with this often. :P

  23. I. Want. That. Palette. :-) I still find it overwhelming, though. 88 shades. Wow. :-)

  24. ☆Anastacia☆ , thanks for letting me know about your FOTD :) it looks great!

    Jen Adams, hi girl! Thanks so much for the comment, wow, you've been putting on make up for quite some time :) 7 yrs old? hahah you're too cute :) Thanks and hope to hear more from you soon!

    Vanessa m, yup!

    Jojoba, I know! I remember, I'm so sorry you went through the bad stuffs with the experience on the palette! you're right, if you're just doing makeup for yourself, You don't need this much :) I'll do an FOTD using this soon :)

    Liza, :) Yes, it is super overwhelming but fun to use!

  25. Fabulous swatches! I recently gave away my Costal Scents palette so I think I'm going to pick this one up.

  26. Wow, great swatches Nikki!
    That's really a lot of shades in one palette, hehe... :p

  27. eek! baddd nikki! i'm going pa naman to the st. james the great bazaar today!

  28. thank you so much for this review and swatches. I just started lemming this product. I think I will buy it.

  29. B, yo sweetie! thanks

    Jess, glad you like the shades

    Crystal, so did you managed to purchase one palette?

    T,no problem, it's my pleasure :)


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